friday's fabulous person


Friday’s Fabulous Person:

Christy Turlington

Back in 1994 she posed along w/ 4 other supermodels Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer, and Naomi Campbell for the “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign. But sadly only 1 of those 5 supposed compassionate supermodels have kept her word not to wear fur. That supermodel is Christy Turlington.

Ms. Turlington posed again in 2010 in the buff reaffirming her previous promise that she’d rather go naked than wear fur. Ms. Turlington is a woman of her word and the only model of the five who deserves the word “super” for her compassion and empathy of animals tortured and killed in the name of fashion.


Friday’s Fabulous Person:

Tyra Banks

This beautiful supermodel, media personality, and businesswoman takes time out of her busy schedule to talk about things she really cares for (yeah we all know Tyra likes to talk about Tyra but she also talks and opens her big heart for causes close to her heart) including the fact that to make it in modeling today, young girls are forced to get down to unhealthy weights. Tyra showed much sympathy and compassion on her talk show for people going through difficult times.

But Tyra also opens her heart and shows her empathy and compassion for animals too. You won’t see this blinding beauty in fur. Tyra Banks first renounced fur about 17 years ago when she modeled a faux-fur hat, complete with a ‘no fur’ button. And unlike other hypocrites in the modeling industry, Tyra has stuck to her no fur stance.

She’s a one of a kind beauty–inside and outside.