frieda rose

To me emotional intelligence is when a person is perceptive; when they can sense the feelings of another person without that other person necessarily verbalizing anything, and because of that they remedy the situation with a ‘preemptive’ move, I guess. Emotionally intelligent people are empathetic. They know how to control their anger and negative impulses. It’s not just some ‘fantasy’, I know a few very emotionally intelligent people. To me it’s the most crucial kind of intelligence because it’s so dependent on a deep inner kindness that a person develops from a really young age.
—  Frieda Rose
Don’t have sex. Try not to drink. Always keep the lines of communication open with your mother. Eat when you’re hungry and read when you’re bored. If you feel uneasy in a situation it’s probably dodgy so you should immediately contact a relative. Don’t give up on school completely even when it feels awful. Be kind to your siblings because they will become your best friends in a few years. Do not smoke unless you want to begin to shorten your life. Treasure your friendships and assert yourself when it comes to guys.
—  Frieda Rose, when asked if she had any advice for a 14 year old girl