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Embarrassing for all the Larries when babygate never ends and Larry was never real

If that’s the case, I’ll simply admit I was wrong and move on with my life. Differently from you and your friends who rather bully and send hate to people when proved wrong. But sure buddy, let’s see who will be embarrassed at the end :) 

As someone with autism I’m sick and tired of two kinds of tropes in media:

The person who is meant to be intentionally boring and uncool so everyone just shuns them and doesn’t want them involved in anything, and that’s totally fine and dandy because this person is just a bore and annoying and a loser and weird. How mean-spirited and nasty can you get to write a character like that?

The freaky loner who turns into a villain because you know, they couldn’t make friends and were constantly bullied, obviously they’re gonna become an asshole and that will be their fault. Not the bullies who pushed them, not the people who left them out, but the individual on the receiving end. Geez…

I mean write what you want but both those character types give off a really bad vibe for me. I’m always afraid that my special interests are boring or weird and have a hard time making friends, and the same goes for a lot of people on the spectrum. I almost have to ask if these writers had an autistic kid in their class and projected those ‘annoying’ traits onto the loser/villain character…

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I don't get it how can u friends with someone, and yet they bully, friends shouldn't like, I mean I'm just wondering why

omg anon I’m sorry if u misunderstood anything!! If ur talking about me and cas, we’re really just joking around!! she really isnt a bully! we know each other here on tumblr and irl so it’s like our friendship LMAO Cas is actually one of my closest friends and she’s a great person too so we like to mess around with each other n stuff.

I hope this cleared things up!

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We doin matchups? Ah what the heck let's do it. 5'4" girl who loves puns, food, and science. Trusts a bit quickly but takes a while to trust completely. Would do almost anything to help friends. Dislikes insults and bullies. Green soul, vast sass.

We are doing match ups! I’m a green soul too! :D

I’d match you with Papyrus! He likes how you have things in common with his both and he loves to cook for the two of you! Like you, he is also pretty trusting and loves to be a good friend.

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Does anybody else ever feel that your friends have other people that they call friends, they have other people to fall back on and you, you only have them. If they were to leave, you’d have nobody, whereas they would still have those other people in their lives. Such a lonely thought.

Signs and fears

Aries: being ignored

Taurus: change

Gemini: being alone

Cancer: rejection

Leo: being humiliated publicly

Virgo: being bullied

Libra: not having friends

Scorpio: betrayal/disloyalty

Sagittarius: commitment

Capricorn: not being good enough

Aquarius: being replaced

Pisces: not achieving their dreams

Secondhand Soulmate (Stiles/Derek)

Secondhand Soulmate. Stiles/Derek. Teen. 4/6.

Not always, not even most of the time, but sometimes –  24% of the time, statistically speaking – people meet their soulmates and live happily ever after.

THIS isn’t that story.

This is the story of Stiles Stilinski, whose soulmate died before he was born.  This is the story of all the sorrows and heartache Stiles experienced, all the bullying and oppression from those who should know better but didn’t.  This is also the story of the friendships Stiles made along the way, of the battles he fought – and won – and the love that endured through it all.

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bcos fuck u that’s why

Without Iris There Would Be No Flash

This seemingly innocuous phrase seems to have kicked things up in the Fandom for some reason.  For one it’s innocuous because this is something that Barry is saying to his girlfriend.  

However, focusing on the drama, some fans seem to be taking Barry at his literal word and that Iris could not possibly be the reason the Flash exists.  Part of the problem is that people are focusing on the physical, that Barry would be alive in the physical sense if Iris was there or not.  That can be argued back and forth with examples of Iris saving his body.  But that is NOT what Barry is talking about.  Barry is talking about what it takes to be The Flash, the mental and emotional dedication to be the Flash and it has been clear that Iris is the one that has repeatedly been the driving force behind that component of the Flash.  Her constant belief in both sides of Barry, the human and the meta-human since they were children is what Barry means when he says that there would be no Flash without Iris.

So you can bring out all the times that Caitlin may have physically saved Barry but you then have to concede that is not something tied to Caitlin, anyone could have filled that position.  However, the show has shown how his connection to Iris is the thing that powers him.  In S1 RF stated that it was Barry’s connection to people that made him The Flash.  The constant connection for Barry has been Iris even when she didn’t know his secret. 

theres not enough bottom!phil porn blogs and it hurts me to know that some bottom!dan shippers are dickheads to us and will be like “oh dan bottoms you fucking useless piece of shit! ahahhaha” while their other bottom!dan friends laugh with them in the background. (some funniness added) and like?? why can’t they just accept us?? yea we may have a different opinion?? but?? please?? i’m a small child who just likes change for fucks sake. and honestly i could rant and cry about this all day and some will still be baby’s who only accepts their opinions and if someone disagrees with those opinions they’ll fucking lose their shit and kill someone. like i know some people have gone from that but HAVE improved, and it makes me happy. but to you bottom!dan shippers, please, give us a break and let us enjoy our bottom!phil things without you’re shit. and maybe, it WOULD be cool to have a few of you do some bottom!phil things or something. i’m just trying to speak up for us cause i know a few bottom!phil friends of mine are actually getting bullied for it and it makes me pissed. this is longer than intended, sorry, but like i said earlier, we have our own opinions just accept that. and i know some people do “bottom!phil week/day” and they’ll post all kinds of bottom!phil things and that amazes me. thank you for reading my annoying rant. and, have a good day/night. (: (sorry for typos this was written on mobile!)

legit arguments i've read from a snily shipper

“there’s one big difference between james and snape. james got the girl. if lily was with snape he would have been a totally different person”

*cracks knuckles*

it 👏 isn’t 👏 a 👏 woman’s 👏 job 👏 to 👏 change 👏 a 👏 man 👏 for 👏 the 👏 better

snape made some choices from very early on his life and lily didn’t like those choices so she cut him off considering his friendship to be toxic. it’s not her responsibility to try and change his mind when he clearly shows he’s not sorry about his opinions. plus lily didn’t change james. he matured and became a better person before lily even considered being friends with him

“lily was a bitch for dating her ex-best friend’s bully. she should have told snape she was dating james because she should’ve known his feelings would have gotten hurt. it’s the rules of basic friendship”

*breathes deeply*

when lily and james started dating, snape and her weren’t friends anymore. she didn’t owe snape any sort of explanation as to why she started dating him. i don’t know about you but i consider “basic friendship” not calling your supposed friend a racial slur and not being friends with people who are planning on joining a terrorist group that want to kill people like her but maybe that’s just me  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“lily isn’t an object, but when someone says ‘aw these two deserve each other’ it means they’re meant to be together. it doesn’t mean that the boy deserves the girl because she’s a trophy. when i say snape deserves her, it means he’s the better choice for lily, he has better qualities”

when you say “he’s the better choice for lily”  that’s you saying that you think he is, lily didn’t think so and thats her choice. so what you’re implying is that you know better than lily when it comes to making her own life decisions and you’re depriving her of her character agency. and even though snape (hypothetically) did have the better qualities, what does that change? lily can chose to date whoever she wants, even if they’re the scum of the earth (not that this is the case for james). it’s her bloody choice.

“when i say lily should have been with snape, I’m not disregarding Lily’s choice of ending up with James because snape never had the chance to say his feelings to her, so she didn’t even know they way he felt, so she didn’t choose”

all what snape had done (cf. my second point) wouldn’t have disappeared if he suddenly told lily that he had feelings for her. Lily wouldn’t have disregarded everything he had done if he had told her he loved her. That would be totally unlike Lily’s characterisation. So if you want to know what would have happened in that case just replace friendship with romantic feelings and I can promise you lily would have cut snape off from her life anyway

it just makes me mad how we hold women to a different standard in heterosexual relationships. like  we’ll expect a guy to go for a girl who’s nothing short of perfect and then the girl has to accept to be with a douche because she should see the good in him under all the shittiness and she should give him a chance and change him and make him a better person and if she doesn’t try she’s a bitch. if a woman doesn’t like the way a man acts she doesn’t have to stay around him and change him. it is her right to say “i’m out this bitch” and dump the guy’s ass


“You can’t shy away from it, (Y/N).” He said putting a hand on your knee. The pair of you were sat in the car and from the view in the mirror you could see the people who made your life miserable before S.H.I.E.L.D. You’d been so determined to stand up to them but now that you had eyes on them, you started to wonder if you really were all the names they called you. 

“C’mon, you can’t exactly say no to ‘Captain America’!” Quickly, he did a little salute which made you smile. You stepped out the car and intertwined your hand with Steve’s. Not out of love but out of thankfulness; today you would stop your bullies.

Lily wasn’t a good person

After watching the entire Harry Potter series again. I am now just very shitty at Lily. To not only pretty much bail on her past best friend from childhood, but to do that with the boy who bullied that friend. This type of person is one that I can’t stand. It also seems to be very typical of Gryffindoers who never get a bad rep for anything.