squaitlin said: what is salt & chili tofu it sounds amazing

It is! It’s deep fried tofu with loads of garlic/chilli/onion bits. Maybe better known as salt and pepper tofu/chicken/chips/whatever but I named my instagram after it so I gotta stick with the chilli now.


Tofu is one of my go-to food when I don’t have much time to cook but still want to eat yummy, healthy food. You can eat the soft (silken) tofu straight out of the package with the same sauce from this recipe which would be even healthier and quicker meal. But traditionally, Koreans usually cook the tofu, by either pan frying it like this recipe, putting them in casseroles, or steaming them. There are so many yummy recipes using different type of tofu in Korea that I could even make a recipe book just devoted to tofu. 

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