friday the thirteenth

641: Jersey Devil & Mothman

Two babies of bad omens playing some good ol fashioned checkers.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

  • Ohm: You're obsessed with me.
  • Cartoonz: I am.
  • Delirious: No he's stalking you, move!
  • Ohm: You're obsessed with me! Listen-Listen...
  • Ohm: All he wants is some love! That's all he wants!
  • Cartoonz: I love you Ohm; I love you Ohm.
  • Ohm: He's always wanted a hug...
  • Cartoonz: Hug me.
  • *Ohm stands in front of Cartoonz, and goes up and down.*
  • Cartoonz: Thank you- That doesn't look like a hug.
  • *Ohm starts laughing.*
  • Delirious: That does NOT look like a hug.
  • *Cartoonz starts moaning, while Ohm can't control his laughter.*