the dm wrote a song to be sung by a bard and to be a rumor to slander my dnd character and it makes him sound like a badass fucking pirate king:

Once the shadow appears, it’s too little too late
Your gold is all gone, your life is forfeit
An Ubasti filled with Greed and a Curse
He spreads doom throughout the whole universe.

Black Friday
Terror of the Seas
Cursed with bloodlust unappeased
Black Friday
A Captain with Nine Lives
He sees all with his three eyes
Searching for the relics of deities
His crew known for their cruelties
None are safe, you cannot hide
He sees through walls, he’s at your side.

Monsters and undead are at his vessel’s helm
Vampires, Assassins, Cannibals, Demons of other realms
Deceitful Drow, Fallen Angels, and Muscled Psychopaths,
All under his command for fear of his wrath.

Black Friday
Scourge of the Skies
In his invisible ship that flies
Black Friday
Politicians in his pocket
Numerous times he escaped the docket
Searching for the relics of all the races
His crew known for changing their faces
None are safe, you cannot hide
He sees through walls, he’s at your side.

He plunders dragon vaults and Dwarven tombs
Churches crumble when his anger fumes
Murderer of dwarves, Kidnapper of gnomes,
Smuggler of drugs and forbidden tomes.

He assaulted the halls of Thym Caelora!
Claimed the Treasures of the Tomb of Horror!
Put on a party and killed the masked guests!
Kills the innocent at dark deities’ behest!
Practitioner of rituals dark and forbidden!
Among his crew Alevin Cutch is hidden!

Creator of deceitful deific illusions!
Thrives on war, death, and confusion!
It’s too late to escape your doom!
His ship is here, he’s in the room


As One’s deployment days are over, Another’s day begins. If the Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance, then the Price born by the Liberated should be Eternal Gratitude.

As the World grows ever restless, as dark days rush at us like a vile storm, there are those few who stand The Vigilant Guards and yell back “I AM THE STORM!” Honor them, STAND WITH THEM. As they keep us safe, pledge to do like wise for those they leave behind.

Many more Hero’s will be lost. Many more Warfighters will fall. This is the price they accept. Do make a mockery of the precious inheritance they leave behind.


Tenacious (Haechan Scenario)

↳ characters: Haechan x reader

↳ genre: fluff

word count: 1,304

↳ summary: [requested] “can I get a scenario for haechan where he asks the reader out, but the reader is scared of relationships so they decline but he’s persistent and they eventually end up together? ?? this sounds rushed aaaa ty in advance!”

author’s note: omg hello I’m so so sorry this took so long for me to write, I promise I’ll work on requests sooner I’ve just been a bit stressed lately. Also please tell me your thoughts on how I did! Send me an anon :’) This was so close for me to write because I lowkey have a fear of relationships too ??again I really hope you like it I’m sorry I’m such a terrible writer, though!!

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The behind the scenes interview/photoshoot of Lucas Till and George Eads for MacGyver, aired by Entertainment Tonight last Friday

A few of you requested I post it, so here you go! 😊

Beginner Art Friday

Good evening lovely tumblr people,

since the most awesome barbex and I have decided that instead of complaining about being lousy artists, we’d rather actually do something to improve, we would like to establish

Beginner Art Friday

A weekly event for all of us who believe that it’s going to take years to actually get accomplished at creating any kind of art, but who still want to try.

How does it work?

Simple. Over the course of the week, you set aside a little time every day (or every other day, or how ever many days you can manage) to practice your art. Anything goes, be it traditional, digital, collage, sculpting, painting yourself with the blood of your enemies, as long as you call it art it’s great.

Then on Friday, you post something you made under the tag Beginner Art Friday and congratulate yourself on getting a little closer to your goal of being an accomplished artist.

Post anything from a detail of a sketch to a finished piece. Post it under a cut if you feel like it (I’ll probably be doing that a lot). Post only the picture, or tell us everything you feel about it. Or of you’re really self-conscious, just tell us what you made without showing anything.

It’s really not about showing off what you made, but about the fact that you made something at all.

So let’s be beginner artists together and see how far we can come :-)

Video footage shows Israeli thugs assaulting journalists and destroying their equipment in the West Bank on Friday

A dramatic video has emerged showing Israeli soldiers make an unprovoked assault on two journalists working for Agence France-Presse during a demonstration on the West Bank.

According to AFP’s bureau chief, Thomas Cox, the two men – Andrea Bernardi, an Italian videographer working for the organisation, and Abbas Momani – had arrived in the village of Beit Furik near Nablus on Friday to cover a demonstration that followed the funeral of a Palestinian who had died after being shot by Israeli security forces a week ago.

The video – shot by a Palmedia camera crew from the demonstrators’ side – shows the two men walking down the road towards the protest before having their equipment seized and smashed. During the encounter, which is under investigation by the Israeli army, Bernardi was punched in the neck and face by a soldier.

“They had passed the first checkpoint of the border police with their press cards without problem. Andrea paused to check his camera settings and as he was doing so a soldier immediately arrived and told him to stop filming and pushed his camera. He then took the camera and smashed it.

“They thought these are crazy young soldiers so, as you see on the video, they left. But the soldiers came and at this moment took the stills camera and took everything in the photographer’s pocket – batteries, memory cards. Andrea then came back to recover his destroyed camera. At this point a soldier jumped on him and put a pistol on his face and attacked him.”

Bernardi said: “It was crazy. When we arrived at the border police checkpoint we showed our documents. There was no problem. They were being nice.

“We put on our [protective] vests and started walking towards the clashes. We passed the first line of soldiers loading teargas. I heard screaming and a soldier started pushing and shouting ‘what the fuck are you doing’ in English. I then released he was loading this gun and I thought ‘what the …’ and we started walking back.

“If we had done anything wrong they would have arrested us but you can see what happens in the video. After we got back to the car I saw a piece of the camera and wanted to take a picture of it because I was worried they would accuse me of doing something wrong. That’s when a soldier pointed a pistol in my face and pulled me down.”

AFP has protested to the Israeli military over the incident and said it intends to file an official complaint.

An Israeli army spokesman told the Guardian that a preliminary investigation had established that the soldiers involved in the assault had violated Israeli military rules of conduct permitting journalists to work and those involved would face disciplinary action.

Source, The Guardian

Guys Who Have Been On The Bachelorette

*I’m guessing

  1. Chad 4
  2. Guy who wants “I Invented The Middle Part” on his tombstone
  3. Breg, whose job is to go into places and change their water cooler bottles effortlessly
  4. dude who has a daughter named Summer Friday
  5. A guy who says Is This Paleo more than anything else that could even be said in the English language 
  6. If you looked into Greg’s future, it would include murdering somebody with an axe
  7. This dude’s favorite phrase is “did you notice my pants? There are tiny sailboats on them”
  8. A man who absolutely cannot believe he is falling so fast for this girl
  9. We’ll call this man “tightly coiled spring, just waiting to beat somebody up at a sports bar”
  10. Brag just wants to talk about Shark Tank and how one time he had an idea for a football that had a stock ticker on it
  11. The Zodiac Killer
  12. Man who loves talking about how shoving himself into a small space between two bar seats just to talk to a woman who is so tired of this is his constitutional right
  13. Brag only puts Facebook photos up of selfies with his dog and they are always kissing and honestly, a huge part of me thinks it is kind of weird but I also feel like a jerk for feeling weird about it
  14. Dave thinks the Men’s Wearhouse guy is the same guy who does the Dos Equis commercials
  15. These guys have been trying to get these nicknames attached to them “Roundie” (cuz he always buys rounds) “Seaweed” (loves sushi) “11 Inches, Give or Take A Few”
  16. “I’ve never been in love, but seriously, look at my shirt, there are tiny steering wheels for boats on my shirt”
  17. “My favorite book is the Da Vinci Code, hands down”
  18. Greg thinks he’s actually kind of better looking than Matt Damon, and that no problem, if they switched bodies he could handle that lifestyle, no problem, and that Leo should have won an Oscar for Wolf but he wasn’t as good as Damon in Bourne
  19. Mark took one English class and learned about similes ONCE and now everything is “you’re like an ocean wave cuz you’re watery but unpredictable” and “you’re kind of like a blue button-down shirt because you’re comfortable and available” and “you’re kind of like the heart of the ocean cuz I’m gonna drop you once Bill Paxton turns his back for ONCE SECOND”
  20. Steakhouse Chad

If I was…

a month: October, cold and crisp full of magic and mystery. 
a day of the week:  Friday
a planet: Neptune
a sea animal: Otter 
a piece of furniture:  Big fourposter bed with heavy draped curtains and down blanket. 
a gemstone: Amethyst
a flower:  Foxgloves
a kind of weather: The still calm and defining silence of snow. 
a color:  pale blueish lavender
an emotion: Compassionate 
a fruit: A honey Crisp Apple
a sound:  the sound of water over rock 
an element: Water
a place: A cabin tucked deep within the trees and mountains
a taste: Bitter and sweet melting coffee tones of dark chocolate
a scent: bergamot and rose 
an object: a knit blanket
a body part: hands and eye
a song: Case of You Joni Mitchell
a pair of shoes: buckle boots victorian and witch like
And I tag every one of you reading this! Mention me so I can read yours!