What the types need to chill about

ESTJ: their grades. I get it, you’ve literally never gotten a B before in your life. Maybe chill.
ISTJ: their extensive knowledge of ‘fun’ facts. They are not that fun. I’m looking at you here, Jonas.
ESFJ: everything. Jesus Christ not everything is that important just take it down a peg.
ISFJ: their love life. Yes I know. That boy just made eye contact with you from across the room. That does not mean he is in love with you.
ENTJ: how smart they are. Literally the only ENTJ I know spends most of his time talking about how easy school is and how smart he is. Jesus Christ.
INTJ: their plans. Everything that happens to them has profound meaning for their future. Just take some time to chill and enjoy the present.
ENFJ: everyone else’s business. Yes, that girl wore a scandalous Halloween costume. Yes, your coworker is having a baby. Yes, that persons new house is a piece of crap. Stop judging them for it.
INFJ: how wise they are. We get it, you have the wisest, most informed perspective. Whatever, no one cares.
ESTP: how much crazy stuff they do. Listen buddy, I don’t care that you snuck out of your parents house to have sex. No one cares. Please shut up.
ISTP: needs to chill about how chill they are. Always bragging about how they don’t care about anything. What a weird and boring thing to brag about.
ESFP: their fashion. ESFP I know is always dressed up and won’t stop talking about all the time it took to dress up.
ISFP: their mad art skillzzz. all the ISFP’s I know are really good artists, and good for them, but I don’t need to know about all the art competitions they’ve won.
ENTP: Their political views. Every ENTP I know had super cutting edge liberal views, and the thinks they are very superior for it. Their political views are so much better than yours.
INTP: how annoying everyone else is. Yeah yeah, everyone’s the worst, no need to complain about it so much.
ENFP: their social circle. How do they have do many frieeeeennnddds. Oh yeah it’s because they never chill about it.
INFP: their feeeelliiiinggz. Everything in the world that happens to them is a personal attack on their feelings. Yikes