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When he had a bit of spare time Toby would take the opportunity to explore the MO building.
He poked his head out at the Yellow but decided to avoid the department for now, he didn’t want to get too lost.
So back into the elevator to the next floor, and the possibility of meeting someone new, after all everyone was new to him.

Nellie had continued her patrol through the office, planning to take the elevator to a random floor. Looking up from her wait, Nellie absent-mindlessly stared at the unfamiliar being within before silently entering herself. She didn’t bother with pressing any button, allowing the destination of this employee become hers as well.

“…Excuse me,” Nellie made a quiet hum, then, “but do you know which floor we’ll be going to? I haven’t exactly memorized the departments yet.”


THIS is how easy it should be when someone tells you to refer to them with a different name over their birth one. It’s literally THIS easy. 

There’s nothing wrong with asking someone to refer to your with the name that makes you most happy and comfortable! You’re not being “unrealistic” or “inconvenient!” If someone refuses to do so then THEY’RE the one who’s wrong, and you deserve better!!!

Thank you, Adventure Time, for showing kids how it should be!!

They actually played this song and it’s forever stuck in my head

cute little military–like things in VLD that don’t happen in regular science centric schools
  • “Cadets”
  • “You’re the senior officer here”
  • Cadets, Instructors and senior officers literally wearing military uniform with military badges
  • School is described and depicted as a military-like school 
  • They literally stood up straight like literal soldiers when they left the simulator, like do they do that at their school for any circumstance whether they’re getting in trouble or going about their business??? bc if so, call the school board
  • the military like hierarchy ie: “Commander Iverson” 
  • the definition of the word “garrison” 

feel free to add more


Hi, Freida. I, uhm… I wanted to apologize for everything. You knew there was more to life then just the islands, and I— I didn’t believe you. I know you can’t ever forgive me, but I am truly sorry.

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