County Building

I’ve been waiting on this day since Dr. Dre and Pac
Was on Rosecrans in that burgerstand at ‘95
People staring at 'em in amazement
Reservations, at the Days Inn
We was living out a hotel at the time
Breakfast, lunch and dinner chicken from Kentucky Fried
Mama babysitting Section 8 vouchers the move
When nothing else to lose but a burger flipping job
Close my eyes inside the swap meet and imagine it’s a mansion
Gold ballroom, AK-47 dancing
Howling at the moon, what’s a pack of hungry babies?
Hope you feed us soon, bite your back, you die of rabies
Everyday we, pray to eat at the table at Sizzlers
But never make the visit, if better days was on its way
Then they make the decision, to make the wrong turn
So for now we heat this skillet so this canned food can burn..

-Kendrick Lamar