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Friday, I’m in love... with your writing! (Week 13/14)

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As I said before I’m gonna add to this list the stories I read on a weekly basis. As always, feel free to tag me in your SPN related fics and remember to ALWAYS LEAVE FEEDBACK AFTER YOU READ, drop and ask with a few encouraging words (Why you liked the story), reblog using a reaction gif, use tags!!

A long list ahead beccause there’s two weeks of reading.








ot5 as secretaries

harry: high energy hellos!! cupcakes on fridays, has a crush on his boss

niall: leads biggest loser competitions, hosts bbqs at his house, cant figure out the copy machine

liam: loves to talk on the phone, constantly changes voicemail greeting, does push ups behind his desk at lunch

zayn: best dressed of the office, disconnected the phone bc it was ringing too much

louis: got promoted his second week

Not much to say about this except I was kind of inspired by some of the Tommy Jarvis lines from the game (which were pretty much all directly from the movie), and just really wanted to draw him again. And since most of his dialogue boils down to “ HEY JASON, FIGHT ME” I imagine there’s a lot of “NOT NOW, NOT HERE TOMMY, OMG” that ends up happening too.

(I spent a lot of time watching the movie to get the clothes accurate, even down to the fact that he wears suspenders like a dork X3 And it was a great excuse to get his jacket off for a change by having Deborah half pulling it off trying to yank him away.)

Friday, I’m in love... with your writing! (Week 6 -Smut Edition)

Week 6 is here and since today happen to be February 10… aka Smut Appreciation Day I decided to do somethig special with this… I’m really sorry if you don’t read smut!!! 


And now I’m here to present you with my favorite smut pieces, in no particular order *rubs hands pervertedly*

1- Enchanted Encounters by @impala-dreamer 

The reader’s cursed during a hunt and Dean decides he’s the best one to take care of her while Sam tries to get rid of the curse. This one can be a tiny bit triggering but just a little bit.  

2- I Don’t Wanna Hear it by @daughterofthebrowncoats 

I won’t ever get tired of recomendate this one, threesome, Dom!Sam x Sub!Reader x Dom!Dean, the back seat of the impala, dp, just dialogue. 

3- Slip of the Tongue by @kittenofdoomage  

Dean has no filters and has to say absolutely everything that comes to mind… 

4- A Rough Ride by @ilostmyshoe-79 

Thigh riding or whatevs it’s called… Um, yeah. That’s - gulp - That’s it. 

5- Always Willing to Help - Alternative to: Nothing id Workinng by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog 

The reader can’t find it in herself to do something and Dean lends a helping hand. 

6- Tense by @manawhaat 

I’m letting Dean rest to go take care of Daddy Winchester, he’s all stressed out and tense and I’m gonna help him relax.

There you go week 6, Smut Edition in honor of Smut Day Appreciation, I’m really sorry if you don’t read smut!!

Remember to tag me in all of your SPN related works or if you feel like spreading the love, you can always recomend me some fellow writer so I can fall in love with them as well! Now go READ the works of these marvelous writers, and REMEMBER TO ALWAYS LEAVE FEEDBACK!!

Feedback is the best way to show our love!

Tagging a bunch of people below the cut because I really want this to become a thing.

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