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Do y’all have any long fics that are friends with benefits to lovers or something similar?

“cause we both know i’ll never be your lover. i only bring the heat.” (Candles by Daughter)
- Vallie

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Down to Ruck by spicygenou (3/3 | 35,704 | Mature)

All Keith wanted was a tutor, someone to give him answers so he could pass Calc 1. It’s not like he cared about the class, or about school, at that. He’d come to GU for one thing and one thing only: rugby. And yet, after meeting his tutor, Lance, and accidentally entering into an odd arrangement, he finds himself continually drawn back to Lance, and not just for sex. Having never committed to anything apart from his sport, he’s both ignorant of his budding feelings, as well as unintentionally dismissive of Lance’s. Thankfully, he’s got the whole GU rugby team at his back, who, though lacking on the field, are at least capable of helping him get his head out of his ass before he screws things up with Lance too much.

//depression //suicide attempt //anxiety //underage drinking //overdosing

burning on the edge by Redburn (1/1 | 14,223 | Explicit)

“I’d want to explore the ocean—see all of these parts of the world no one’s ever discovered.”

“The ocean is terrifying.”

“And space isn’t? That shit is infinite, Keith. Infinite.”

They meet. They strike up a friendship. But sometimes love hits where it hurts the most.

I was hoping that Neville would assist me with the first stage of the operation, and I am sure he will perform it admirably.”  - Remus Lupin

as far as i am concerned, this operation-speak was a slip and is canon proof that the marauders used military-speak (operation, stages, point position, code names) when they were mayhem-making.


Sports Festival Arc » Todoroki Shouto
dedicated to the loveliest Annie! @shotous

  • Person A: *runs up to friend/Person C panting* YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!!
  • Person C: What?? What happened??
  • Person A: (Person B) just read Killing Stalking!
  • Person C: So??
  • Person B: *running after person A with kitchen knife* COOOME BAAACK~ I WANT TO TIE YOU UP IN MY BASEMENT~~
  • Person A: *unholy petrified screeching*

i complain about season 3 a lot (with good reason; also, i’m right) but i am literally so completely, profoundly grateful for allura’s pink armor. like, voltron has messed up a lot of things but they absolutely got this armor right. they took allura’s armor which, in the original series, was pink to represent her status as the One Female In The Group, and turned it into something that honors the dead. the voltron writers have altered our perception of the color pink, and therefore our associations with it. pink is not a ‘girly color.’ pink is not weak, or delicate, or fragile. pink is power, and remembrance, and a symbol for everyone because everyone has lost someone.

allura is strong, and beautiful, and feminine, and pink.



130715 ☆ Soonyoung’s Diary: As we finished our vocal lesson, Wonwoo slowly took out something from his pocket. It was a vegetable cracker. “Hey Soonyoung, do you want some?“ Of course it’s vegetable cracker, because it’s Wonwoo’s favorite. Because the kind hearted Wonwoo gave me some, it tastes better. (That is a lie. Wonwoo, let’s eat a different cracker now please…)
170210 ☆ Hoshi’s Rolling Paper to Wonwoo: Our Wonwoo-hyung, you’ve really become cool~ The more you grow, the more you resemble me~ Eat properly; you ate lots of vegetable sweets when you were younger, but lately you hardly eat them? ©

Eu vou estar com você em todos os momentos! Seja eles, bons ou não tão bons assim. Eu vou estar com você quando tudo estiver dando certo, e até quando parecer que o azar realmente existe. Pra te confundir ou te dar a solução dos seus problemas. Eu vou estar com você, te fazendo perguntas e querendo respostas. Enquanto você estiver me perturbando ou no maior silêncio possível. Vou estar do seu lado todas as vezes que precisares, e até quando não. Estarei aqui, sempre! Te oferecendo meu colo quando o resto do mundo parecer conspirar contra. Estendendo-te a mão quando ninguém mais parece te entender. Pulando nos teus braços com um sorriso imenso estampado no rosto. E te dizendo o quanto eu te amo quando o que tu mais precisares é de um carinho, ou palavra de aconchego. Eu vou estar com você, em momentos banais e nas horas mais importantes da sua vida. Vou querer sempre ver o teu bem, te olhar com cara de apaixonada, e dizer o quanto me orgulho de ti, e mais ainda, do nosso amor. Não vou querer sair de perto de você, e aproveitar cada milésimo que tenho pra bagunçar seu cabelo e me perder nos teus olhos. Quero ver o constante brilho no seu olhar e um sorriso espontâneo nascendo do canto da sua boca, revelando a cara de bobo que você fica, toda vez que estamos juntos… Vou ouvir atentamente as suas histórias, e te fazer prestar atenção nas minhas. Vou rir de você, e com você! Não quero ser só sua namorada, eu sonho alto; quero muito mais do que isso; quero ser sua melhor amiga e cúmplice, daquelas que estão sempre junto mesmo, independente do que aconteça. É isso que eu quero. Compartilhar alegrias, conquistas e até mesmo, tristezas. Quero tornar a vida mais fácil, e poder sentir teu cheiro toda vez que eu fechar os olhos pra reviver tudo o que passamos em meio á meus sonhos reais. Quero conseguir te completar, como se eu fosse mesmo, uma metade… A sua metade!
—  Melissa Lambrecht

#when will they let me live

I still cannot believe how blessed we are that we didn’t get a slow realization on both sides, no instead we got Basilton outright telling us on his first fucking day back at school that he was in full, angst ridden love with Simon Snow

Person: “This character’s design is unrealistic. You said they’re an adult but they look like a highschooler, that’s bad design. :^/”
Me: *A person in my mid-20s who is still mistaken for a Highschooler on a daily basis* *Looks at half my friends in their mid 20′s still mistaken for HS students.* *Looks at my friend who in High School was always handed the Children’s Menu at restaurants* “Look, buddy–”

cause of death: just friends

so here, have a kinda starco-ish amv thing. this song was literally perfect and had to be used. after all, they’re just friends right now *cries*

i tried