midnight juice questions

a.) why in the living fuck has nobody thought to sell fruit juice in containers that have laundry-detergent-style spouts to handle the inevitable drips and overflow and is instead sold in some godawful heavy-ass glass jug that will always, no matter how careful you are, become sticky by the end of its tenure in your fridge

b.) why does my entire throat fill with phlegm the second so much as a micron of citric acid comes into contact with any part of my mouth


Living with Jason Todd would include:

(A list compiled by Roy Harper)

  • Waking up at 8am in the morning on a sunday because the fucking barbarian is blasting Luis Miguel while he cleans the house
  • Mumbling to yourself “no culpes a la noche, no culpes a la lluvia, no culpes a la playa, sera que no me amas?” Every now and then because the song just gets in your head okay
  • Having to be extra careful not to leave dirty clothes thrown around unless you want to come home to find your underwear hanging from the tree outside the house
  • Waking up every now and then to find some batkid sleeping on the sofa, on Jason’s bed, next to you, or on the bathtub. They might be bleeding, or wearing some of your clothes
  • Hearing zombie puns every two seconds
  • (especially when you’re watching The Walking Dead)
  • Finding books & guns everywhere. On the kitchen, on the living room, on top of the fridge
  • Being shaken awake at 3 in the morning to discuss Jane Austen (which you don’t mind, because you know it’s a consequence of a bad nightmare)
  • Having someone to rely on even if 90% of the time he acts like he hates you
  • Hearing “But did you die?” everytime you complain about something
  • or “i could kill them for you” if you complain about someone
  • Living surrounded by Wonder Woman memorabilia
  • (or just objects. Who would have thought they made ww lamp shades?)
  • Eating fancy food (thanks Alfred for the recipes!)
  • Binge watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or The X Files together when either of you had a bad day. Or week. Or month. Or Life. 

I’m embarrassed to be uploading this but someone actually wanted it, so here’s Frankie’s glorified shoebox! It’s only 8.5k so your sim can spend the rest of their start up cash actually making it look decent lmao. It’s on the gallery under johnnyzest or The Frankie Starter, and I’ve linked the cc below. Feel free to only use this post as a big wcif!

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