The Vaccines’ ‘English Graffiti’: 10 Things We Know About Their New Album

This spring, The Vaccines will release 'English Graffiti’: their third studio album, co-produced by Dave Fridmann is set to make them bigger than ever. Luckily, frontman Justin Young and the rest of the band have been telling NME exactly what to expect from one of the year’s most anticipated albums…

anonymous asked:

whats your music setup like? more specifically, your music making gear.

My keyboards:

  1. MicroKorg XL
  2. Korg MS-20
  3. Korg DSS-1
  4. Critter & Guitari Organelle
  5. Yamaha SHS-10
  6. Circuit bent Casio SK-1
  7. Casio SK-5

My effects processors:

  1. MWFX Judder
  2. Red Panda Particle
  3. Montreal Assembly Count To 5
  4. Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine
  5. Korg Kaoss Pad
  6. Alesis AirFx
  7. Mantic Flex
  8. Mantic Vitriol
  9. Electro-Harmonix Talking Machine
  10. Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
  11. Digitech Whammy
  12. Digitech Digital Delay (looking to upgrade to analog soon)
  13. Death By Audio Flaming Lips Space Ring
  14.  Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihilation 
  15. Danelectro Distortion
  16. Modtone Buzzboy
  17. Crybaby Wah Wah
  18. Boss Chorus
  19. Boss Flanger (with some tinkered circuits)
  20. ZVEX Lo-Fi Junky


  1. Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop
  2. Suzuki Omnichord
  3. Epiphone SG (currently headless)
  4. A nameless 6 string bass
  5. Yamaha acoustic guitar
  6. Circuit bent “Babblebox”
  7. Korg Monotron Delay
  8. Various hand percussions
  9. Honher Melodica
  10. 8-bit Noise Generator
  11. Various tape machines and handheld recorders, including a Tascam Portastudio, that have weird nuances to their sound.
  12. Xylophone

I took a Dave Fridmann approach to my home studio at first and utilized any effects processors or bizarro keyboard I could get my hands on; I too believed even the shittiest piece of gear could do one thing very well. It helped me get a sound I wanted at the time, but now i’m regretting buying so many little things considering my room is now cluttered with keyboards and wires. If I was smarter, I would have invested in modulars when I still lived with my parents and had a tip job instead of buying stompboxes for my synth, but that’s the next step in building my setup. I’m trying to look for better pay or at least a second job within this upcoming year to start saving for one, it’ll take a long time to get the setup I want but in the long run it’ll be worth it I hope.

I also just love the way piles of gear and blinking lights look together. I’ve been fascinated with control panels and busy wiring systems ever since I was a kid, and since i’m definitely not a technical person, I use music as an outlet for that and spend hours seeing what new noises and patches I can get with these building blocks of sound.