fried guacamole

Sometimes simple is best. Oil-free potato wedges cooked with chilli, indian spices and served with guacamole (mashed avocado with red onion and lemon), fresh tomatoes and salad 😋😋😋


svtfoe cooking headcanons

so like, we know that Marco’s pretty good in the kitchen, what with his super awesome nachos, and we also know that Star’s more or less a disaster, but let’s go in depth


Like I said, he’s a pretty solid chef, like, have you seen the recipe for his super awesome nachos? that shit’s dope, no 14 year old should be coming up with recipes like that. I feel like he learned most of his cooking, partially from his dad, partially self-taught. In Starcrushed, Rafael was wearing his own apron, so clearly he has his own culinary experience (even tho he was just baking pizza nuggets). I feel like Marco’s dad taught Marco the building blocks to cooking, but from there, he was left to his own devices for making meals, so over time, he just kind of became an expert at cooking for himself. On any typical day, he might go out shopping, come home with some random ingredients, and manage to make up a five star meal out of em. He doesn’t really show it, but he’s REALLY proud of his ability to cook.


Star has had ONE experience in the kitchen, way back when she was just a tot. Essentially, it was like that Mary Kate and Ashley video where they just threw a buncha fuckin food on top of a pizza with no coordination at all, like fuckin, ice cream, fried chicken, whipped cream, guacamole, just whatever was in the fridge that looked good, all the while, all the cooks and guards of Mewni castle stared in fear, wondering if they should intervene, or if they should just let the princess do as she pleases. The end result was Star not being allowed in the kitchen anymore.


Janna’s a master chef on par with Marco, if not better. But she refuses to make anything that’s remotely appetizing. Every meal she makes looks like one of those terrifying posts on /ck/ that winds up getting screenshotted and put up on the peoplegettingreallymadatfood tumblr, like the fucking dessert ramen. Her latest creation she calls “Dirty Soup” and it’s some disgusting combination of doritos, instant noodles, soda, jelly beans, white castle microwavable sliders, and about 30 other terrible ingredients that should never be put together. Janna eats this like it’s nothing. And those brave enough to actually TRY Janna’s abominations all say that they surprisingly weren’t that bad, before promptly dying of clogged arteries, lethal amounts of sodium, and about two dozen types of food poisoning.


Jackie’s the only one with a particularly normal cooking background. She knows how to bake, and she’s more than happy to share whatever she makes, usually cookies or brownies, with friends. But for the most part, she tries to stay out of the kitchen if she can help it. Marco hears this, and immediately starts training her as his official sous chef. She starts learning at an incredibly fast rate, until Star and Janna try getting in on Marco’s cooking lessons too. The result was a house fire. Jackie still practices on the weekends, and she always gets super excited when she’s able to make something new.