Dude… this morning I had a weird dream xD I was asking one of my friends “Is it just black people that don’t talk to themselves? Because I talk to myself all of the time and they look at me funny and shit and I just don’t get it.” Then a black chick heard me and had this GRRR face and I look at her and I was all ‎”Nah, I’m being serious. I ain’t never seen a black person talk to themselves. Is it just a weirdo white thing?”

"And Aru, I really do like you as a person. xD I am proud that you are aware of your flaws and work towards fixing them, or at least accepting them if they aren’t so easy to fix. You are brilliantly creative and versatile.

I have thought this a long time”


One of my friends said this about me :3 It made me really happy <3