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Bitty’s Southern

Bitty is a southern boy and as a southern girl let me tell you there are things he does that make the rest of SMH go “Ummm….what?” 

  • He says stuff that makes literal ZERO sense to the rest of the team. Mostly southern phrases etc. LIKE, “That boy is about of useless as tits on a bull.” or  if it’s raining but the sun is out Bits just says, “Devil must be beatin’ his wife.”  Everyone is confused as shit.
  • “Oh my goodness I want Chick-fil-a. BUT IT’S SUNDAY.”
  • Holster going,” Hey Bits can you hand me a coke?” and Bitty responding with, “Sure, which kind do you want? We’ve got sprite, mtn dew, dr. pepper…” BC in the south every soda is a coke.
  • “Y’all know what I miss the most about Georgia? Cheerwine. And Duke’s Mayo. You northerners keep using that hellman’s stuff or miracle whip and let me tell you. IT. IS .NOT. MAYONNAISE.”
  • “IT’S SO HOT! Summer is the WORST” “Ransom, It’s like, 70 degrees. It gets up to like 115+ in Georgia. And it’s not even humid! You hush your mouth.”
  • The first time Bitty goes to Stop & Shop with one of the guys from SMH he tells them to grab a buggy on their way in and said member stares at him for a second, “What’s a buggy?” “Oh for goodness sake. A shopping cart! We need a shopping cart!”
  • Bitty’s drunk at a kegster when he suddenly shouts, “WHO WANTS TO PLAY CORNHOLE?!” 
  • It’s New Years so of course Bitty’s making black eyed peas, collards, cornbread, ham, and a pineapple upside down cake. “It’s for luck.”
  • Bitty will be checking Facebook and be like, “Oh bless his heart.” Chowder notices him fretting over the phone so he asks what’s up “Oh it’s just one of my friend from high school’s dad.” and Chowder, being the precious person that he is, responds with, “Oh no. What happened? Is he ok?” Bitty just shakes his head, “He’s done went and fell out of the deer stand. Again. Broke his arm and bruised his pride. You think he would’ve learned his lesson after the same thing happened last huntin’ season”
  • Jack’s all dressed up in a suit or something, he has a meeting with the Falcs, “What are you all gussied up for?”
  • “Look at what all I got up at the outlet mall!!”
  • Rans/Holster/Bitty share a bathroom so I reckon this has happened at least once: “Neither of y’all go in the bathroom! I’m fixin’ to shower”  to which Holster responds, “What was that Bits? What are you fixing?” Bitty hollers from his room, arm full of clothes, “I’m fixin’ to shower!” Ransom chimes in, “I didn’t know the shower was broken!” At this point Bitty is getting frustrated,“Oh for the love of Pete! You Yankees.” He speaks slowly and pronounces each word carefully, “I am going to go take a shower so please do not go and hog the bathroom.”
  • “So I was talking to Momma and APPARENTLY Mrs. Jones, the one that lives down the road, was rude as all get out.” “Really? What’d she do?” Bitty just throws his hands up, “Momma and Coach were drivin’ back to the house and Mrs. Jones was driving in the opposite direction so of course Momma waves at her. AND SHE DIDN’T WAVE BACK.”
  • I know for a FACT that at some point Bits makes a pitcher of sweet tea, puts it in the fridge, and the boys/Lardo finds it. “What’s this?” “Oh, it’s just some tea. You want some?” So Bitty pours them a glass and approximately 2 seconds later “WHAT IS THIS? IT’S LIKE SYRUP! Bits this isn’t tea! It’s diabetes in a cup!”
  • “Just rub some bacon grease on it.”
  • “Don’t you dare pour that coffee out! I can use it for gravy!”
  • “You know what food I miss? Fried pickles. No, wait, HUSHPUPPIES. I’d kill for some right now.”

not to get too explicit here but I wanna have a fun night in with auston doing face masks and eye masks and eye depuffing creams and tucking him into bed early and making sure he get at least 10 hours of sleep

Imagine getting Wade to take his shirt off

Wade Wilson x Reader

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“Fuck off, Wilson.” You snarled at the man walking behind you, moving up the flight of stairs to the next floor level.

“Now, that’s not very nice you little ball of sunshine.”

“I don’t - I just don’t know why I put up with you,” you groaned rummaging for the apartment key in your bag.

“Oh, come on - you know why,” Wade brushed up against your back as you stepped onto the floor landing. 

“Cocky son of a bitch, you really think you have the goodies?”

“My milkshake does bring the boys to the yard,” he argued pulling out his spare key and unlocking the door. “Ladies, first.”

You paused and tapped your fingers against your thigh. “Well, fuck are you going to go in or what?”

Wade’s face lit up in a bright smile as he strolled into the apartment, making his way to the small kitchenette. Following inside, you closed the door and walked over to your bed, flopping on it and moving to sit against the headboard. Your eyes watched as Wade placed the newly bought beer and groceries into the fridge.

“That’s it slave boy, I like when you act all domesticated,” you rolled up the sleeves of your sweater and placed your hands behind your head - enjoying the view. 

“Oh you likely?” Wade pointed up and down his body, moving toward the bed. 

You shrugged. “Not sure, gotta see what you’re working with.”

Scoffing, Wade pulled his shirt off over his head and revealed his well defined chest. “Tell me something, kitten. You wanna lap up my milkshake? Because Daddy’s got some grade A nonfat soy-”

“- jesus, Wade,” you laughed and held up a hand for him to stop. “I get it, I get it. Now come here and fuck me, you moron.”

Wade grinned, undoing the top button of his jeans. “It will be your pleasure, but first some music.”

Slipping off your own shirt, you groaned when Wade’s song selection came on.

The merc tossed his cell down on the desk and wiggled his eyebrows up and down. “Come on, you know my milkshake brings your tight ass to the yard.”

And fuck, if he wasn’t right.

JULIAN *THROUGH THE COMMS*: Barry, are you in my flat again ?
BARRY: Please, I haven’t snuck into your apartment in weeks !…
JULIAN: You do realize you have a tracker on your suit.
BARRY: …Oh which reminds me, we’re all out of peanut butter.


Pairing: Jared x Reader

Word Count: 2,176

Warnings: some angst, lots of fluff

Prompt: Jared and Y/N move in together very early in their relationship. Y/N feels out of place and decides to leave abruptly, without telling Jared where she’s going. Ten months down the road, Jared has still hung onto her and still loves her and she realizes that she’s loved him all along. Based on the song “Austin” by Blake Shelton. 

A/N: This switches between Jared and the readers POV. Hopefully it’s not too confusing. There are lines when POV’s switch, it’s just never stated. 

When you moved out to Vancouver to follow Jared, the two of you had only been dating five months. It was a huge step in your relationship. Jared had gotten a job on a new TV show called Supernatural, and instead of leaving you behind in Austin, he asked you to come with him.

You hadn’t been able to find work in Vancouver, but you helped out around set as much as possible - mostly with cleanup or setup. It wasn’t hard but it wasn’t what you wanted to do in life. You had dreams of your own that practically begged to be fulfilled.

Jared got up early in the morning everyday to get to work. You shared a small apartment, just big enough for the two of you and his two dogs. It wasn’t much but it worked. Occasionally, Jensen was there too, in the spare bedroom, but when they left every morning, you were always completely alone.

You had already bought a plane ticket back home. It was a hard decision but after a long phone call with your brother and one with your dad as well, you decided it was right. You packed everything you needed, keeping it hidden from Jared - not wanting him to worry. Although, maybe it was a dumb idea to just leave him a note instead of calling him or talking to him face to face. But you were too afraid, and the plane would be leaving in a few hours, and it felt like the right thing to do, at the time.

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Unexpected Surprise Part 1

Summary: Reader is pregnant with Jensen’s baby but doesn’t know if he wants children.

Warning: None

Words:2500 ish

Pairing: Reader x Jensen, Jared x Gen

This is my first story so feedback is 100% welcome!

Looking down at those two pink lines you couldn’t help but worry about what your husband was going to say when you told him the news. You knew he loved being around Tom and Shep but you had no idea on whether he wanted children of his own or not. After sitting there for what seemed like an eternity you call Gen.

“Hello?” She said as she answered the phone.

“Y/N? Are you ok?” You could hear the concern in her voice, but you couldn’t say anything.

You started crying.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes. Everything will be ok.” Then she hung up the phone.

About ten minutes later you heard your front door close and heard Gen calling out your name. Coming out from the bathroom you seen her with concern and worry all over her face.

“Are you ok?” She asked as she held your arms out trying to look you over and then hugging you.

“I don’t know what to do.” You said wiping away tears from your face.

You held out the pregnancy test then went to sit in the living room. Gen followed while looking down at what you had just handed her. When she reached the couch she just looked at you with a smile on her face.

“You’re pregnant?!” she said as she pulled you in for a hug.

“Yeah, but I don’t know if Jensen wants to keep it.” You said pulling back from Gen.

“Of course he wants to keep it!”

“I don’t know we’ve never talked about having kids. I know he absolutely adores Tom and Shep, but what if he doesn’t want his own child?”

“Well I guess the only way you’re going to find out is if you ask. Just bring it up in a conversation like it’s no big deal and then you’ll have your answer. What if we go up and surprise the guys with dinner and then one of us just starts talking about babies. That way it isn’t all on you?” She asks looking through the calendar on her phone.

“I couldn’t ask you to do that Gen. It’s not easy to travel with 2 boys.” You say hoping she will agree with you.

“Well you aren’t asking; I’m offering and its settled. We will leave first thing tomorrow.” She says matter of factly.

You sigh knowing there is no use in arguing with her. She even more stubborn than Jensen is. “Ok, I guess I better go pack. Thank you Gen, you really are a great friend.” You tell her as you hug her and follow her to the door.

After she pulls out of the driveway you head upstairs and start to pack. You look at the clock and are happy to see that it says 10 o’ clock. With everything packed except for your makeup and shower necessities you quickly change into your pajamas and crawl into bed.

You are awoken by the sudden feeling of nausea. Great you couldn’t have been one of the few lucky women that didn’t have morning sickness. You throw your legs over the bed and run straight to the bathroom. When you’ve emptied the entire contents of your stomach you head back into your bedroom and look at the clock 6:45.

“Well there’s not point in getting back in bed.” You say to yourself.

Making your way over to your closet you grab some leggings and an oversized t-shirt. Quickly changing your clothes and then grabbing your converse to throw on before heading over to Gen’s to help her with the boys.

When you get in your car your mind starts to wonder what it would be like to have a baby.

You imagine it having amazing green eyes like Jensen along with his perfect smile. Seeing Jensen look at it with complete adoration and love.

You want to have this baby you think to yourself as you get closer to Gen’s house. You just hope that Jensen feels the same.

As you walk up to their door you hear Tom and Shep holler about how excited they are to see their dad and uncle Jensen. When you hear their tiny little voices, you can’t help but smile as you slowly open the door and find Gen. She’s in the kitchen putting the boys snacks together for the flight to Vancouver.

“Did you manage to get any sleep last night?” Gen asked while putting some baby carrots into a plastic bag.

“I actually slept really well until about 6. I woke up and felt so nauseas. It was over pretty fast though so that’s always a plus.” You told her while getting yourself a bottle of water from the fridge.

“The boys seem pretty excited to see Jared. Did you tell him we were coming?”

“I actually did not tell him. I just told him to make sure he was home later because the boys wanted to surprise him with something.”

You were surprised she hadn’t told Jared that you all were coming. Getting her to keep something from Jared was usually a difficult task, but you were relieved when she had said she didn’t say anything. Now you just had to think of a way to find out if a baby is something Jensen wanted.

You were finally boarding the plane and the boys were busy coloring pictures that they were going to give to Jared when they see him this evening when Gen finally got to relax.

“So have you figured out how you’re going to ask him?” She said while sipping on her orange juice.

“I thought about having you ask when we thought we were going to start having kids. I would obviously wait for him to answer and then go from there.” You told her with hoping she would be willing to help you out.

“That’s brilliant! It’s causal and totally something I would say.” She said smiling and squeezing your hand.

“I still don’t think you have anything to worry about. I think Jensen wants kids, even if he hasn’t said anything.”

The rest of the flight was quiet as you looked out the window and thought about what it would be like to have a family with Jensen. Seeing him throw them onto the bed and listen to them laugh while he tickled them. If it was a girl seeing him play dress up and have a tea party in the backyard or if it was a boy seeing them wrestle around outside watching the little boy be amazed by how strong his daddy was and wanting to be just like him when he grew up.

When you landed, and had grabbed your bags you ran straight to the bathroom. Ugh why does this have to happen now? I couldn’t have waited 20 minutes for us to get to the house. You had hoped no one was in the restroom listening as you had suffered through another spell of morning sickness; it was embarrassing enough having to vomit in public. When you had rinsed your mouth out and popped a piece of gum in your mouth you walked back out to Gen and the boys who looked like they were ready for a nap.

“All set?” Gen asked picking up their bags

“Yup, I can’t wait to get home and take a nap.” You said as you grabbed Sheps hand and started walking toward the car waiting for you.

When you guys had arrived at the Padalecki’s house in Vancouver you asked Gen where you could put your stuff until you went over to Jensen’s apartment later that evening after dinner. She showed you to a guest room and then went downstairs leaving you alone to get settled in. After you had unpacked some of your things you laid down on the bed and fell asleep. When you had woken up it was almost 7 so you headed downstairs to help Gen fix dinner.

As you headed into the kitchen you smelled something amazing. Looking into the oven you seen that Gen had put some chicken in the oven. Hoping there was something you could help her with you sat on a stool and waited for her to come back.

“You look rested.” She said as she walked into the kitchen.

“I feel so much better. Is there anything I can do to help?” You said watching her stir the pot of green beans.

“You could finish peeling the potatoes. They’re over there on the table.” Heading over to the table you were growing anxious about seeing Jensen. Hopefully preparing dinner would take your mind off things, for a little while anyway.

Just as you were setting the green beans and mashed potatoes on the table Gen got a call from Jared saying they were almost to home so the boys could show him their ‘surprise’. So you went upstairs to freshen up and try to calm down.

When you went back downstairs Jared and Jensen were standing in the entry way with huge smiles on their faces as they hugged Tom and Shep. You were able to sneak past them when they had their backs turned and run off to the kitchen. You see that Gen was getting the boys’ drinks so you go over and get everyone else’s drinks and set them on the table. When Jared and Jensen brought the boys in you turned around and he seen you. You locked eyes with your amazingly handsome husband, his deep green eyes staring straight at you. you looked down at your feet and slowly pushed a piece of hair out of your face as he made his way over to you. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a hug before kissing you sweetly on the lips.

“Hi.” He said smiling against your lips.

“Surprise.” You said looking up at him.

“This is a great surprise.” He says right before releasing you from his embrace.

“Dinners ready!” Gen says after she hugs Jared.

Everyone sits down at the huge table and then Jared goes to make a toast and you panic. Looking over at Gen hoping she can see the panic in your eyes. Thankfully she can and she quickly grabs her water glass as well so you aren’t the only one.

“To family.” Jared says lifting his wine

“To family.” The rest of us say in unison, clinking glasses before we all take a drink.

After the toast the food begins to make its way around the table and soon everyone has been served and conversation begins.

“So how was the flight?” Jared asks after taking a bit of chicken

“It wasn’t too bad. The boys were occupied almost the whole way here so Y/N and I were able to relax and chat.” Gen says to her husband who is attentively listening to every word she says.

“Yeah and the airport wasn’t crazy like I was expecting either.” You added before taking a bite of chicken. Which you quickly regretted as you were running to the bathroom.

Jensen looks at Gen and Jared with a worried look on his face.

“I’ll go check on her.” Gen tells his before he has a chance to get up from his chair.

Knocking on the bathroom door Gen asks if she can come in. “Yeah. It’s unlocked.” You say before vomiting again.

“There’s an extra toothbrush in the cabinet if you want to brush your teeth. There’s also some mouth wash.” She says while holding your hair back and rubbing your back.

“Thanks Gen.” Flushing the toilet and bringing the lid down so you can sit for a minute.

“I’m going to have to tell him aren’t I?” You say as you look up at Gen.

“Yeah I think so, because he looked really worried when you took off running in here.”

“Ok. Will you send him in here?” You ask her as you begin to brush your teeth.

Before you heard her answer she was already out the door.

About 2 minutes later there was a knock at the door.

“Y/N, baby can I come in?”

“Yeah you can come in.”

When he opened the door, he seen you sitting on the edge of the tub. With mascara running down your cheeks, evidence that you’d been crying. Making his way over to you he pushed your hair out of your face.

“Baby what’s wrong?” He said sitting down beside you.

“I have to tell you something and I want you to wait until I’m finished before you say anything.”


“Your promise?”

“Yes baby.”

Grabbing his hands, you look up at him summoning every ounce of courage in your body.

“I’m pregnant.” You pause for a minute looking for an indication of whether you should continue. When he just looks at you, you decide that its ok to proceed.

“I know we haven’t talked about if we want children or not, but I want this baby.” You tell him as you reach over and touch your belly.

He watches as you touch your stomach and then he does something completely unexpected. H reaches out and touches your belly and begins to smile.

“Were having a baby?!” He says. His smile almost splitting his face in two.

You feel a calmness wash over you as you realize that he wants this too.

“Yes!” you say as he pulls you into a hug. “I took a test yesterday. I took a few of them actually.”

“I’m gonna be a dad!” He jumps up pulling you into him as he kisses you. “I’m gonna be a dad.”

“You’re going to be a great dad baby.” You tell him as he pulls you through the house back to the kitchen.

When the two of you reappear in the kitchen everyone is looking at the excitement on your faces and they’re becoming curious. All except for Gen she already knows the good news.

“Were having a baby!” Jensen announces before being drug into a huge hug from Jared.

Gen comes over giving you a hug.

“I told you he would be happy.” She said giggling into your ear.

“I know. I guess I should’ve listened. It could’ve saved me a lot of worrying.” You said smiling back at her as the hug ended.

“Congratulations man.” Jared told Jensen as their embrace came to an end.

“You’re going to be a great mom Y/N.” Jared told you as he wrapped his huge arms around you.

“Thanks Jared.”

When Jared releases you, you turn around and see Jensen looking at you. It was like he was seeing you for the first time and he was studying everything about you. The way your eyes looked when you smiled, or how you always tilted your head back when you were laughing at something.

Walking over to him you wrap your arms around his waist and look up into his beautiful green eyes. “I’m the luckiest girl in the world.” You tell him before giving him a light kiss on the lips.

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One Lucky Man / Joe Sugg

A/N: This imagine is something I wrote to make up for the lack of imagines there will be on the next few days. Please read this post if you enjoy reading my imagines!

She fixed her glasses, which were the exact same as her boyfriend’s since he thought it would be cute to have matching glasses, hers being prescription ones. She got out of the bed, leaving her computer on it, the video she filmed for her channel left half edited. She looked in the big mirror of her and Joe’s room, scanning her appearance: her hair was in a messy bun, some strands of hair hanging at the sides of her face, framing it. She was wearing thigh high socks and one of her boyfriend’s t-shirts, which were way too big on her body.

Her feet hit the hardwood floor, making a slight sound, with every step she took towards the living room, where the boys and Joe were hanging around. She stood for a second on the door frame, looking for him and smiled when she found him. She walked towards him, and without a thing being said, she sat down next to him on the sofa and snaked her arms around his waist, trying to get into his arms, and he chuckled slightly as he placed them around her, his hands never detaching from the controller.

 “I’m done with editing.” She said, her words directed to him.

“You’re done already? It usually takes you longer to edit.” He answered, his eyes fixed on his game.

“I half way through, I’m just tired of doing it.” She sighed contently. “And I wanted to cuddle.” He smiled down at her briefly and she started getting up. “I’m gonna get something to drink, anyone want something?” She said, looking around.

After they told her what they wanted she walked towards the kitchen getting the beers out of the fridge, leaving they boys alone.

“You’re one lucky man, Joe.” Oli said, making Joe look at him confused. “She’s perfect for you.”

“They’re perfect for each other.” Caspar corrected his friend.

Joe chuckled slightly, the smile on his face reaching his eyes. “I really am lucky to have her.” Just as he finished to say that, she came back leaving all of the beers on the coffee table.

“Thanks, Y/N.” They all said and she welcomed them as she got back in the same position she was before she left to the kitchen, safely wrapped in Joe’s arms.

They kept playing on the x-box as they chatted about random things, what friends usually do. Two hours later, she was trying to fight off her sleepiness because Mikey’s story of how he got stuck in an elevator once was too good to miss, but she couldn’t do it for much longer because when Joe looked down as Mikey kept talking, he saw her sleeping peacefully, her head buried in his chest, and god he loved what he was looking at.

It wasn’t just her that he loved, it was all the little things that she did for him or just in general, like hold his hand as they walk down the streets, how she would kiss his cheek at random times even when he was vlogging, he loved that she didn’t pay attention to the hate and how she answered to their fans who were nice. He loved when she wore his clothes or when she kissed his chest to say goodnight because she was too tired to reach for his lip, and even though Joe wasn’t known to be a romantic person, it changed when he met her and at first he was hesitant to show that side of him, but now he didn’t even care; he didn’t care about a thing when it came to her, the girl that he loved deeply.

He snapped out of his thought when he heard his name being called by Caspar, who was looking at him with a smile, as well as the other boys. 

“Take her to bed, she’s gonna get a sore neck in that position.” Caspar smiled and smiling back at him, Joe nodded.

After getting up and picking her up in his arms, he started walking towards their shared bedroom, careful not to hit her head or feet against the door frame when he got to it. He laid her down on her side of the bed, taking her glasses off and putting them on the beside table. When he looked back at her, her eyes were barely open so he smiled at her and sat down.

“I fell asleep?” She asked in a whisper.

“Yeah, love. You keep on sleeping now.”

“They boys are still here?” She frowned.

“Yeah, why?”

“Just wondering.” She shrugged and took his hand in hers, lifting it up to her lips, leaving a soft kiss on the back of it. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” He whispered in her ear before kissing her temple. “Go back to sleep, I’ll come to bed in a bit.” She nodded and he started to stand up but her grip on his hand tightened.

“Can you tell them that I’m going to make pancakes for breakfast and that they can stay if they want?” She smiled.

“Sure, babe.” He leaned down and pecked her lips. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, handsome.” She said, closing her eyes.

What The Fuck?

Summary: Lip overhears Mickey talking to Ian, and when he sees them he finds something completely unexpected.

Word Count: 1138

Notes: Such a cute request! Keep sending them in :)

Lip is glad to be walking into his house after an extremely long and boring day of school. When he enters the household he overhears someone talking from the kitchen. He’s fully aware that it’s obviously not one of his family members, but he knows the voice and recognizes it to be Mickey Milkovich. Why would a Milkovich other than Mandy be in their house? Especially Mickey? Then he hears Ian respond, but the words are nearly inaudible from where he is standing. His curiosity was raising higher and higher when he realized it was only Mickey and Ian in the house. He never knew Ian could be friends with biggest thug on the Southside.

Lip silently inches forward so he can listen in on the conversation– which he knows is wrong, he just really nosey. “Just fucking tell me about your day, Mick,” Lip hears Ian say. Why would Ian care about Mickey’s day?

Mickey lets out a groan. “It was just a regular fuckin’ day. What do you think it’d be?” Lip isn’t surprised by Mickey’s response, but he hears a tone come out of the Milkovich boy that he can’t quite understand– it sort of sounds kind, but that can’t be.

“Come on, asshole,” Ian presses. “Like what did you do? You had to do something,” he says in his most insistent and annoying voice.

“Just fucking sat around and shit,” Mickey responded. “What’d you do at school?” Why does he care what Ian did at school?

“Nothing really. Mands and I skipped math but we just sat under the bleachers and smoked. There wasn’t much to do,” Ian says lazily. “So I pretty much just waited to come home all day.”

“At least you got Mandy in there with you, I got nothing to do when you’re in school,” he says. Now Lip is really confused. What does he mean that there’s nothing to do when Ian’s not around? Why would he be hanging out with Ian?

Lip gets cut off by his thoughts when he hears his brother chuckle. “You missed me!” Ian’s voice is filled with taunt and joy.

“Fuck off, Gallagher,” Mickey responds. Lip assumed he also chucked the finger because that’s the common Milkovich style. “You’re so gay,” he snorts.

Ian chuckles. “Well I already fucking knew that,” he says. “I’m super gay.” Makes sense– he never brings girls home besides Mandy, Lip thought to himself. Truthfully he could careless that Ian was gay, he just didn’t understand why Mickey knew before he did.

Cutting Lip off from his throughs once again, his brother’s voice raises. “Now don’t change the fucking subject! Say it,” Ian presses with giggle. “I fucking know you missed me so say it.”

Lip mind is racing confusion. He cannot wrap his head around the fact that Mickey Milkovich is even in his house so what the hell is going on?

He hears Mickey groan again. “I fucking missed you, okay?” Ian lets out a lustfully cocky, but innocently happy shriek.

That’s it, Lip thinks. He needs to see what’s going on. He quietly puts his book bag down and sneaks his way through to house to get into a position that allows him to peek into the kitchen.

When he looks in, he sees Mickey walking up to Ian. Suddenly Ian’s arms fly out and he grabs Mickey’s shirt, pulling him so close to him that their chests are touching. “I missed you too,” he says so quietly that Lip can barely hear it from where he’s standing.

Mickey smirks and then harshly crashes his lips into Ian’s. They kiss hard as their hands run up and down each other’s bodies. Holy fucking shit. Mickey Milkovich is gay. The sight causes Lips jaw to drop wide open, and he barely even realizes when they separated. Mickey backed away and got beers from the fridge. Each boy stood next to each other, drinking.

Once he regains composure, he decides he should make his presence known. He also thinks they won’t assume anything because they definitely didn’t see him watching, and they now seemed to be engaged in normal conversation.

As Lip walks into the room, Mickey is places a kiss on Ian’s cheek. “What the fuck, man?” Lip says mostly to himself because he tried to avoid having them know he saw what he did.

Mickey abruptly backs away and Ian’s eyes widen. They seem terrified, which kind of makes Lip feel bad for them– they should be able to be open about this without being scared, right?

“Motherfucker,” Ian said under his breath as he turned to glance at Mickey. Mickey looked like he was ready to bolt but the second he locked eyes with Ian he seemed to back up into where he was originally standing.

Neither of the boys said anything else, leaving Lip to speak up. “Look, I don’t fucking care that you’re gay, Ian,” he watched as his brother relaxed. “But you’re with Mickey of all people?”

“Hey, fuck you, asshole–”

“I’ve been with him for two years, Lip,” Ian informs his older brother. “Maybe it’s surprising, but we’re good together. We balance each other out, y’know?”

Lip’s jaw drops open in astonishment. “Two years?” Ian nods. “Why wouldn’t you tell me, Ian? I wouldn’t have told anyone. Name a time I’ve ever let you down,” he said to the redhead.

Ian looks down shamefully. He’s knows he could’ve told Lip, but it just never really came up. “Look,” Mickey started when he saw Ian look down in defeat. “I wouldn’t let him tell anyone. Can’t risk fucking Terry findin’ out, he’d kill us both.”

Lip understands so he nods. Then a sudden spark of realization hits him. “Wait, what the fuck? Are you cheating on Mandy with her brother?”

Ian snorts. “No, fuckwad. I’m completely gay, not a single part of me is straight,” he confesses. “Remember when Mandy accused me of raping her and Mickey came after me trying to kill me?” Lip nods. “Well he backed off because I told Mandy I was gay and she said she’d pretend to be my girlfriend so no one ever finds out.”

“Huh,” Lip says. “So she knows about you two?” He points back and forth between the two other boys.

“No,” is all that Mickey says. “Listen to me, asswipe,” Mickey walks toward Lip. “You let anyone know, I will kill you. I’m hidin’ this to protect that ginger ass from my good-for-nothing father. Anyone finds out, it’s on you.”

Lip’s nods. “Alright,” he says after hearing the unmistakable love in Mickey’s voice. It was odd to hear the Milkovich boy care about anyone, but Ian was clearly his top priority so Lip was okay with it. “You guys are safe with me.”

Ian smiles at his brother. “Thanks, man.”

Just a Friend- Noah Hanifin

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YAY! I passed my test and class guys! So now I have a few months of freedom (minus work) to devote to writing… but we all know me and my ability to procrastinate! So… enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Hey, I know you have a super long queue of imagines to write and everything but I was wondering if you could do something with Noah Hanifin? I give you creative freedom lol


              You couldn’t believe he was standing on your door step.

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You paint?

A/N: Hi! This is my first imagine. It’s a Danisnotonfire imagine where the reader is actually really good at painting and neither Dan or Phil knew, till one day Dan finds you painting and thinks it’s amazing. It’s really long I’m sorry!

Pairing- Dan and reader

Female pronouns

Warnings- None (well, I suck at proofreading :))


The boys had known you about as long as they knew eachother, and you were a good balance to their spontaneous-ness. So when Dan and Phil move to London they take you with them without hesitation. You were long use to Dan yelling in triumph when he beats Phil at Mario Cart or whatever new video game. And you’d learned to buy extra cereal to hide in your room for when Phil is on the prowl. You were comfortable with their antics and appreciated the talents that contributed to the atmosphere in your life. 

Dan’s talent being piano playing with the melodies drifting throughout the entire house, and Phil sometimes singing at the top of his lungs in the shower. You had been gifted with your own abilities as well, but your favorite was painting. The way the paint brushed the canvases, the way various colors blended together so vibrantly and how anything could come from nothing were lessons that got you through important moments in your life and taught you anything was possible.

Sadly, as you finished college with the major your parents told you you would be the best off with and got your steady job, your passion for painting faded like an old work. You still did art, but it was drawing and sketches on printer paper and nothing like the wonders you could create with a brush and some paint. You badly missed painting but your supplies were somewhere in your parents houses, and it was such a long drive for something that may have been thrown away years ago.

It was thanks to your mother you were reunited with your precious talent. She’d come across your painting set up from high school and decided to send you a little care package of your table easel, oil paints, your best brushes and everything you would need to kick start the inspiration again. Painting was your true passion, and she knew nothing made you happier.

The package came while Dan and Phil were at a Youtube convention. So they weren’t there to hear your squeals of excitement that rang through the apartment when you were reunited with your supplies. You threw on you old white button up shirt and pulled on your paint splattered blue jeans that were both in the bottom of your dresser and painted up three painting before the day was over. It felt so good to have the brush back in your hands.

Dan’s PoV

(Y/N) had been in a permanent state of euphoria ever since Phil and I had gotten back from the convention. There was an extra bounce in her step and she would always smile at random times. She seemed the same other than that, except for the occasional moment when she comes to breakfast in the morning looking sleepy because she apparently couldn’t sleep. I occasionally indulged myself in trying to figure out what made her so happy. But no matter how often I caught her with a sudden smile at something in her head or found myself staring at a point in the distance for so long Phil or (Y/N) thought I was having an existential crisis, I couldn’t figure out the extra look of excitement she got in her eyes when something of beauty crossed her eyes. Or why she would sometimes stay in her rooms for hours at a time in silence. As always, (Y/N) was the enigma that made life interesting.

The first big clue must’ve come a year before we’d even moved into the London apartment, when the three of us had volunteered for a park beautification project. (Y/N)’s eyes had lit up when she’d gotten the email that she’d been asked to help paint the new mural that the city was putting on the cinder block tunnel at the edge of the park. I thought it was just because she’d gotten out of redoing the flower garden unlike Phil and I. And I’d shrugged it off when she had shown up in a paint splattered white button shirt and blue jeans of matching style, I guess I figured she’d painted a house or something before. And I was so flustered when at lunch her supervisor came up to me at the barbeque and told me: “Your girlfriend was such a help with the mural, she’s very talented.” I was too busy trying to quickly explain she wasn’t my girlfriend to comprehend the part of her being more than good at smearing paint on stone and having a real gift at bringing out potential in more than just people.

The second one came a week after the convention, when (Y/N) had been 20 minutes late to grab a slice of her favorite pizza and when she finally came out, her hands were far from the normal (Y/S) color. They were instead splattered with various colors of the rainbow. “Oh my god, (Y/N)! What did you do to your hands?” Phil asked.

“Huh?” She asked confused. She looked down at her hands and her cheeks turn a rosy color. “Oh shoot!” She quickly rush to the kitchen to scrub her hands, coming back five minutes later with a red glow on her face that somehow made her look even more pretty than ever. Phil and I look at each other but don’t say anything. I continue eating my pizza and study the blue streak in (Y/N)’s (y/h/c) hair, not connecting the dots until another week later.

Your POV

You ran out of canvases yesterday when you finished your latest peice. It was a painting of the sunset over the mountains, one of your favorites so far. You’d been painting up a storm whenever you had free time or couldn’t sleep, and as a result your room was filled with various masterpieces ranging from the night sky to the galaxy. What on earth am I going to do with all of these? You think pulling on a raincoat to brace London’s glaring rain. Normally you could just hang them on your wall, but the space was already occupied by various posters and photos. I could give them to relatives, but I don’t think I have enough family members in my entire family tree. You chuckle and quickly run a brush through your hair as you continue to get ready. When you were ready you walked out of your room and straight into Dan. “Woah,” Dan exclaimed as you two collided. The camcorder tumbled out of his hand and you quickly caught it.

“Centuries old. Don’t want to break that,” You hand the camera back to him while quoting the Sherlock episode the three of you watched last night. Dan smiles in relief of his camera being saved and you take in the chocolate brown of his eyes. How lucky you were to see the most beautiful wonder of the world everyday. To be surrounded by masterpieces and have the privilege to make one smile each day.

“Thanks, (Y/N). Phil would kick my butt if I broke another camera,” Dan joked. 

“No problem,” you reply. “You recording a video today?”

He shrugs. “Just finished actually,” he shifts the camera to his other hand and notes you rain coat and his eyes widen slightly. “You’re going out? It’s like, storming outside.”

“I need to get some things,” You reply vaguely. “I’ll be alright.”

Dan didn’t seem reassured, “do you want me to go with you?”

You smile at his concern, “I’m a big girl Dan. You’re welcome to come if you’d like though.” 

Before Dan can reply though, Phil’s voice rings through the apartment, “Daaaaannnnnnnn.”

Dan rolls his eyes and yells over his shoulder, “what Phil.”

“We need to record an episode of the Sims.” Dan looks back at me and I laugh. 

“Go record. I’ll be fine, Dan, I’ll pick up a pizza for dinner.”

“Get sausage!” Phil shouts excitedly, from the other side of the apartment.

“Phil I can hear you just fine there’s no need to yell!” You yell back with a giggle.

Dan smiles and shakes his head. “Okay, okay. Just be careful alright?”

“You mean more careful than you are with your video equipment?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

Dan laughs, and his smile makes me melt. “Alrighty then. See you later.” He hesitates for a second, but then shakes his head and walks down the hall to record.

(Time skip brought to my by waffles and my lazy A ;D)

I unlock the apartment door and start bringing everything in. Three bags of groceries, three five packs of canvases, and another bag of brushes from the art store. Needless to say, after buying both groceries and paint supplies, it didn’t seem smart to try and bring a pizza on the underground. So instead you just ordered one for delivery and hoped the boys saved you a slice. 

“(Y/N)? You home?” You hear Dan yell from upstairs. 

“Yeah!” You shout and lock the door behind you. Seconds later Dan clomps down the stairs and sees you soaking wet with shopping bags surrounding you.

“Jeez (Y/N), did you walk through a tornado?” Dan asks in regard to your disheveled hair. 

“Haha,” you say sarcastically, wringing out your hair. “Help me with the groceries, Howell.” You pick up your canvases and a grocery bag. Dan gets the other three bags.

“Was the weather bad?” Dan asks as you walk up the stairs behind him.

“No, Dan it was sunny and rainbows filled the sky,” you reply with all the sarcasm you could muster.

“Ugh sound horrible,” Dan retorts.

“So how was recording? Did Dil set anything on fire?”

Dan laughs, “yeah actually. And it was all Phil’s fault.” He finishes with a yell.

“No it wasn’t!” Phil calls back, his voice squeaking. Dan and I laugh.

“Lemme throw my bag and stuff in my room real fast.” You say reaching the hall. “And you better have saved me some pizza Phil.” You yell towards the living room.

“Dan, help,” Phil stage whispers. “We only saved her one slice.” 

“Oh that better be a lie,” You say with a giggle and set your things on your bed. You quickly place the canvases you bought against your wardrobe, next to some of your finished paintings, then go to join the boys in putting groceries away. 

“Okay we saved you two slices, but we’ll watch whatever movie you want,” Dan compromised, handing you the box of cereal to put in the cupboard. 

“It’s cool. You guys up for (Favorite Movie)?” You grab the next item and place it in the fridge. The boys agree.

“I’ll see if it’s on netflix,” Phil says, relishing the excuse to get out of putting away groceries. On the way out, He gives Dan a look like do something you fool. To which Dan rolls his eyes. You and Dan continue to finish putting the shopping away when he comes across your paint bushes.

“Where do these go?” He asked, studying them. 

“Oh I got those, here.” You took the paint brushes from him and placed them on top of your desk. Your eyes catch a particular painting you were quite proud of. A quiet nighttime lake with pond lilies surrounded by a lust green forest with fireflies lighting up the water and sky. You could almost hear the crickets and frogs croaking.

“Woah.” You turn and see Dan standing in the door. His mouth agape and his chocolate eyes darting to your different artworks. He sees you looking  and rubs his neck. “I- Sorry, the door was open and I- Phil got the movie set up and-” His eyes catch the painting you were just admiring. “Did you do these?” He asks, referring to the paintings around him.

“Yeah,” You say sheepishly. You didn’t know why you were so shy about this. Plenty of people had seen your work and said you were good, but Dan seeing them somehow felt, different. You’d never actively asked for someone’s opinions on your work, but you wanted Dan’s approval, you wanted him to think they were good. It embarrassed you a little thinking about it.

“These are- (Y/N) these are incredible,” Dan says. His eyes are trained on your face and you feel a burst of pride. “You should sell some of these.”

You smile and tuck a peice of hair behind your ear, “thanks.” You and Dan stand there for a second, his eyes catching yours and then both of you quickly looking away. “Should we go watch the movie?”

“Yeah. Sorry, it’s just,” he hesitates, his eyes going from your features to the paintings again, then continues, “those are amazing.” You beam at him once more, then follow him into the living room. Inside your chest your heart felt warm with a sense of achievement and comfort. If the world turned on its head tomorrow and everyone said that your painting were horrid, Dan Howell said your paintings were amazing.

And somehow that felt like the highest praise in the world.

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