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The Great Potato Trip (Pt 1)

I am so hungry right now:

The Great Potato Trip:

In which David is far too ambitious and decided to cram a billion places in, 14 cities in 30 days is honestly more exhausting than a playoff run, Jake is so very tired of cathedrals, and David finds potatoes everywhere he goes.

Excerpts from David’s travelogue, which mostly just becomes a ‘yummy food we ate’ and ‘place for us to bicker in writing’. Jake keeps it in his office and pulls it out when he wants to feel mushy. Not that he needs any help.

Week One:

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                                            Edible Flower Crown.

  • Lapsang-cured roe deer rolled in leek ash
  • Roses of Prosciutto di Parma
  • Croustade, whipped creme fraiche seasoned with horseradish, topped with smoked salmon roe.
  • Crispy salted arctic char skin.
  • Roasted butternut and garlic pureé
  • Cured quail yolks spilling from faux starling shells.
  •  Slowcooked Moose tongue, panko fried.
  •  Raw Chiogga beet.
  • Yellow beet, cooked whole and then tossed with warm butter and honey..
  •  Blanched brussel sprout leaves.
  • Onion infused with a sweet and sour redbeet and cherry vinegar
  •  Herb creme.
  • Fresh herbs
  • Edible flowers.

The Edible Flowercrown. Landed in this idea since I wanted to showcase a lot of the local food we have in Sweden, while giving nods to Hannibal imagery, and a sort of one plate smorgasbord seemed appropriate. 

Quite a bit of game and fish, with the smoke-cured roe deer hiding oriental features in the lapsang tea, and the burnt ashes of the leeks providing the raven-black outer layer to the stag. The filet of roe deer is turned in salt, sugar and lapsang tea and set on a tray for 3 days turning them over after half the time, and then rolling them tight in cling film before freezing. Thawed gently in a fridge and turned in the leek ash. The freezing both helps eliminateany food safety concerns of uncooked cured food as well as setting the cylindrical shape of the filet as its frozen in the roll of the cling film.

Roe of salmon and arctic char skin for the fisherman. Creme fraiche whipped and seasoned with freshly grated horseradish and salt is topped in the croustade with the wonderful pearl-like salmon roe.

pumpkin for Jack, because I get to make a bad food pun when cooking for Hannibal damnit ;)  butternut peeled, cut and roasted in the oven along with garlic cloves, pureed with a bit of olive oil and then heated with a bit of butter, salt and pepper.

Three kinds of beets, because of the season. Winter is heavy on root vegetables in a country where iceand snow is the order of the day. The red beets providing the dark red notes for the sweet pickled onion, using distilled vinegar, a classic food staple in Swedish cooking. Chiogga beets raw for the crunch and the fantastic visual, and yellow beet cooked whole, peeled and tossed with a bit of honey and butter before serving.

Moose tongue, first set in a salt brine for 3 days and then cooked slowly over 4 hours with bay leaves, black pepper, allspice and root vegetables, skinned and set to cool, finally  turned in flour, egg yolk and finally panko before being fried in a skillet.

The quail yolks are separated from the whites and buried in salt for 24 hours, producing a yolk with a salty intense yolk flavour and the consistency of soft toffee. The shells are cleaned gently inside and submerged for 24 hours minimum in a liquid made of shredded red cabbage which has been boiled for 20 minutes with salt, sugar and white vinegar before being strained and chilled. This turns the shells blue, to simulate a starling egg. The shell being only inedible thing on the plate is fitting since Lecter doesn’t eat Starling.

Roses of Parma ham, a homage to those lovely roses Hannibal served.

A creme made from infusing a coldpressed olive oil with green herbs and then beaten into a emulsion with egg yolks. Seasoned with salt and pepper.

Green herbs and blanched leaves of brussel sprouts along with edible flowers to complete the crown

kletsk  asked:

Hi! I really love all your round up posts. I was wondering if you've done any round ups that are soy free and gluten free? I had to change my diet recently for those restrictions and it has been a struggle. Thanks :)

The only round up I’ve posted that is gluten and soy free is the vegan gluten free and soy free burger round up. Below are a whole bunch of gluten and soy free recipes (some with gluten/soy free options) that I’ve posted in the past. Also, if you’re interested, check out Vegan Guide for Gluten-Free & Soy-Free Diet, How to Eat Soy-Free, Gluten-Free and Vegan by One Green Planet and Gluten Free, Soy Free, Vegan. I hope this helps some!