friend a farmer

au where keith and lance meet through farmers only dot com but lance made his account as a joke and keith made his For Real

my aesthetic is adam telling his college friends his boyfriend is a farmer and they, respectively, paint a stereotypical picture of the virginian farmer in their heads only for it to be smashed to bits when adam is picked up by his angry gay catholic boyfriend who looks like he both can and will rob you

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Could you do a scenario of Judal's future S/O being a very shy maid, loving him, but is to shy to talk to him. They always watch him carefully, only to blush and walk away if he catches them. Since they are responsible for his room they start to bring every morning a plate with sliced peaches to his room, before the magi wakes up. He doesn't know who brings them every morning. One day he catches them and they starts blushing like mad and run away.>.>


Everyday these peaches appeared by Judar’s beside and everyday Judar couldn’t catch whoever was responsible. At first, he didn’t care. He enjoyed being pampered, in fact he deserved it. So this pleased him. He decided not to question the fact that his morning snack seemed to appear like magic.

After a while though, he started to wonder just how his peaches were always delivered without him waking. Sure he paid little to no attention to the palace staff unless he felt like tormenting them. The maid who attended to his room was often subjected to this—or they would be if they didn’t flitter away whenever Judar was about to say something (rude or otherwise.)

This particular morning Judar woke early. The sun still hid beneath the horizon. He wanted to just role over and let sleep overcome him for a few more hours, ideally until at least noon, but he thought better of it. This was his chance to catch the peach person red-handed.

He laid in wait, feigning sleep until he heard the faintest sounds of his door sliding open and shut once more. This was it. This was his chance. He listened to the quiet footsteps coming closer…Judar caught himself holding his breath. As the plate clinked softly as it was set on his bedside table. That was when Judar lunged.

He grabbed their wrist.

“So you’re responsible for this?!” He yelled, triumphant.

Looking up, he saw a face recognized. It was his maid. Of course it was. Why hadn’t he realized that from the start. Judar looked them over from head to toe, their blush growing stronger the longer his stare lingered.

“Have I done something wrong Lord Judar?” They ask in a panic.

Judar drops their arm, looking away from them. Sounding haughty, indignant, he replies,

“No. You may continue. In fact I insist.”

He dismissed them curtly, but…he couldn’t help but watch them leave, feeling some indescribable feeling brewing in his chest.

:breaking news: aspiring teacher has crush on warrior farmer girl

otherwise, i’ve made it my goal to woo and marry penny

i didn’t know who to choose until i gotta fortune put us together workin on a farm, so shes the one

Lucky you!

Clover (Trifolium) is a wild edible plant (though more of a famine or survival food) in the pea family (Fabaceae) with countless species (this one is red clover - Trifolium pratense - planted as a cover crop valued for its nitrogen   fixation which increases soil fertility when tilled under in the spring). Clover grows around the world in any climate but has stolen the hearts of those in the north because of its ability to survive in such harsh sub-arctic temperatures so beautifully. I recall the story of a friend of an old farmer, an elderly Russian woman, who, in remembering much hardship, considered clover a delicacy (as it fended off childhood rickets in particular) and dropped to the ground to pick and eat the little green leaves and pink-pea flowers - the plant is high in vitamin C and  a source of  potassium, magnesium, and, thiamine but should only be eaten fresh, boiled, or completely dried (never fermented). In warmer climates, however, clover leaves may produce trace amounts of cyanide.

The four- leaf clover is thought to be particularly lucky, each leaf representing faith, hope, love, and luck. A fifth leaf in Europe, America, and China can represent wealth, which it brings to the finder.


“The Druid symbol is the Four-Leaf Clover which many today believe is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The Four-Leaf Clover in reality is a revolving swastika that forms the figure 8, which is a sign of eternity, rebirth, and immortality conquered in the last battle. This is the Grail.

Four is not the number of the polar Hyperboreans. Theirs is the number five. Thule was located in the center. The Hyperboreans are the fifth Caste system called Hamsa. It means those without a Caste. The number five is found in the center of the Four-Leaf Clover, in the center of the swastika. The four arms rotate, but the center does not. The number five symbolizes the interior man, the total man, the divine, perfection. It should be mentioned that the dialect used today by the people of northern Italy and southern Switzerland is of the Ancient Celts.

In the Hyperborean Initiation the number four is not used. Only the number Five is used. The Cross with a rose is a symbol of the Rosicrucians. The rose transforms into a swastika by spinning around and this is the symbol of the Hyperboreans. For the Chinese the number five means transcendental and they were conscious of the existence of Hyperborea”

-Miguel Serrano

Norway plans to cull more than two-thirds of its wolf population

September 16, 2016 - Norway is planning to cull more than two-thirds of its remaining wolves in a step that environmental groups say will be disastrous for the dwindling members of the species in the wild.

There are estimated to be about 68 wolves remaining in the wilderness areas of Norway, concentrated in the south-east of the country, but under controversial plans approved on Friday as many as 47 of these will be shot.

Hunting is a popular sport in the country. Last year more than 11,000 hunters applied for licences to shoot 16 wolves, a ratio of more than 700 applicants to each licence.

The government has justified this year’s planned cull – the biggest in more than a century – on the basis of harm done to sheep flocks by the predators. Environmental groups dispute this, saying the real damage is minimal and the response out of all proportion.

The government did not reply to a request from the Guardian for comment.

The government has taken action to prevent illegal wolf hunting. Wolves are also an attraction for some tourists to the country. But the new legal hunting limit is beyond anything that the wild population can withstand, according to Norway’s leading green groups.

Under the arrangements, 24 wolves will be shot within the region of the country designated for wolf habitat, while another 13 will be shot in neighbouring regions and a further 10 in other areas of the country.

According to environmental groups, the number of wolves the government plans to kill this year is greater than in any year since 1911.

Nina Jensen, chief executive of WWF in Norway, said: “This is mass slaughter. We have not seen anything like this in a hundred years, back when the policy was that all large carnivores were to be eradicated.

“Shooting 70% of the wolf population is not worthy of a nation claiming to be championing environmental causes. People all over the country, and outside its borders, are now reacting.”

She said the losses to farmers from wolves had been minimal, and pointed to settlements by the Norwegian parliament in 2004 and 2011 that stipulated populations of carnivores must be allowed to co-exist with livestock.

“This decision must be stopped,” said Silje Ask Lundberg, chair of Friends of the Earth Norway. “With this decision, three out of six family groups of wolves might be shot. We are calling on the minister of environment to stop the butchering. Today, Norway should be ashamed.”