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Steve shares a unique bond with one of the women in Sam's va class.


Steve looks up hearing Shauna’s voice.  She’s holding a small gift bag.

“What’s this?” 

“From the kids.  Open it.” She sits to watch him shift the tissue paper out of the way to reveal a phone case.

“I don’t-“ Steve turns the case over and understands. “Oh my –this is Nico’s drawing, from our last class.”  On the back of the phone case is an image of a boy with Cap’s shield, saving a blond-haired man from the top of a building.  The lines are confident, if wobbly.  

“There’s a shop on Etsy that puts whatever you want on a phone case. So.”

Steve reached to hug her and then stopped, holding out his hand instead. “Sorry.  Thank you.”

Shauna grinned, leaning forward to hug him.  “Today’s feeling like an okay day for a hug, actually. Thank you.”   

Shauna had introduced Steve to an art therapy class for children at the elementary school just down the street from the VA.  Every student was different but they all needed and outlet. So don’t we, Shauna had said.  She was right, and Steve loved it, finding the time no matter what to volunteer at least once a week.


I love these Precious Meme Bros™ so much

What the signs are doing in the middle of the night

Aries: raiding the fridge

Taurus: doing homework due in the next day

Gemini: on tumblr

Cancer: fast asleep

Leo: drawing

Virgo: watching anime

Scorpio: playing playstation

Sagittarius: listening to music

Capricorn: sleeping

Aquarius: doodling

Pisces: dreaming

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reasons to live? i need them.

- stars
- ice cream
- windows down in the car
- road trips
- fucking. music.
- dogs
- animals
- blankets
- naps that leave you refreshed and not all groggy
- the way golden hour light looks on people
- laughing so hard your stomach feels 10x stronger
- feeling like a new person in new clothes
- your bed after a long day
- waking up to the smell of breakfast
- rain running down windows
- the sound of rain
- making people smile
- hearing someone say your name for the first time
- someone calling you their friend for the first time
- a clean room
- a made bed
- your future dogs
- cheese
- feeling unstoppable after seeing a movie in the theater
- concert nostalgia
- starting a new book
- showers
- baths
- a full fridge
- drawing in the condensation on car windows
- your future life because you don’t know what you’ll have and what you’ll experience if you don’t give yourself a chance to get there.

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