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EXO react to you getting pregnancy cravings

I LOVE I Love Lucy! It’s my favorite show of all time! So, in honor of Lucy, I’ve used the weird cravings from the episodes ‘Ricky Has Labor Pains’ and ‘Lucy Hires an English Tutor’.

Xiumin: “Yes, of course I’ll go get you whatever you want.” The words are right, but his expression and tone of voice are strained and exasperated. “I think I’ll stock up on peanut butter and oreos so you can just get it for yourself from the kitchen.”

Luhan: After hearing your request, he flops back down into bed hopelessly. “Are you sure that’s my child? I was good at sleeping through the whole night.” It’s said jokingly, but when you start crying from hormones, he backpedals.  “Don’t cry! I’ll go get pizza!”

Kris: “Watermelon and… goldfish. You at least mean goldfish crackers, right?” He’s trying so hard to keep his eyes open, but he would go get it for you without complaining, knowing the pregnancy hormones could make you upset quickly.

Suho: Still trying to process being awake so early in the morning, he barely registers what you ask for. “Jagi… are you allowed to eat oysters and brie?” As he continues trying to wake up, he thinks more carefully. “You aren’t allowed.”

Lay: “Food for the baby, got it.” When he comes back, eyes nearly closed and blearily happy, he hands over baby bottles filled with baby formula. “The baby will love this. It’s really sweet.” He crashes back into bed, absolutely useless this early.

Baekhyun: “Got it. You’re pregnant. You get what you want. One papaya milkshake and pickle coming up.” Bare faced and exhausted, he drags himself out into the icy morning air, suddenly awake and unhappy about it, but expecting thankful kisses when he gets back.

Chen: He wants to see if what you’re craving is actually any good, but when he tries the bird nest soup, he can’t help the disgusted look on his face. “God, this is awful. How can anyone eat it?” He hands it over quickly. “I can’t believe my baby would want that.

Chanyeol: Once he has your pistachio ice cream hot fudge sundae with sardines ready, he pretends to take a bite of it for himself, laughing when you whine and slap his arm, and then holds up the spoon to your lips. “Just kidding. It’s all yours.”

D.O: Even just smelling the durian fruit you wanted, he helplessly holds his nose and laughs lifelessly. “This smell is so bad, if you wanted pineapple or mango, I’d go right back out there and get it for you. I don’t even care that it’s sleeting.”

Tao: “What’s open at 4 am? How am I supposed to find mozzarella sticks and fried pickle chips now? Can’t it wait until the morning?” He’d whine about having to go out, knowing that once he finally gets back with it, you’ll be asleep and won’t care.

Kai: He hasn’t even taken off his coat fully before falling back asleep after he’s delivered your curry and fried chicken. So, you gently pet his hair as you sit back on the couch, eating your snack and watching episodes of Parks and Rec.

Sehun:  He can’t even comprehend how you can be this awake at 4 am. “Salt and vinegar chips and ketchup…“ He repeats what you say, but really can’t understand any of it. You have to roll your eyes and go get it for yourself, letting him fall back asleep.

- Admin J