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Why have them just own a flower shop when they could run a potion shop and just have a shit ton of flowers in it. 

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Top Ten Appropriate Anagrams For “Leonard Horatio McCoy”

Very appropriate anagrams indeed

Free! Cast: Things I've actually heard College Students say
  • Nagisa: Look how pretty my notes are!!! Too bad I'll never study them.
  • Nitori: I might look fine in class but I'm dying inside.
  • Rei: I've never seen Frozen and at this point I'm afraid too.
  • Haru: When the professor shows up Im just gonna get up, make eye contact and leave.
  • Gou: Shut the fuck up and eat your shitty Frosted Flakes.
  • Momo: Is it acceptable to throw myself out this window after the exam?
  • Nagisa: I need more gay people in my life I'm suffocating in straights.
  • Haru: I think I'm gonna sleep outside and let the snow bury me until I die.
  • Rin: Why the fuck would I pay $5 for a grilled cheese? Oh wait they're delivering them? Buy 3.
  • Makoto: I feel like a child but I look like an adult and I think it throws people off.
  • Momo: Yo look at this dog! I want this dog. This dog is a straight g.
  • Nagisa: I got super drunk and told everyone I was a lesbian.
  • Rin: I've only done anal twice okay!!!!!!
  • Gou: Instead of studying art we should make art with our bodies!!

The time Kitsch and Porter cried saying goodbye
“In the scene where Riggins and Six were saying goodbye in New York, and Riggins was getting ready to say ‘Texas Forever’ and head off in the cab, it took us 25 minutes to even attempt a take because we were just bawling. Taylor, I couldn’t believe it, was just like ‘I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, hold on…’ And then it got me going. It took us 25 minutes to get it together and then we did it in one take and he got in the cab and left.” - Scott Porter


Beautiful synagogues from around the world

  1. Dohány Street Synagogue, Budapest
  2. Grand Choral Synagogue, St. Petersburg
  3. Grand Synagogue of Edirne, Edirne, Turkey
  4. Hurva Synagogue, Jerusalem
  5. Eldridge Street Synagogue, New York
  6. Great Synagogue of Rome, Rome
  7. Ohr Torah Synagogue, Acco, Israel
  8. Great Synagogue of Sydney, Sydney
  9. Rykestrasse Synagogue, Berlin
  10. Szeged Synagogue, Szeged, Hungary

Listen, they could slap OUAT into a 3AM timeslot on Tuesdays and my ass would still be there to watch Colin O‘Donoghue sass across my screen as Killian Jones.

Clexa Bathroom AU manip 😅🙈

“Lexa, how am i supposed to pee if you take a selfie in the mirror while I’m trying to?”

 I’m sorry Kru I had to 😂

Goodnight 😴💕

wow okay nice, hello everyone! i’m here to be hella soft and say couple nice things :’) ever since i made this blog in late march, i received nothing but love from all of you and way sooner than expected - i reached my first big milestone! i gave this blog time until the end of the year to reach 1k, but here i am now with my first thousand :) this is still shocking and i can’t quite believe this yet, but i’m grateful for every single one of my followers and i promise to keep on working on nice stuff and improving to make this blog better <3

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@kendricklamar album had me like…#DAMN 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽#kdot (at Compton, California)

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hpgirl18  asked:

I nominate @copperbadge for #FFF. Writer of the best Avengers and Harry Potter fic, and Fandom Dad for the last who knows how many years. I will follow Sam's blog till the bitter (but funny when Sam's involved) end.

Thanks for the contribution, @hpgirl18! And yay for fandom dad @copperbadge!

I’m going to take the liberty of linking copperbadge’s AO3 account here for those interested in some Friday reading. 471 works should keep you busy for a while. *g*

(Context for this post? Fandom First Friday, of course! This month’s theme is Follow Forever.)

Schoolboy Crushes ft. BFF!BTS

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  • Always doing the Jin whisper hand™ and your classmates think he’s talking shit but he’s really just telling you dad jokes.
  • Except for the times when he is talking shit,
  • “So guess what Jimin tried doing last night…”
  • Will rat out his dongsaengs to make you laugh. 
  • Coordinates his schedule with yours so that he can pick you up and drop you home.
  • Him joking that he’s “sick of driving you around”.
  • You getting a bit mad and giving him the cold shoulder for the next few days.
  • Him coming over one day and rubbing the back of his neck,
  • “Look, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I was trying to ask you, well, Yoongi moved out and I can’t make rent by myself, you know…”
  • Him beaming after you agree to move in with him and when you go outside, you see a moving truck already in the drive way
  • “What? Like you’d say ‘no’ to me?”
  • Him wanting you to watch him cook in case he had to come home late, you’d at least be able to make a meal for yourself.
  • Him getting you and him matching aprons.
  • You having to be the one to kill all the spiders.
  • Until they move
  • or fly
  • Then you both sit on the kitchen table and end up talking and forgetting all about said spider.
  • It’s 2am when you hear him yelling from his room
  • Him having to sleep in your room for the week
  • You always being warm from his broad chest pressed against your back and his soft breaths on your neck
  • Him not fully realizing his feelings until he wakes up next to you one morning, your hands grabbing his shirt when he tries to get up
  • He almost kisses you, the sight is so sweet to him
  • But instead he just lays back down to give you 10 more minutes and wonders what to do 
  • Because he knows he can’t keep pretending that this is just because of a spider he actually killed 3 days ago after seeing it crawling up the wall in your room.

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  • “This is school, Yoongi. Why do you always dress like you’re going to a funeral?”
  • “Because that’s how I feel when I have to spend all day with you.”
  • Him randomly bringing you coffee or sweets and giving it to you with the straightest face ever, as if he didn’t just melt your heart.
  • Him rolling his eyes when you get all flustered and telling you the barista has a crush on him and gives him it for free.
  • Except one day after a study date, he takes you on an impromptu trip to the bakery and the “barista” ends up being Taehyung.
  • “Ahhh! So you’re the girl Yoongi hyung keeps buying an extra coffee for! I knew he couldn’t drink two cups by himself!”
  • Him always dressing up a bit when you guys meet up to study.
  • “Yoongi, it’s like 9 in the morning. Why are you wearing all those shiny things?”
  • He’ll shrug and start to play with the silver rings on his fingers and you swear his cheeks are the slightest bit pink when he looks out the window and asks you,
  • “I don’t know. I mean, do you like them?
  • “That necklace is pretty cool, I guess.”
  • Before you can blink, he is taking it off and leaning across the table to put it on you,
  • Another eye roll,
  • “It was only like 3 dollars so don’t feel special.”
  • Except you went home and looked up the brand name that was on the back of the hummingbird pendant and then you were pounding on his door at 10pm 
  • Him leaning against the doorway and looking at you, bored
  • “Did you really come all this way to yell at me? You interrupted my movie. The least you can do is come watch the rest with me.”
  • Him not paying attention to anything, his attention focused elsewhere,
  • “Yoongi, stop staring at me.”
  • “I’m not staring at you. I’m sleeping with my eyes open.”

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  • Him being a part of all the extracurricular activities and you wondering how he does it all.
  • “Okay Y/n, so I need you to pick up 3 bottles of soda for the robotics club party and the cheerleading squad is trying a new gluten free diet as a team but I saw Lisa eating Doritos the other day so we can just buy chips and salsa for the group meeting. Also, what do you think are the chances of them selling football helmets here?”
  • “This is a fucking Target, Hoseok.”
  • Because he is so well known, you always become his plus one at parties
  • And even though he is off to socialize for most of the night, he always finds his way back to you.
  • Going home with him after parties because he’s worn out from all the conversing and just wants a quiet night in with his favorite person.
  • You two cuddling up on his bed and him letting out the softest hums of pleasure when you rake through his hair.
  • Sometimes during the school year, his schedule will let up and he’ll take advantage of his free time to take you out anywhere he can think of.
  • The park, the movies, a street fair or your favorite bakery
  • Him always offhandedly complimenting you
  • “That’s a really nice sweater, Y/n.”
  • “Those pants make your legs look good.”
  • “Did you do something different with your hair today? It’s nice.”
  • You watching him nod off after movie night and when his phone lights up with a message displayed on the screen you can’t help but read it
  • “Hey Hoseok, you missed practice today after you promised you’d be there. This is the third time this month and Coach is going to cut you from the team if you don’t start coming.”
  • Asking about it when he wakes up and him laughing and saying he was tired of the gluten diet and needed a break from them anyways.
  • “Hobi, it was a text from Yoongi not Jimin. I was talking about the football team. Wait, have you been skipping cheer practice too?”
  • Him groaning, not wanting to talk about his feelings yet
  • Is it a crime to want to spend time with you? Now stop stressing and come help me make pancakes.”

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  • Him oversleeping all the time and coming in to class late.
  • “Joon? Your shirt’s on backwards.”
  • Him telling you it’s a new trend but quickly fixing it when you turn to get something from your bag.
  • Knowing he’s too shy to flaunt his intelligence so whenever the teacher asks a question you tickle his side, making his arm jerk up.
  • “Ah, Namjoon! Thank you for volunteering, it’s always so enlightening hearing your input!”
  • You playing with your pen as you listen proudly to your best friend talk about the poem and how beauty is found in the simplest of things and it is that appreciation that makes the strongest love.
  • You not noticing him staring at you the entire time he was talking.
  • Literally the entire class knows he has a crush on you.
  • Even the fucking professor always makes sure to pair you two in groups together.
  • Him always planning study dates even though he doesn’t need them, just so he can make sure you have the material down.
  • Him being more nervous for you than himself when the professor starts giving back last week’s test.
  • Having the proudest smile when you squeal and hug him because you got an A-
  • “I’m so happy for you, Y/n! You worked so hard and you deserve it. Uh, let me take you out for ice cream to celebrate?”
  • “Joon, I literally only passed because of you. I should be taking you out for ice cream.”
  • He laughs and lets you take him but slips the cashier a $20 before you can take out your wallet.
  • Him not being able to attend the last day of class because there is a robotics competition so your professor gives you his final paper to give back to him.
  • “Maybe you should read it, Y/n. It’s quite interesting. Have a good holiday break!”
  • You reading his final paper only to find out it’s a love poem titled with your initials.

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  • Everyone always wondering who he just fucked when he runs into class late every day, out of breath and clothes askew.
  • He’s really only panting because he wanted to walk you to class which is on the opposite side of campus.
  • Him flirting with you non-stop.
  • “Yah, don’t you think I look so handsome in this shirt today?”
  • Him always carrying your purse or book bag for you whenever you’re walking around together. 
  • Giggling obnoxiously whenever you yell at him for bothering you in class,
  • “Am I distracting to you, Y/n? You know you like me~
  • Him trying to make it seem like you’re the one crazy for him and not the other way around.
  • Him being crushed when you cancel movie night to go on a date
  • “But I have ‘The Conjuring’! We finally agreed that we’d watch it together…”
  • Him getting mad because you look so good and it’s not for him.
  • After you leave, he puts on a sappy love movie and let’s himself shed a few tears because he was so sure you liked him back.
  • Him pretending to be sympathetic when you come back later that night disappointed because your date was nice but he was more friend material.
  • Him making you wait in the doorway while he switched “10 Things I Hate About You” with your original horror movie and puts the tub of ice cream back in the freezer.
  • “Feel free to use me as you please, Y/n. This is a very scary movie. If you need to sit on my lap, I will not stop you.”
  • Him sneaking off to the kitchen 10 minutes later to order your favorite take out over the phone. 
  • Him forgetting he ordered take out and screaming when someone knocks on the door.
  • “Jimin, get off my lap.”
  • “Are you sure you don’t like me like this? I bet you’re enjoying this aren’t you? Maybe you even have a mommy kin-OW!”
  • You having to spend the night because he fell asleep on you and won’t let go of your waist.
  • Playing with his fingers until you fall asleep, not realizing how he peeked out of his half lidded eyes to admire you the whole time.

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  • Him randomly changing his outfit throughout the day,
  • “Were you wearing those pants this morning?”
  • Him somehow leaving a small collection of his clothes at your place.
  • Him trying not to have a heart attack whenever he sees you wear them to school.
  • “Is that my sweater?”
  • You look down and let out a soft ‘oh’ before beginning to take it off and give it to him.
  • He starts laughing really hard because,
  • “That’s also my shirt!”
  • He chokes on his spit when you playfully begin to pretend taking that off too.
  • Him doing the most random and spontaneous things to surprise you.
  • Like sneaking an entire tub of ice cream to class with two spoons
  • Or bringing you balloons with smiley faces on them.
  • Him suggesting you two dress up really nice and go to a restaurant on a random Tuesday.
  • Him laughing ‘til he cries at the sheer confusion on your face when the employees bring out a cake and starts singing ‘Happy Birthday’ 
  • “You know it’s not my birthday, Tae.”
  • “Do you want a 15% discount or not?”
  • Him squishing your cheeks to shut you up when you try to talk about other guys. 
  • Him wanting you two to have matching things, so whenever he goes shopping he’ll buy two of everything.
  • “Tae I have enough mugs and I don’t need a stuffed monkey doll.”
  • Him always wanting you to feed him.
  • “You always treat me so nice, Y/n. You make me so happy. Maybe, that’s why I like you so much.”
  • He just smiles as you shift in response from your place on his chest to snuggle in further, too deep in sleep to process his confession

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  • Let’s be honest, you knew he had a crush on you from the beginning.
  • Him really trying not to make it obvious but failing miserably.
  • You always catching him staring and blushing around you.
  • In the beginning he would always say “Hi, I’m Jungkook by the way” before going on to say what he wanted to, just to make sure you remembered his name.
  • Him being shocked when you address him by his name.
  • “Dude, we’ve sat next to each other for like 3 months now. Obviously, I know your name.”
  • Him begging you to play games on your phone when his dies.
  • When you get your phone back, he leaves a bunch of meme selfies on it for you.
  • Him freaking out that one time when he took a picture of you and sent it to himself and forgot to delete the message from your phone.
  • You having to feed him while he plays video games.
  • You always being carried by him,
  • “Are you sleepy? Do your feet hurt?”
  • The poor boy just really wants to show off for you, and maybe have a reason to get close
  • Him setting you up with his hyungs and paying them $10 each to brag about him on your date Him trying to set you up with his hyungs which makes you think maybe he doesn’t like you after all.
  • Him trying his hardest to get over you because you’re one of the only girls he feels comfortable around and he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship.
  • Him convincing himself he’s over you one day,
  • But then you show up at his doorstep drunk and pull him with you into his bed,
  • And he’s dizzy because even though you guys are best friends, you’ve never been this close.
  • You kissing his nose and whispering “Night, bunny” before knocking out
  • and his heart feels 3 sizes to big and he thinks his chest is going to burst because just like that
  • He’s all yours
  • Him, for the first time, not caring about ruining your friendship and holding you in his arms.



Sega Forever - Launch Trailer

Devices: Android & iDevices

Sega Forever is a free and growing classic games collection of nearly every Sega game ever released from every console era – Master System, Genesis/Mega Drive, Dreamcast, and more. Save your game progress, online leaderboards, offline play, & more games released every month. 

The current list of Sega games available now for free:

Sonic the Hedgehog - Google Play || iTunes

Altered Beast  - Google Play || iTunes

Phantasy Star 2 - Google Play || iTunes

Kid Chameleon - Google Play || iTunes

Comix Zone - Google Play || iTunes

Crazy TaxiGoogle Play || iTunes