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Two Cent Riffs: Your Mewture (svtfoe)

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Julien: Wait, this episode’s called “Mr. Candle Cares”. Why’d you change it?
Roy: Because that title was ♪booty♪.

Roy: Why Warnicorns? I mean, I guess that’ll work out but what about rul-
Julien: Shut up, bitch. Treat yoself, Star.

Julien: Well that’s a load of garbage.
Roy: You’re a load of garbage.
Julien: Awwww, dude. [sniff] You know me well.
Roy: C’mon bud. Bring it in. {HUGS}

Roy: Hell I’d want to be Queen.
Julien: Head to the UK. Elizabeth II would love some better company.

Julien: Nigga better flush well before clogging hell.

Julien: Oh shit, it’s Tom…. Tom…..Huh, doesn’t have a last name?
Roy: I’m surprised you didn’t shriek when they said Starco.
Julien: Starco? [YEEEAAAAAAAAAARRT!!!]

Julien: Marco’s even making it convincing? [YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAART!!!!]
Roy: Dude, it’s not happening.
Julien: Your insolence to cooperate will cost you dearly!

Julien: Man, this is the opposite of what Lion King told me.
Roy: Almost everything from the Lion King is fallacious, man. And creepy.

Roy: Guess the foot’s finally in his mouth.
Julien: Yeah Tom, that’s low, even for a escort’s standards.

Julien: Man, I wish we can play Fruit Grenades.
Roy: Yeah….Wanna play Rotten Fruit Grenades tomorrow?
Julien: Lol my god. YES.


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(We let anime do the talking this time)

Roy: And on that moment, well in real time they say, Tom’s sulking ass heart grew three times that day.
Julien: And with that change of heart, such total consent, Starco’s chances grew 20 percent.

Julien: I know. I don’t why, but lipstick on animated girls never work for me.

Julien: Uuuuh Star? Marco? Somebody…
Roy: ONCE TOLD ME! Oops…
Julien:……………………..THE WORLD IS GONNA ROLL ME!

Julien: And with that squadala, so ends a painful reminder that I have one year left in school. So, what did we learn?
Roy: Besides “you should be responsible/capable for how you want things to go in your future” and “Ex boyfriends should never stoop low ground to win their original girls back”, this was pretty meek in morals.
Julien: Eh, meek can have it’s charms. Anyway, we hope you have a great week. Stay safe, everybody.

And that’s what I call some rebellious compassion

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omg just now I'm coming to the realization that Mala is what villain!Valka would have been like. (You may have already said this in previous analyses, sorry if you have) Do you think that Dean + others still liked her concept and wanted to try her out? Is this insight on what HTTYD2 could have been?

That’s really cool to compare Mala to villain!Valka! I haven’t talked about it before, but I see what you mean now that you bring it up. Mala and villain!Valka seem to have several things in common: they revere dragons, they have a different perspective on how to treat the dragons as versus the Vikings from Berk, they are adamant in holding onto those beliefs, and their beliefs put them at a conflict with Hiccup, despite the fact Hiccup is a dragon lover, too.

I suppose I don’t think that Mala was meant to be inspired off of villain!Valka. I feel like the two women have a lot of differences, as well. Mala is the well-respected leader of an entire tribe. Valka is a lonely woman who has been by herself, feeling outcasted by other humans, for twenty years. Mala is a woman entrenched in the values of her people, holding onto the traditional faith of the Eruptodon and being displeased with others like Hiccup going against her island’s traditions. Valka is a woman who questioned the norm of Berk society, standing up and arguing that their traditional war is the exact opposite of what they should be doing. Mala lives with an entire dragon revering tribe. Valka rejected her tribe because they fought dragons. Mala makes some mistakes in reasoning but is overall very clear-headed and well-conducted. The original villain!Valka was a lot less reasonable and more emotionally explosive. Mala refuses to get on a dragon’s back. Valka is so comfortable on a dragon that she can run upright while they are corkscrewing in the skies. Mala is comfortable with humans and dragons coexisting on the same island and interacting with one another through events like the trials. Valka is adamant that humans and dragons must be completely separated. These two women have a lot of interesting differences, too.

There’s also the problem that Dean is not directly involved in Race to the Edge. The team of RTTE does, naturally, communicate with DeBlois to make sure that the direction of the television series aligns with the rest of the franchise. Still, it does mean that Dean, who came up with villain!Valka, would not have been the one proposing her “appearance” through a like character in RTTE. Even if he’s still interested by her original concept (I hope so - it was really cool!), I don’t think he would have been involved at any stage for the creation of Mala.

So I suppose I think that you make a really cool analogy, but I myself don’t believe that Mala is inspired off of villain!Valka. We still can get some pretty cool insight into how HTTYD 2 would have gone, though! I have an old post about what we do know about villain!Valka. It’s not a horrid summary of how the movie in its original draft might have gone, though there are a few things I’d update:

  • I didn’t have the transcript ending to the initial draft at the time. This shows us how HTTYD 2 would have ended… basically with Valka still alive, still not in the best relationship with Hiccup, but agreeing not to screw up Berk anymore.
  • I also didn’t talk about the nuances of the death scene. Originally, Gobber was pitted to die, and from the original storyboards, it very possibly might have been more of an accidental result of Valka calling up the mind-controlling Bewilderbeast as versus intentionally directing Toothless after her “enemies.” Still, we don’t know how quickly Gobber’s death changed to Stoick’s death, and we’re not sure to what capacity Valka would have been involved in the death. It means that there’s a range of dramatic possibilities for how the death scene would have occurred, from Gobber jumping up to save Hiccup from Toothless (while Valka is unaware of the situation happening), to Valka intentionally directing Toothless to kill her son while Stoick jumps up to save the day. There could be multiple drafts with multiple ways villain!Valka more-or-less orchestrated the death of someone Hiccup loved as family.
  • I didn’t say it too clearly in the analysis, so I’ll just say it now: it would have followed mostly the plot of current canon HTTYD 2, except that Drago would have just been a looming threat in the very-very difference not exactly encountered. Hiccup would have met a strange dragon rider, she would have taken him to their sanctuary, they would have tried to get along with a mother-son flight, they would have come to a disagreement because Valka believes humans and dragons can’t comingle, Stoick would have come to save the day and had a reunion with Valka, they would have butted heads because Valka believes humans and dragons can’t comingle, because they thought Hiccup needed to be saved they brought an armada, Valka would have misinterpreted that and called up the Bewilderbeast for a big battle, Gobber/Stoick died by Toothless’ plasma blast, Valka would have flown to Berk to free the dragons, Hiccup would have fought her off and established his role as chief, and Valka would have decided to leave.

It’s interesting because it seems like we can piece together a lot of what villain!Valka would have been like, and I would love to have seen this (even if they made a very good choice for the end result of the film). I don’t think that, given the summary above, Mala is much like villain!Valka and isn’t a way for them to test her out, but it’s still cool to see their similarities! Mala and Valka are interesting to compare and contrast.