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“But perhaps the monsters needed to look out for each other every now and then.”

This is my finished portrait of my queen, Manon Blackbeak. And as I was running a giveaway on twitter to win 1 of 3 prints available of this, I feel its only fair I do the same for tumblr. 

So, if you reblog this and follow me, then you will be in with a chance to win a print of this if you like :) 

Starting from today (03/04/2017), I will run the giveaway for three weeks and it will end on the 24th April. 

Hope you guys like it :) 

Zero regrets about this warm up sketch ;) 

If ACOWAR isn’t filled with my angsty Nessian babies, I will crumble in despair! 

You can find the finished piece here.

Fallout Fanfic Friday!

For this week, I seemed to have read more one-shots than multi-chapter stories.

room for one more troubled soul by grassandcitrus
Rating: T
Relationships: John Hansock/Sole Survivor, John Hancock/Female Sole Survivor
Current Chapters: 1/1

Lightening Beneath the Waves by A_Bag_Of_Halflings
Rating: G
Relationships: Nick Valentine/Female Sole Survivor, Nick Valentine/Sole Survivor
Current Chapters: 1/1

Take Me Out by retrovertigo
Rating: T
Relationships: Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine, Female Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine
Current Chapters: 1/1

untitled by ghostchibi
Rating: T
Relationship: Paladin Danse/Knight Rhys 
Current Chapters: 5/5

The Whole Flawed Package by ronqueesha
Rating: M
Relationship: Cait/Male Sole Survivor
Current Chapters: 1/1

Fitness Friday: Kealia Ohai

Kealia Ohai is a professional soccer player, currently playing for the Houston Dash and a member of the US women’s national soccer team. She has over 75k followers on Instagram and has been rumored to be dating J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans.

Height: 5′ 5″

Instagram: @kealiamae

The Women of Check Please! Festival Schedule

March 4th - 11th, 2017

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm! Here’s the schedule for activities.

All content creation challenges are open not just for fic writers but for ALL artists. If you make paintings, comics, moodboard, playlists, edits, videos, poems, sculptures, needlepoint, digital art, music, whatever, we want to see it all! Anyone can participate, as long as the works are central to the nice ladies over in the Check Please! universe.

Here’s a list of women in canon: Lardo, Camilla, Caitlin, Alicia, Suzanne, Georgia, Mandy, Jenny, March, April, Camilla, Kate, Samantha, Esther S, Professor Atley and Johnson’s mysterious girlfriend. And as for canon sisters – Ransom is the middle child with two sisters, and Holster is the oldest with two sisters, while Nursey has an older sister and Chowder has a younger one.

**If you’re a TERF, this festival isn’t for you. Don’t reblog this. Don’t participate. Fuck off. 

Schedule under the cut:

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Fallout Fanfic Friday!

A little late in the day, but here it is!

A New Reality by MaxRev
Rating: M
Relationships: Paladin Danse/Female Sole Survivor, Paladin Danse/Sole Survivor
Current Chapters: 16/?

Our Bond Is Steel by Dubstep_Strawberry
Rating: M
Relationship: Paladin Danse/Female Sole Survivor
Current Chapters: 19/?

FO4 One Shots by iamfrom101
Rating: T
Relationship: Robert Joseph MacCready/Sole Survivor
Current Chapters: 2/?

Fallout: Atomic Renegade by CommonwealthCharlie
Rating: T
Current Chapters: 2/?

Hold You In My Embrace by HedaOfGuineaPigs
Rating: G
Relationships: Paladin Danse/Female Sole Survivor, Paladin Danse/Sole Survivor
Current Chapters: 1/1


By accepting the new calendar, Slavs, with the rest of the European nations have dedicated the 5th day of the week to a female divinity. Friday to this day in the southern and eastern Slavic nations is revered in the likeness of a figure called Петка (Petka) or Пятница (Pyatnitsa). To the people, she is observed as the protector of women; first and foremost of pregnant ones, and the most protected women are the ones that pay her the most respect. She also becomes the one who punishes them if they work on a Friday. Her connection to the former high goddess is also evident though sacrificial rites. Offering of the sacrifices would occur near the spring, and would be mainly carried out by women. The women would bring her wooden idol and place it besides the spring, recite prayers and then offer fabric, hemp, and wool by throwing them into the water. In parts of Russia this type of ritual was referred to as мокрида (mokryda). The word itself brings us back to Mokosh, stemming from the same etymological roots, meaning mokro (wet/moist).

Text by: Dušan Božić


  • Иванов, Вячеслав Всеволодович, Топоров, Владимир Николаевич, „К реконструкции Мокоши как женского персонажа в славянской версии основного мифа“, Балто-славянские исследования, 1982, стр. 175-197
  • Katičić, Radoslav, “Gazdarica na vratima”, Ibis grafika, Zagreb, 2011

Максим Сухарев - Понедельник, Среда и Пятница
(Maksim Sukharev - “Monday, Wednesday and Friday”)

Trickster. Gabriel One-Shot.

Title: Trickster.

Pairing: Female Trickster Reader x Gabriel.

Prompt: In honor of April Fool’s, I wanted to write a little something about my favorite trickster, whom my friends and I have determined is my real life guardian angel because my pranks never have repercussion :D Just a bit of fun and fluff.

Triggers: None. Unless period cramps count.

Enjoy :3

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