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Headcanons for the champions' (old and new) reactions to Link's cooking and their favorite foods?

Mipha: Seeing as she grew up with Link, she knows of his cooking ability and loves it when he cooks for her. She’d often try to pitch in and help out around the kitchen, if only to be closer to him. Favorite food is fried Voltfin Trout with an herbal garnish.

Sidon: Keeps forgetting that Link is actually a really good chef. Everytime Link cooks something for him he’s shocked by how tasty it is. Not really a picky eater so he doesn’t have a favorite food. He’ll eat pretty much anything you put in front of him.

Darruk: Flat out doesn’t get it. Why would you spend all that time hunting and gathering meat and vegetables or fruits when there’s perfectly good rocks all around. He’ll never say no to a good rock sirloin though.

Yunobo: Pewter chips are his favorite food, but he’s a lot more willing to try whatever Link cooks up. He helps guide Link on what ingredients Gorons can and cannot eat.

Rivali: Insists that Link’s cooking is decent, mediocre at best but edible. Of course he secretly loves it but he’d never tell Link that. Nothing better to him than a roasted hearty salmon stuffed with nuts.

Teba: Doesn’t like fancy meals as he feels they slow him down and keep him from performing at his best. He gladly accepts whatever survival rations Link prepares for him though. They make for good traveling food while he’s off in the Hebra mountains.

Urbosa: Insists that Link requires assistance and micromanages the preparation of each meal. “That’s too much rock salt.” “Not enough Hylian Herb” Link puts up with it and the dishes they produce are quite spectacular. Really enjoys rotisserie cooked birds and fruit salad.

Riju: Is absolutely enthralled by the idea of a Voe cooking. She insists that Link prepare her meals whenever he is in town. Never content to eat one particular dish over and over, she is always begging Link to cook something new for her. She’s especially interested in dishes from other cultures around Hyrule since she’s never really been able to leave the desert and travel to other towns. Frequently she’ll end up jotting down recipes and food descriptions in her diary, even going so far as having Link take pictures of the food before she eats it.

- Lonely Voe

Narnia inspired food asks!
  • Regular apples: Favorite fruit?
  • Brandy: Weird nickname you've been given?
  • Toffee-fruit: Something from fantasy you'd love to believe in?
  • Silver Apples: Favorite color?
  • Toast: Whole wheat or white bread?
  • Sardines: Weirdest obsession?
  • Tea: Favorite old book?
  • Turkish Delight: Guilty pleasure?
  • Boiled Potatoes: Something oddly comforting?
  • Home-made bread: What's your aesthetic?
  • Beer: Do you drink alcohol?
  • Fresh Fried Trout: Indoors or outdoors?
  • Milk: Favorite drink?
  • Gloriously Sticky Marmalade-Roll: Favorite desert?
  • (Do you think we'll need) Jam: Stupid question you're always asked?
  • (Only if the Witch serves) Toast: Are you good at comebacks?
  • Stale Bread: Most over-played song in existence?
  • Plum Pudding: Favorite tradition?
  • Cock-a-Leekie soup: Favorite wth quote?
  • Hot Roast Turkey: Do you get roasted a lot?
  • Roast Chestnuts: Any allergies?
  • Pidegon Pie: Favorite bird?
  • Cold Ham: Iced drinks or hot?
  • Salad: Are you a vegetarian?
  • Cakes: Cake or pie?
  • Ices: Ice cream or snow cones?
  • Real Sausages: Do you like spicy food?
Girl’s Day Out

This is for @yesseverefunbanana! I hope it’s what you expected!

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word count: 1,559

Characters: Mother-in-law!Rowena x Daughter-in-law!Reader, Crowley

Warnings: None, I believe.

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Summary: You’re the Queen of Hell and decide to go on a girl’s day out with your mother-in-law Rowena.

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The Farmhouse

a restaurant with a single long table with only candles to denote spaces between groups. 

Bookings are made as early possible (we booked roughly a month ago) and the menu is set according to people’s specifications (eg no lamb, gluten free etc)

House baguette & cob loaf with French onion dip, fried bananas with cinnamon & cream and pickled vegetables

Calamari, chilled tomato consommé, cucumber and roe

Main course (from top left to right)
Whole baked rainbow trout with chickpeas & herbs, olive condiment, Farmhouse mash & roasted vegetables and charred cauliflower with cream, sultanas and almonds

Cold dessert 
Lychee slices, lychee ice, coconut, macadamia and meringue mix

Warm dessert 
Berry and lemon curd tart

Personal favourites are the fried bananas, trout, mashed potatoes, cauliflower and both desserts! Soo yummy

Jamie stood quite still, feeling his heart beat, watching. It was one of those strange moments that came to him rarely, but never left. A moment that stamped itself on heart and brain, instantly recallable in every detail, for all of his life.
There was no telling what made these moments different from any other, though he knew them when they came. He had seen sights more gruesome and more beautiful by far, and been left with no more than a fleeting muddle of their memory. But these—the still moments, as he called them to himself—they came with no warning, to print a random image of the most common things inside his brain, indelible. They were like the photographs that Claire had brought him, save that the moments carried with them more than vision.
He had one of his father, smeared and muddy, sitting on the wall of a cow byre, a cold Scottish wind lifting his dark hair. He could call that one up and smell the dry hay and the scent of manure, feel his own fingers chilled by the wind, and his heart warmed by the light in his father’s eyes.
He had such glimpses of Claire, of his sister, of Ian…small moments clipped out of time and perfectly preserved by some odd alchemy of memory, fixed in his mind like an insect in amber. And now he had another.
For so long as he lived, he could recall this moment. He could feel the cold wind on his face, and the crackling feel of the hair on his thighs, half singed by the fire. He could smell the rich odor of trout fried in cornmeal, and feel the tiny prick of a swallowed bone, hair-thin in his throat.
He could hear the dark quiet of the forest behind, and the soft rush of the stream nearby. And forever now he would remember the firelight golden on the sweet bold face of his son.
“Deo gratias,” he murmured, and realized that he had spoken aloud only when the boy turned toward him, startled. “What?”
“Nothing.” To cover the moment, he turned away and took down his half-dry plaid from the bush. Even soaking wet,
Highland wool would keep in a man’s heat, and shelter him from cold.“
DRUMS of AUTUMN- Diana Gabaldon

© Jim Henkens

Travel Tuesday: Mexico City native Álvaro Candela made his name slinging tacos at Sitka & Spruce’s wildly popular Monday night taco pop-up in Seattle. Now, tacos inspired by the ones he had growing up like the trucha (garlic-fried trout with Mayan cabbage and pico de gallo) can be had at The Saint seven days a week. Here, more of the nation’s best taco spots.

Use This Instead! (Easy Ingredient Substitutions)

Grains. Most grains are fairly interchangeable. If you can’t find farro for recipes like Stefano Farro Chickpea Salad, swap in brown rice, quinoa, barley or wheat berries.

Semolina Flour. Semolina flour is a strong flour that works well for pizza and pasta dough. But if you don’t have any, don’t sweat it. Use all-purpose flour in the same amount.

Fleur de Sel. Fleur de sel is a delicate white salt from the northern Atlantic coast of France. Stefano uses it to finish dishes like his Fresh Tomato Salad with Basil, but another flaky salt, like Maldon salt, can be used in its place.

Greek Yogurt. Balkan- style yogurt that has a 6% M.F. (milk fat) or higher usually stands in perfectly. Or you can make your own drained yogurt.

Leeks. In many recipes that call for leeks, you can get away with a mild-flavoured onion like red onion or Spanish onion. Except for, you know, leek soup. Cuz then you’re making onion soup. You get it.

Shallots. Swap in garlic, leeks, or other mild, sweet onion. If the recipe calls for the shallots to be roasted whole, use pearl onions instead.

Sumac. With a fresh tart and tangy flavour, Stefano uses this in his Baba Ghanouj. If you can’t find it, use paprika instead.

Poblano chili peppers. With a mild to medium heat, Anaheim or jalapeno peppers usually make a good substitute, though the heat may vary so taste and add accordingly.

Anchovy paste. This gives recipes like Stefano’s Pan-Fried Trout with Anchovy Butter delicious umami flavour. Substitute with finely chopped anchovies if you can’t find the paste. Don’t have anchovies at all and you’re making Stefano’s Bacon and Egg Caesar Salad? A few shakes of Worcestershire sauce can be used in a pinch.

Marsala. When you don’t have this fortified Italian wine in your liquour cabinet, you can also swap in red wine or good quality stock, although the flavour of either won’t be as strong. The place where we’d tell you to avoid doing this for Stefano’s Veal Marsala. It’s what makes the dish.

Orange liqueur. Haven’t made your own yet? You can always use straight-up frozen orange juice concentrate.

White balsamic vinegar. Another pale-coloured vinegar like white wine or champagne vinegar makes a fine replacement.

Wine. While it won’t provide the same liveliness, you can sub in a high-quality stock in most dishes when you’re in a pinch. Depending on the recipe, you could even replace small amounts of wine with water (for deglazing, for instance).

Pancetta. We use this a lot here IN THE KTICHEN, but if you don’t have it or can’t find it, use regular bacon instead. Then you can still make Stefano’s Roasted Cornish Hens - a must if you haven’t yet.

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

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Why Rowaelin is so damn precious:

*All excerpts taken from Queen of Shadows

1. Aelin knew she had things to do-vital things, terrible things-but she could sacrifice one day… (Pg. 290)

Let’s talk about how Aelin knows her priorities and the shit hole she is currently in but still takes the time to show Rowan around. It shows that no matter what happens, Rowan is her number one priority-even over world peace (further proven by the fact that she would have willingly given a wyrdkey over to Maeve for Rowan’s safety) Yeah, for sake of plot and just the general state of the world, that’s a pretty damn selfish attitude. But let’s be real here…no one is completely selfless and there are plenty of people in the world who would sacrifice others if it meant their loved ones could survive. That’s such an intrinsically human aspect of Aelin and it really makes me love her even more in this book than the previous books where she was some swaggering, sassy, and forever winning protagonist. 

Aelin isn’t the only one who has this weakness-Rowan is also exactly the same way. The two of them always put each other’s happiness and safety before anything else. That weakness (their bond) that Rowan at first uses as an excuse to stay away from her, is their strength as humans (or humanoid Fae figures). In some ways, both Aelin and Rowan have made each other become more human-like with acknowledged weaknesses and emotions. As a reader, it’s absolutely amazing to read and see that transformation.

2. Rowan even convinced her to try some pan-fried trout. She’d sworn never to eat fish, and had cringed as the fork neared her mouth, but-the damned thing was delicious… (Pg. 291)

One of the greatest aspects about relationships-platonic or romantic-is that each party can challenge the other party. In this case, Rowan tries to make Aelin try something she hates. Fish. It’s such a simple and stupid challenge, but it goes to show you how much Rowan and Aelin force each other to go out of their comfort zone-but not so much to the point in which the other person is wildly uncomfortable-and try something new. Aelin even enjoys the fish and sneaks bites of Rowan’s. 

Now this part may just be looking WAY too deeply into the text (and the stuff I may be saying could be like total bullshit, but oh well, I’m going to say it anyway). Aelin’s new found liking of fish is like a symbol of her new life. Celaena hated fish and probably life. But Aelin is a new person. She’s matured and ready to take back her title and identity even if it makes her feel somewhat hesitant and burdened by the many lives she is now responsible for. But she’s got friends and Rowan to back her up. To be there to challenge her and help her shape a better world.

3. And there was so much more she wanted him to see, to learn about her life had been like. She never wanted to share any of it before.

Even when she’d heard the crack of a whip after lunch as they cooled themselves by the water, she’d wanted him with her to witness it. He’d silently stood with a hand on her shoulder…  (Pg. 291)

This is the main reason why I ship and will forever protect the good name of Rowaelin. Aelin and Rowan share something special-the ability to relay every honest thought they’ve had to each other. Aelin and Rowan know the good and the ugly parts of their pasts through the communication they’ve had back in Wendlyn and now. But this time Aelin is doing something different. She is visually showing Rowan the things she has experienced which is something entirely different from just hearing the stories secondhand. He is witnessing her past firsthand, up front and center. But even then, he is supporting her by silently putting a hand on her shoulder like some large force in the background that will catch her when she stumbles or falls. He’s staying for good, because love means staying, supporting, and not judging even when you see the ugly and less pleasant past of a person and staying. The same exact concept applies to Aelin’s feelings towards Rowan. She’s there to support him too, whether it be through providing a constant steady presence on their bed (and not just through sex but just being there) or respecting HIS past and their decisions made together. 

Rowan and Aelin aren’t the most perfect people-and by extension couple- in the world. They’ve murdered without remorse, lied, and have egos the size of this entire planet (though well earned). But they have developed and matured as people and in turn have met in the middle together and found something special with each other.