fridays @ gatsby


I always wanted to read a “The Great Gatsby” AU & I was soooooo happy to discover that one of my favorite writers decided to write it 😍 Only one chapter is out, but I already know this is gonna be amazing. Everyone should read it imo ( ˆᴗˆ )♡ @freshmeatfriday

A Diamond’s Edge by @mycroft-silently-judges-you


Old money and new, social climbers and recluses, drug lords and politicians alike all flock to Hannibal Lecter’s estate on the weekend in the hopes of catching the attention of the rarely seen socialite during one of his extravagant parties. It is only when Jack Crawford moves in next door that Hannibal sees an opportunity to finally lure in the one person he truly seeks…

The one with the green light at the end of his dock.