i changed my sims default eyes to @pyxiidis “under your spell” and i am so in love with them.
This is such a random post of Frida’s sister just to show them out.

I’m sorry for my inactivity, i promise i will post more often but i had so many things to do i couldn’t even find the time to actually use my computer. (i still love you all)

what is it with people mocking the way josefine talks? it’s pretty fucking awful to make fun of the way someone speaks, especially since it’s basically just picking apart the actor and the way she is. would you mock her accent? a speech impediment? would you mock lisa, iman, or tarjei for speaking slowly? i’m sure a lot of people don’t think what they’ve said is that serious (and if you’re annoyed by noora as a character then that’s your prerogative) but making jokes out of personal aspects of an actor is fucking gross and unacceptable tbh.

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I was tagged by the sweetest @dundelions !

gender : female, i guess

star sign: cancer

height: 5′6 ( 168cm )

sexual orientation : pansexual/bisexual

hogwarts house: aaaaa i,m Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff

favourite colour : blue 

favourite animal : shark!!!!!!!!

averrage hours of sleep: the worst question i could get tbh, 1-13h

cat or dog person : D O G  P E R S O N

favourite fictional character : I think that would be Newt from The Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner

favourite singer/band: holy shit right okay so

-Twenty One Pilots, - Panic!At The Disco, Gorillaz, Hozier, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, System of a down, Bring me the Horizon, AnnenMayKantereit, Milky Chance, Taco Hemingway, Happysad, The Poks (aaaah thats my local band check them out), Imagine Dragons, Dodie Clark, The Beatles, Muse, Paramore, The Neighbourhood, Arctic Monkeys, Dawid Podsiadło, Coldplay, Awolnation

dream trip: hitchhiking trip with friends through any country tbh

dream job: programmist/scientist at NASA

when was this blod made: i think in November (?) I’ve had few diffrient blogs earlier (one for SPN, second one for poetry)

why did you create the blog: I wanted to share trash top content

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“Ti meriti un amore che ti voglia
con tutto e le ragioni che ti fanno
alzare in fretta,
con tutto e i demoni che non ti
lasciano dormire.

Ti meriti un amore che ti faccia
sentire sicura,
in grado di mangiarsi il mondo
quando cammina accanto a te,
che senta che i tuoi abbracci sono
perfetti per la sua pelle.

Ti meriti un amore che voglia ballare
con te,
che trovi il paradiso ogni volta che
guarda nei tuoi occhi,
che non si annoi mai di leggere le
tue espressioni.

Ti meriti un amore che ti ascolti
quando canti,
che ti appoggi quando fai la ridicola,
che rispetti il tuo essere libera,
che ti accompagni nel tuo volo,
che non abbia paura di cadere.

Ti meriti un amore che ti spazzi via le
che ti porti il sogno,
il caffè
e la poesia.”

– Frida Kahlo.