frieda rose

To me emotional intelligence is when a person is perceptive; when they can sense the feelings of another person without that other person necessarily verbalizing anything, and because of that they remedy the situation with a ‘preemptive’ move, I guess. Emotionally intelligent people are empathetic. They know how to control their anger and negative impulses. It’s not just some ‘fantasy’, I know a few very emotionally intelligent people. To me it’s the most crucial kind of intelligence because it’s so dependent on a deep inner kindness that a person develops from a really young age.
—  Frieda Rose
I feel so discouraged when examples of women assimilating into a patriarchal, white supremacist, capitalist culture are celebrated as a win for feminism: Women on the military front line, women on boards of exploitative companies, women directing pornography. This isn’t women’s liberation, it merely validates hegemonic masculinity. […] Why have we let male culture define the pillars of our lives, including work, sex, and parenting? I am not advocating for a return to the domestic/public binary where women are financially dependent on others and excluded from decision-making. I dream about just the opposite, where womanhood is a source of power — not imagined, subjective power, but real, material power.
—  Frieda Rose (x)