The World is Quiet Here


I was so excited to hear Emily say that she wanted to have a fun “girls day in” to hang out… But now I’m starting to think it was only because her TV is still magically stuck on mute and Netflix just dropped A Series of Unfortunate Events…

Ah who am I kidding, I was a sucker for that series as a kid. I can’t think of a single better series of young adult novels released in the late 90s that could even compare.

Yep… Not even one comes to mind.


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I'm writing a screenplay for a 13th "Friday The 13th"

So just a tad bit about me, I’ve been on here for years, I’ve always been a huge horror buff since as long as I can remember. I’m almost 27 from Newfoundland Canada. Ive written a few screenplays back in the day on here on the the games and RPG boards. One being my take on a Texas Chainsaw, Wrong Turn, A nightmare on elm street and Halloween which sadly never got finished. And my last two being my soooort of original stuff titled Jason, I’m your #1 fan and it’s sequel. It was basically a mash of Scream and Friday the 13th. A group of friends heading to one of the groups family vacation spots in the woods. Along with the groups dramas and secrets, I think I had two killers in each. They donned a Jason costume and started killing. The sequel had my two survivors in college and the killings started again. I tried something a little different with it being set around Halloween time, I don’t exactly remember it but I know I had written a pretty cool haunted house scene, and the killer giving each of the targets a number, for them to find out it was goinrg to be the numerical order of their deaths. Sooo onto my actual news, It’s been Years and I’m actually itching to write something again, so I’m ten next couple days to a week I’ll be writing a screenplay for right now titled “Friday The 13th XIII”
I’m wondering once I complete this how many people would be interested to read it? Comment here or let me know or message me to give your comments or maybe advice and even suggestions for something you’d like to see in the script. So I guess you’re wondering what the plot is ?? Well my take on a 13th Friday the 13th would go something like this, with more details and thinking to be added of course but the main gyst would be “Ginny, Chris, Tommy, Trish, Pam, Tina & Rennie have all survived their encounters with the madman Jason Voorhees. They’ve dealt with their struggles, some in good ways, some bad, they eventually all meet in group therapy, the doctor involved, will they have good intentions or bad? ? One of the crystal lake survivors I think I will write them as having wrote a book about their attack from Jason, and maybe one just being a total mess haha They travel to crystal lake on the anniversary week of the murders with the doctor and maybe a couple of the husbands or boyfriends may tag along for support. When they discover after all these years Jason is still alive and well and try to find a way to kill him once and for all.

I’d really like to get some feedback on this, I may add the survivors of Jason goes to hell and Freddy Vs Jason as well. If I can find a way to work them all in there but I was originally thinking of just sticking with the survivors from 2-8. Let me know what you think. Also when completed I maybe selling it for maybe 15-20 dollars for anyone who wants to read it and have forever. Thanks so much for reading guys! Have an awesome day!! ?