friend 2: the legacy


some of pickles colleagues took him out because our boy got PROMOTEDDD

VAMP COP: hear hear for the rookie! good job on busting that thief, kid, it’s about time you got a promotion. you’ll be climbing the ranks in no time!

PICKLE: oh jeez, i don’t know about that… i’m just, y’know, trying my best!

VAMP COP: bah, you’re just modest! DRINKS ARE ON ME!


                12:20pm - Science Lab 123B, Willow Creek High School

MAX: cherry, c’mon. it’ll be fine. since when do you ever get in trouble with me?

CHEROKEE: is that a serious question?

MAX: ….

MAX: ok, what about this–when do you ever not have FUN with me?

CHEROKEE: if we get caught, i’m kicking your ass.

MAX: *snort* yeah yeah.

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Collab Part | Crossover | Lee Jong Suk x Kim Woo Bin