Here’s some seriously awesome news for fans of Parenthood and Friday Night Lights: NBC is launching a four-part digital ‘companion series’ called Friday Night at the Luncheonette.. It follows Amber as she keeps an eye on Max, while working after hours at the recording studio. Jesse Plemons and Derek Phillips will reprise their roles of Landry Clarke and Billy Riggins!

The series will be available to stream on, Hulu and YouTube this Thursday, February 13.

Crucifictorious is reuniting on Parenthood!

Friday Night at the Luncheonette: Amber is tasked with keeping an eye on her cousin Max, while also working after hours at the Luncheonette. When the band Crucifictorious shows up, Amber desperately tries to keep things under control while Max documents events with his phone. Guest stars Jesse Plemons and Derek Phillips reprise their Friday Night Lights roles of Landry Clarke and Billy Riggins, respectively. 

NBC has uploaded the complete and 18:50 long webisode Friday Night At The Luncheonette on their website.

Unfortunately, not U.S. viewers cannot watch it. But if you are not patient enough to wait for the official release you can install ProxMate on your computer and you can watch it.