fridge full of beer

I cannot stop thinking about what might happen if Sam and Dean kicked ass and escaped from prison on December 31st, though? 

They’d knock out a couple guys and trade clothes and leave the unconscious guards face down in their (locked) cells, and then Dean would raid the armory and find a grenade launcher while Sam would find the staff fridge and grab a few beers and a mostly-full bag of beef jerky.

They’d climb the stairs to the exit (no use getting trapped in an elevator), and the compound would be out in the middle of nowhere with trees all around and a flawless navy sky impossibly bright with stars. Sam would talk excitedly about how perfect it all looked and Dean would just listen, and they’d breathe in the sharp cold of free air for the first time in over a month and grin like children because they’re out.

They’d crack open a couple of beers and munch beef jerky and look at the stars, and then a couple of minutes before midnight, Dean would get the idea to fire the rocket launcher to ring in the new year and Sam would count down from ten and it would be adorable and things would explode. The end.

Kiss Me, Mark Me, Fill Me, Love Me: Chris Evans.

Warnings: Window sex, talk of threesome, talk of voyeurism, rough sex, filthy dirty talk (like seriously oops), oral sex (Chris receiving), face-fucking, dom!chris, sub!reader. Spanking, kinda. Breathplay. Hair pulling. Finger kink, hand kink. I totally embraced the fact that Chris is an ass man. Praise kink. Begging, mention of anal sex, the briefest use of “Captain” ever. This isn’t a warning but omg GOOFY CHRIS. I think that may be it…

Enjoy! If Chris or Sebastian found these smut one-shots…please set me on fire and just let me burn.

Chris would be home tomorrow and Jasmine wanted to surprise him with a clean house and a fridge full of food and beer. He was coming back from press junket’s that lasted a few months long, promoting Civil War across the world. Saying that he deserved a break and to relax, away from the brain noise and anxiety that came with being in the public eye, would be an understatement.

         Jasmine tied her collarbone-length hair into a ponytail, adjusted her glasses and got to work, wearing nothing but one of Chris’s white t-shirts that came down to just below her hipbones and lacy black boy-shorts. She had rolled up the sleeves so they wouldn’t get in her way and to show off her script tattoo on the inside of her left arm.

         She wasn’t even going to try to lie and say that she wasn’t missing Chris. The truth was apparent on her face and in between her thighs. While Jasmine missed Chris’s laugh and the way his eyes crinkled up in the corners when he grinned particularly wide, she also missed the way he cared for her. How he made her feel behind closed doors. She often touched herself when the ache got too painful. It was hard not to get overwhelmed when sleeping in a room that smelt like him, laying in a bed where he time and time again took her apart slowly or quickly. With his fingers, lips, or arousal. Sometimes all three if they were feeling frisky.

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Being married to Michael:

- “Y/n we don’t have enough cats.”

- Cuddling all of the time.

- “Can you give me head?”

- Tv marathons.

- Video games.

- Him playing the guitar and singing to you.

- “Can I give you head?”

- Playing with your hair and vice versa.

- Helping him dye his hair.

- Touring with him.

- Convincing him to paint his nails like the other boys.

- “Babeeeee.”

- Sex all of the time.

- Never getting tired of each other.

- Traveling.

- Fridge full of beer probably.

- Unconditional love.

Guys chill.
Amelia didn’t run away from their relationship.
She ran away from the copious amounts of alcohol in Owen’s trailer.
Didn’t you guys see the look she had on her face when she opened the fridge and saw more FULL bottles of beer? She completely ditched the lobster and high tailed it out of there, which was good.
Don’t be mad because Owen’s dumb.
Be happy that she was strong enough to leave the pressuring situation instead of stealing his drinks and ruining her liver.

I love my friends so much for knowing me I want to scream, I was at my friends place drinking beer on her couch while she went to the gym with her coworker and  when her coworker asked her to invite me I overheard her telling her that I wouldn’t be into it at all and I’d much rather be happier here alone she knew me well enough to just leave me on her couch alone with a fridge full of beer and not even attempt to convince me to come to the gym so i wouldn’t have to do that awkward polite let down and when she came back with her, she made this super healthy breakfast for the two of them and fried me up some turkey bacon scrambled eggs and some pancakes and I didn’t even have to say a word like she knew like truly that’s what love looks like