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Free! Cast: Things I've actually heard College Students say
  • Nagisa: Look how pretty my notes are!!! Too bad I'll never study them.
  • Nitori: I might look fine in class but I'm dying inside.
  • Rei: I've never seen Frozen and at this point I'm afraid too.
  • Haru: When the professor shows up Im just gonna get up, make eye contact and leave.
  • Gou: Shut the fuck up and eat your shitty Frosted Flakes.
  • Momo: Is it acceptable to throw myself out this window after the exam?
  • Nagisa: I need more gay people in my life I'm suffocating in straights.
  • Haru: I think I'm gonna sleep outside and let the snow bury me until I die.
  • Rin: Why the fuck would I pay $5 for a grilled cheese? Oh wait they're delivering them? Buy 3.
  • Makoto: I feel like a child but I look like an adult and I think it throws people off.
  • Momo: Yo look at this dog! I want this dog. This dog is a straight g.
  • Nagisa: I got super drunk and told everyone I was a lesbian.
  • Rin: I've only done anal twice okay!!!!!!
  • Gou: Instead of studying art we should make art with our bodies!!

Romy and David Bowie at Studio 54, 1970s


The time Kitsch and Porter cried saying goodbye
“In the scene where Riggins and Six were saying goodbye in New York, and Riggins was getting ready to say ‘Texas Forever’ and head off in the cab, it took us 25 minutes to even attempt a take because we were just bawling. Taylor, I couldn’t believe it, was just like ‘I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, hold on…’ And then it got me going. It took us 25 minutes to get it together and then we did it in one take and he got in the cab and left.” - Scott Porter

boiiii so i have a tattoo appt booked for early april and i think i’ve finalized the designs i’m getting and so i’m getting a simple lil line work girl on the back of my arm above my elbow, “big bang” and a lil sun and moon on the front/side of my arm, and “the wreckage of stars” along the very edge of my back and i am frickin hyped 

i need the perfect klope day episode now.

I need them painting together.

I need the scene where they take their walk. Maybe Klaus picks some flowers for her, or they bring them back for Hayley?

I need the scene we got a flash of in the promo. Klaus promising that nothing was going to happen to his little girl. I need Hope telling him the stories Hayley told her about the ‘strongest in the world’ and how her father would always protect her. I need to see Klaus’ face when Hope says that he’s strong enough to keep the bad things away. 

I desperately need them talking about the letter he wrote her. Maybe she sleeps with it underneath her pillow? It’s worn out a little, maybe there’s a tear in the corner of it, but she’s memorised it. 

I need a Klope hug then maybe, if we’re lucky, a Mikaelson family hug. Or at least a scene where they vow to stand together always and forever. 

Next Friday seems so far away…

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