Inside the Fridges of New York

This is the beginning of a new Micropolis project, exploring the city through the contents of its refrigerators. Consider this a kind of urban anthropology – we’ll be taking you inside some celebrity fridges as well as others across the city. [Reporter: Bifen Xu / Photographer: Roy Beeson]

Name: Shinobu Mochizuki
Age: 43
Lives in: Williamsburg 
Job: Owns Fragile Equipment, a photo equipment business

  1. Sake from my hometown Shizuoka, a prefecture outside of Tokyo. I brought it back from a trip home.  
  2. Handmade jams made by my girlfriend, locally harvested blueberry in PA, great for breakfast with yogurt.  
  3. Pickled ginger made by my mom. I think she pickles with rice vinegar and refined sugar.  She makes it every few months.  I go to Japan once a year to visit my family and if not they send me a lot of food in the mail.
  4. I have a jar of bonito flakes dipped in soy sauce. It’s been in my fridge for 17 years, since I came to the US. I use this is for making rice balls, but it’s never been changed or cleaned. I think it still has some essence of 1995. This is an important condiment to me.  But I like to keep it. It never goes bad. It’s like a gem. It is impossible to go bad. You put the sauce in the middle of the rice ball and then wrap seaweed around it.
  5. I don’t cook often but I like simple things like grilled or steamed root vegetable. Slow cooked miso soup, Japanese curry and mahboh tofu.
  6. Miso paste made by my father. He makes it twice a year, he has his own farm and he uses his own soybeans. He uses a culture called a koji and he mixes it together with the soybeans. I have had this miso for a year. 
  7. I freeze fruit just before it gets bad. Frozen apple is great to eat when it starts melting. Most fruit gets sweeter when you freeze it, like ice wine in Germany.
  8. [in the door, not seen] My homemade Kombucha. Once I prepare the jar, I leave it in room temperature for 4-5 days, and put it in the fridge for further fermentation.