Finest Hours…hmmm…I’ll say this, the movie carries some impressive visuals at times. The reveal of the boat being split in 2 was actually a really cool moment. Unfortunately. As exciting as the action was inside the sinking freighter, the movie is completely bogged down by the unnecessary required love story which was overall just boring. Chris Pine, who I’m a fan of, lacks any kind of charisma here. I know his character is supposed to be this shy by the rules kind of guy, but I hated his character, and his stupid relationship. I just wanted to go back to the freighter every time. As much as Pine sucked though. Casey Affleck was the best part of this movie. Anyway, watch it If you’re bored and have nothing to do as a matinee. 

6.0 out of 10.


Took me about the entire day to build her but I did it by myself. And yes I know its a bit wonky, and yes somebody did a better one on youtube and got the interior to match, but I didn’t know someone else did one , and I used pictures for Knights of the Old Republic as a refrence.

Please let me know how I did, minecraft fans, Knights of the Old Republic fans, star wars fans, please tell me if I did well or not.

PS. The Ebon Hawk is one of my favorite frieghters in the entire Star Wars galaxy other than the YT - 2000 corellian frieghter(look it up, and no its not the falcon)

Ebon Hawk © Star Wars

Made by me


While lifting sanctions on Cuba will surely bring much benefit to the Cuban people and hopefully soon reunites families torn apart and also helps rebuild a frozen infrastructure….I can’t help but pain for the loss of the really cool textured and gritty photographs of 1950 Chevys and crumbling facades.

What a loss of authenticity.

So I hope Cuban tourism officials see the inherent value and preserve their crumbling buildings and rusting jalopies, realizing the huge profits to be made promoting'The Real Cuba' and exploiting just the right target market…

Announcing The SS Libre  (& Island Maritime Club).

Once trade with Cuba is normalized, I plan to launch hipster cruises on a fleet of old, converted freighters out of Miami.

On board, all the cool kids can play shuffleboard and shoot skeet by day and attend mambo burlesque shows and a sipping-rum bar at night.

There’d also be an onboard merchant marine-style tattooist/ barber shop in the boiler room called the Boil & Barb (on the menu of services, ask for the not-so-close-Che’ve).

Of course, a special collaboration with the likes of Rag & Bone and Ray Ban called CauseWear™ would tap into all the ‘romanticism’ and nostalgia of a cold war Cuba, reselling all the surplus clothes coming out of the island at an 80x markup.

Also, our port partners would charge $17 USD for the Classico cafe con leche and $19 for mini-Cubano heritage sandwiches and $25 for the cold-pressed guava-pineapple juices.

But it will be policy not to serve the newly cultured and sunburnt, straw fedora-wearing passengers unless they can really draw out a grating, very anglo-saxon pronunciation of their order and say Coooh-BAH-Noh (have to keep it all authentic - this isn’t Carnival Cruises).

Our passengers will finally arrive in the authentic port of Nuevitas where we’d breathe new life in the sleepy locale. We’ll sell our passengers all they need - from woven sandals to flip-up sunglasses to old 1950’s-style Kodaks and then let them loose on the town for a day.

With the right approach, and the right promotional partner like myself, I am certain Cuba could turn its economy completely around in a little under two years. I have the vision. I’m accepting startup investments right now.

I’m already pricing out our fleet.

Also looking for crew. Contact me here.

But in all seriousness, it’s about time we’ve broken from the past politics and are engaging in the diplomatic process. The strategy of isolation was a failure. US business and interests abroad helped set the conditions that had allowed communism to take root. But it’s a different time now, and the world is a very different place. Unless you’re on the SS Libre, that is.

@blackleading​ enters the fray   

      star streaks flow – fluid and silent – over the surface of his modified frieghter. lando sits in the pilot seat, gaze pinned out of the cockpit to an unseen target, his attention flitting occasionally between what was in front of him and fond memories tugged up from great depths. grief is a persistent cloud ( pinning every move in multitudes of grey ) slowing his reflexes, enough that it takes a beat longer than usual for him to notice that the moment his ship slipped out of hyperspeed –––  he’s far from alone. 

       ❝ by the galaxy! ❞ all at once, sensors start ringing across his board, and he begins toggling switches, diverting power from hydraulic flow the the shields and to the laser cannons pinned to the top of the hull. in front of him, five hulking TIE fighters cut across his path. yanking on the controls, he dips his craft in a spinning vertical dive, trying to get behind the nefarious crafts trying to box him in. slipping out of their hold, he begins an upward climb, pumping power into his thrusters. turning sharply, his restless fingers thumb the gun controls, and he starts raining down as much hell on them as they’ve given, managing to snag one in his line of fire. 

       halfway through a second run, his comms crackle, and just as he debates a response, an x-wing coloured in black and orange detail streaks by overhead. without question, the pilot takes out another TIE fighter in a clean shot before swivelling back. this time, lando spies the distinct resistance symbol painted on its wings. a smile touches the edges of his lips as he taps the comms light that had been blinking by his side.

                        ❝ good shot. what say we take out the rest of them? ❞