FRIED SEITAN/CHIK'N (VEGAN)  - almost tastes like the real thing


2 cups of vital wheat gluten

1 cup of nutritional yeast

¼ cup of taco seasoning

1 tbsp of garlic powder

1 packet of active yeast

1 tbsp of seasoned salt

1.5 cups of water

¼ cups of liquid amino acids

Mix all dry ingredients thoroughly. In a separate container, mix liquids. Combine flour and broth together. Knead until the texture of the seitan is smooth.

Heat vegetable oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Break and stretch seitan into all nugget sized patties with holes. Fry until it is golden brown. Make sure you do not fry the seitan for too long as the dough will completely cook all the way through. The objective is to have a crispy coat but doughy, meat texture inside.

This was my first time making it and I personally fried it for too long as mine is too dark. It should be a tad lighter than the pieces in the photo.

Laksa Hebat: organic Japanese udon noodles, spinach, mushrooms, bean sprouts in a ginger flower and lemongrass coconut stock. Topped with fried tempeh, tofu and seitan.

Carlton - Melbourne - Australia


Vegan food we’ve made from scratch over the past few months. From left to right: Beer battered fried chickn homemade seitan, TVP popcorn chickn, Pizza with homemade cheeze and crust, Mac n cheeze with homemade cheddar sauce, Beer battered feesh, Chickn strips with homemade seitan, Cannolis, deep fried doughnuts.


So I finally got around to writing down how to make seitan fried chicken! To make the seitan itself I follow this recipe

It creates wonderfully juicy chunks of seitan which is exactly what you want! Nobody wants dry fried chicken!

Now the secret is the skin. You know those rice papers to make clear spring rolls? You can buy them dried in any Asian supermarket. You want to soak one in warm water until it becomes soft and floppy then lay it out on the side. Put a seitan chunk in the middle and wrap the sides around to cover the whole thing. Do this for all your chunks and set them to one side.

Next up you want to make the coating. I use plain flour mixed with various herbs and spices. I recommend smoked paprika, pepper, onion power, salt, and anything else that takes your fancy.

In a seperate bowl you want some classic yellow mustard, mixed with a bit of water and a couple of spoons full of the flour mix. You want it to make a creamy paste, not too gloopy, not too runny.

Then grab your wrapped seitan chunks, roll them around in the mustard mix, then transfer to the flour bowl and ensure the whole thing is covered. You can then pop them into the deep fryer for a minute or so until golden and crispy.

Enjoy hot or cold with ketchup or vegan mayo! The magic really is in the spring roll paper making the fake skin!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Asian inspired vegan dishes? I love Japanese food a lot and don't want to give up those sort of inspired dishes.

I’ve just posted a Japanese round up for you. Here are some past Asian inspired round ups:

Also, I’ve heard that Trader Joe’s Chickenless Mandarin Orange Morsels are amazing. Try them out in a fried rice. Seitan is perfect for broccoli and beef. Use tempeh for a teriyaki soba bowl or General Tso’s tempeh. I hope this encourages you that vegan recipes are available to create delicious Asian style dishes. Please feel welcome to let me know if you’d like a specific Japanese recipe that I haven’t yet included. Enjoy!

Fried “chicken” seitan.

WHOA. I have to be a huge show off right now and say that I have never had seitan this good and it is my first time making it. I say that for a few reasons: this seitan came out with an incredible amount of flavor, IT ISNT CHEWY, aaaaaand well, it’s fried so that rules.

I’m so proud of myself right now. This definitely took a long time to make but it was so worth it.

:) :) :)

P.S. Fabiola, lets have a conversation about seitan and let me convince you to use nutritional yeast to season it.

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hey dear, you have any recipes for biscuits (preferably wheat) and gravy? or anything of that nature. thanks so much!! :)

Here’s a vegan biscuit and gravy round up. Below are other biscuit and gravy recipes that I’ve posted in the past; some together, some separately and some miscellaniously. Enjoy!

biscuits & gravy: