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Hi Blue, what do you think the bots would do if their human s/o wanted to break up beacuse the s/o thought that they where not worth the bots time? Merformer, Feaformer, Yandere, normal bots, but I am more intrested in how Merformers, Yandere would react namely Prowl, Jazz, Optimus. I am trying to write a one shot based on this theme. I am making a pile of work so when I start a new blog, I already have something to post. And you can have more then 1 soulmate romantic and platonic. -Nox

I’ll go ahead and answer this real quick since it’s more for research, but I’d like to remind everyone that requests are still closed.  

If it’s fae/merformers, there’s going to be a lot of heartbreak and confusion since they don’t have the same relationship insecurities we do.  You’d have to explain to them that it’s nothing they did, you’re just worried you’re not worth their time.  After that, they try to convince you otherwise by lavishing you with courting presents, usually pearls, shells, or precious gems.

If it’s yandere well…  >__>  They’ll be convinced you’re lying to them on some level.  I mean, why would you even consider you’re not worth it?  After all they’ve done for you?  There must be someone else involved.  That’s the only explanation.  (You might end up getting kidnapped, depending on the bot in question.)

(I’m assuming that last part is referring to my previous post where I mention I don’t believe in soulmates.  I think it’s great if other people want to believe in them, but it’s not for me.)


Wow, now I can stream watch videos + live chat with my friends on my phone anywhere I’m - like these hungry happy cat friends, watching cake tutorials together at their own homes.  Thanks Tumblr!! 💕 

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I’m glad you noticed <3 

!!! I thought that they would be good friends the first time I saw seung gil too ;v;
doggo buddies !!!

@osnapitzhanaa ajdfgfjkg I misread the eyebrow part but that’s amazing

eros and doggo buddies <3

I love seung gil lee and his doggo!!! the second-to-last panel is my favorite hahah

@novocaine-sea awww, I’m glad you liked it!!

@perdizzion thank you so much ;v;