How can you call yourself witch when you don’t practice? How can you grow spiritually when you aren’t moving in any particular direction?

Sometimes stagnancy is part of growth. We learn from the stillness. We learn from the signs. We listen. 

I will not beat myself up about it. I will not hold onto negative thoughts about my practice. I will let them visit, ponder, and then release them. 

Even if the only thing I do is pull a card today that is ok. Even if I simply send a prayer along with the wind that is ok.

I haven’t been feeling particularly spiritual lately and I had been beating myself up about it. So I took pretty pictures of an altar setup I did yesterday.

Just a heads up! Tomorrow I will begin posting halloween related art! 

I’m tagging things “halloween” so if you would like to block the tag feel free. 

Also there is one painting by Frida Kahlo of a suicide, if this will be an issue for anyone, I’m tagging it “tw” and you can also block that tag. The rest of the works are more surreal- fantasy- spooky There isn’t much gore or blood or anything like that. It’s really just great eerie and spooky things! 

I’m excited. I’ve been saving up paintings all year! 

anonymous asked:

Does Frida get a girlfriend during the game/ Does she have one already?

Frida has a wife and 2 kids, but she hasn’t seen them all that much since she got the mining job a couple years ago.

anonymous asked:

i love your blog!!!! i was wondering because i do this a lot.. have you ever had like a historical crush on any of the artists yoube posted?

Hmm- I don’t think I’ve ever had a historical crust. I mean- I love claude cahun and marcel moore, but I see them as more of my babies than anything else lol. I’m also a huge fan of Frida Kahlo, Lee Miller, Meret Oppenheim, Remedios Varo but I love their work- that’s not quite right. I love learning about their lives, that’s so important to me- what they stood for, what they loved, what they were inspired by. And I love the work that they created, but I’ve never really had a historical crush on them, or anyone for that matter. 

Actually I’ve never really had a crush on any celebrities/characters to be honest. It’s complicated, my first instinct is always to think of them as my babies, and feel proud of their accomplishments. 

Thanks for your question!