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Birthday part 3 (CollegePapyrus)

It’s Sans’ b-day and it seems things are looking as gloomy as always…

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|| The only thing you ever had to do || A Zimbits ficlet || Inspired By ||

Jack comes home late. He knows it’s late. The sun dropped far too long ago and the headlights of his car stretched on and on down the empty streets on his way home. He’s bone weary, and his eyelids are so heavy he’s got them shut in long blinks almost as much as they’re actually open.

The key in the lock sounds loud in the stillness and it grates on his nerves, frayed to the end after days and days and weeks and weeks of grueling practices, and team meetings, and not nearly enough time home.

The kitchen light is on when Jack steps into the hallway and Jack has one thrilling moment of hopeful giddiness before he takes another step and sees it’s empty. No Bitty.

Jack sighs out and heads to the kitchen anyway. There’s a new post-it on the fridge. Dinner in the fridge, honey. A little drawing of a quiche. Jack touches the note but he doesn’t smile. As much as he loves them, the fridge has been cluttered with far too many of late, and that’s on him.

His job, his choices. Jack is the one missing his life with Bitty. Missing Bitty. They live together and he goddamn misses his boyfriend.

It’s not enough to sleep curled around him and share a quite conversation in the morning when they wake up together, Jack for his run and Bitty to the bakery. A kiss or two and maybe another conversation in the kitchen over breakfast after Jack’s run if it’s Bitty’s day off.

Jack feels that him and Bitty are living in an in-between state, a state nothing more than existence, where they aren’t getting any further in their relationship.

He wants things to change but he can’t find the time. There is no time.

He doesn’t eat the dinner. He stayed out late enough he had to get something himself before his stomach ate itself after such a tiring day. He drinks three full glasses of water to try and stave off the persistent urge to cry, that ball of feeling in his throat.

He’s scared tonight. To go into their bedroom, and see Bitty, laying there, arm curled to Jack’s side of the bed, facing the door. Will he wake up when Jack starts moving around the room? He does sometimes, and Jack gets to kiss him for a bit and rub big circles on his back until they both succumb to sleep. Jack sometimes fears that Bitty doesn’t remember those moments. Woken from a dream to slip back into one minutes later. Maybe he confuses the middle bit of awakeness for another dream. Jack hopes Bitty’s dreams are as sweet as those moments. He hopes dream Jack tells him he loves him just as much.

He hopes dream Jack treats Bitty better. That they spend entire days with each other, doing nothing, doing everything.

Jack hasn’t even taken his bag off yet. The weight of it is apt at the moment.

“Sweetheart? Is everything all right?”

Jack startles at Bitty’s soft voice. He brings a hand up to his face to check. Oh. He doesn’t turn around.

“Jack?” Bitty’s footsteps tread closer to Jack across the tiles. He halts close enough that Jack can feel his bed-warmed heat stretching out across his back.

Jack doesn’t want to turn around. He doesn’t want to speak. He wants Bitty to go back to bed and not see him like this.

Bitty knows him well though, because really, Jack is craving something different.

Bitty pulls the strap of his bag off slowly and it thunks down on the ground. Jack’s hands are shaking. Bitty steps up behind Jack and presses them flush together, Bitty’s front along Jack’s back. He reaches his hands to Jack’s and threads their fingers together. Jack whimpers. Bitty shushes him gently, then moves their entwined hands around so they’re crossing over Jack’s belly.

Jack drops his head.

Bitty holds him for endless moments and Jack breathes in like he can subsume Bitty’s warmth and kindness and courage.

Bitty waits for Jack to be ready, like always.

Jack runs the words over so many times in his head, that when he actually speaks them, there was no conscious thought to do so.

“Do I make you happy, Bits?”

Bitty continues to rub little circles onto the back of Jack’s hands, at the base of his thumb, stroke up and down his pointer fingers, tell him he’s there with the simplest of gestures.

Jack and Bitty used to have a lot of these moments, early in their relationship. The quiet seriousness of a conversation in the dark. A space where nothing was off limits and judgement wasn’t conceptualised and trust was implicit.

Bitty moves his hands, unlocks them from Jack’s, and turns him around.

Jack’s hands fall loosely to Bitty’s hips, and Bitty holds onto his biceps.

Bitty looks up at him, Jack can feel it even though he’s looking over Bitty’s shoulder. Bitty waits for him again, for Jack to decide it’s okay, he’s okay. He looks into Bitty’s face.

Bitty reaches up and wipes off wetness from Jack’s cheeks.

“Jack. The only thing you ever had to do to make me happy was come home at the end of the day.”

You were betrothed before you were conceived. From the day your father took the throne, you, his firstborn, were promised to the heir of the kingdom across the sea. It has never bothered you, really. You never fooled yourself into thinking you had a choice in the matter.

instead of doing my defensive driving course I’ve been drawing AU art of my own ocs because I have no control of my life

What the signs are doing in the middle of the night

Aries: raiding the fridge

Taurus: doing homework due in the next day

Gemini: on tumblr

Cancer: fast asleep

Leo: drawing

Virgo: watching anime

Scorpio: playing playstation

Sagittarius: listening to music

Capricorn: sleeping

Aquarius: doodling

Pisces: dreaming

i need a human au with a single father sesshomaru and adopted rin living in an apartment next to an enthusiastically involved neighbor jaken

sunandmoonoffspring  asked:

You're sitting in the mud. BUT ACTUALLY its a slug-worm-mammoth monster. And it tries to eat you with these massive octopus suction cup tongues—OHAND ITS GOT THESE AWESOME TINY COCKROACH LEGS!! But because you're gigantic tree and aliens loves you they ram their UFO into the creature and it screeches all crazed like and digs back down its herd. Then a pretty hot alien and you make out. BAM. Just like that. Y'all are real into it, you know? It's great, actually, I drew the whole thing in crayon.

Artwork by Pseudinymous
Subtitle by Erratta

What is this?

A test title card for Danny Phantom [Rebooted] S04E1. 

DP Rebooted is a fan comic project of mine to give Danny Phantom the breath of life it so dearly needs. Each chapter is equivalent to one episode. Every effort has been made to preserve art, humour, and characterisation from the show.

This comic treats Phantom Planet as NON-CANON, and begins from the end of D-Stabilized.

The project has not yet begun as there is still preliminary work to do, but this title card is to give you an idea of what to expect.

When tagging anything related to the project, please use the #DP-Rebooted tag. However, I do follow a few variations of this, such as #dpreboot, #dp rebooted, etc.

For more info on the project, please see this post:

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Slytherin x ravenclaw lesbian relationship ? (Askin for a friend) (me)

Slytherin and Ravenclaw in a sapphic relationship is by far the most aesthetic. Everything gets shared, from hoodies to lipstick. They will often charm their hair to make the tips the colour of their girlfriend’s house and on more than one occasion have snuck pillows and blankets into the kitchen to have a sleepover next to the fridge. They often draw or paint each other, and their camera roll is full of candid pictures of each other. A Slytherclaw relationship is in it for the long haul, where you are each other’s best friends but don’t need to be together every second of the day. They’re that couple that when a face appears in the cauldron during potions they point at it and say “look it’s you.” They’re also the couple that takes no shit from others but tolerate each other when no one else will. Extremely notorious messy prank wars that end in makeout sessions and whipped cream everywhere.