fried egg cup

Hawke’s Hot Cheeseburger

So we’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Age lately, because K loves the polyamory mod and MJ loves the dragons. It’s a win-win game for both of us. That got us to thinking about character-themed cocktails again (since that’s another thing we love), but when we cast our minds to Hawke from DA2 it was decided that they were definitely more of a ‘cheeseburgers and beer’ character than a cocktail. Thus the Hawke ‘hot’ Burger was born.

- MJ & K

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The Signs As Aesthetics

Aries: Scraping your hands on gravel

Taurus: College parties where they play beer pong unironically

Gemini: A single fried egg and a black cup of coffee

Cancer: A mason jar full of what looks to be something fancy. But it’s actually just off-brand grape soda.

Leo: Free sample bags of organic dog food.

Virgo: Pumpkin carving

Libra: Ugly motel curtains

Scorpio: Actual real gold

Sagittarius: Boots with loose soles

Capricorn: Unreasonable expectations

Aquarius: Cotton candy and a bag of caramel popcorn

Pisces: A bowl of only blue m&ms

{All aesthetics taken from @aesthetics-to-try}