friday the thirteeners

  • Ravenclaw: *walking to class with Hufflepuff*
  • Black Cat: *Runs across their path*
  • Hufflepuff: Do you think we will have bad luck now? It is Friday the 13th after all
  • Ravenclaw: Nah, there is no such thing as bad luck.
  • Ravenclaw: ...
  • Ravenclaw: Just in case though
  • Ravenclaw: *throws salt over both shoulders*

Happy Friday the 13th!

Two things:
1. Inktober day 13: Favorite Weapon. It was a close call between Marluxia’s or Demyx’s, but Marluxia wins in the end. (I almost did Sephiroth’s sword and have it go off the page, but nah…)

2. I will be at Fresno/Madera Comic Con this Sunday in Madera, CA! I will be in Artist Alley, selling my prints!

Friday the 13th vocabulary in Finnish

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Perjantai kolmastoista - Friday the 13th
Epäonnen päivä - unlucky day
Perjantai - Friday
Kolmetoista - thirteen
Taikausko - superstition
Uskomus - belief
Myytti - myth
Enne - omen
Musta kissa - black cat
Pelko - fear
Huono onni - bad luck
Onnettomuus - accident
Varovaisuus - precaution
Epäonninen - unlucky
Taikauskoinen - superstitious 
Varovainen - careful, cautious 
Uskoa - to believe 
Pelätä - to be scared, to be afraid 
Olla varovainen - to be careful, to be cautious
Välttää - to avoid
Joutua onnettomuuteen - to get into an accident 
Tuoda pahaa onnea - to bring bad luck

  • Mare: *scoffs and walks under a ladder*
  • Mare: nothing happens maven
  • Maven: oh really? *sassily walks under ladder*
  • Maven: *trips*
  • Maven: *ladder falls on him*
  • Maven: *tries to get up but slips*
  • Maven: *gets stuck in ladder*
Superstitious Rebellious

The world falls around
Comes crashing down
Comets and angels
With demons abound

Broken mirrors and black cats
Thirteen witches at black mass
Witches cause you recoil
With double trouble and toils.

Don’t walk under the ladder
Laugh with me, mad hatter
Embrace the common mistakes
Dance at midnight with snakes

That you do
Can bring you
Nothing new
Bring with you
Witches’ brew
Welcome to
Terror Dome

Horror’s Home

Hold the dark
Douse the spark
Friday beckons
Thirteen reckons

Falls apart
Dead will march


Hell’s bells
Ring again.

-H. Murcia 3/30/2017 12:33PM

1. What energy does today bring for me?

The three of ghosts (cups) is a card of happiness, celebration, and good times. That pretty much describes my feelings on any Friday the 13th, I always get a good giggle out of the superstitions surrounding the date, even more so when it happens in October. I always feel like it’s a lucky day for me.

2. Is there anything I need to be aware of?

The Devil reversed reminds me that I need to take some time to give myself some motivation and encouragement to keep up with my goals.

3. How can I maximize today’s positive potential?

The hanged man suggests putting off decisions to achieve a better outcome. I think that means I should not cancel game night in order to work on other chores. Game night is important too, because it helps me keep in touch with friends who are far away, and the time spent relaxing and laughing with friends is more valuable than a jump start on my chores before the weekend.

4. What should I focus on throughout the day?

I have a clear long-term vision, and I’m learning not to rush through things to get there. Temperance reminds me to be patient, and adaptable as I work on cultivating balance in my life. I will be mindful of the balance that play brings, and allow myself that when I need it.

Challenge: Month Of Spreads Divination Challenge
Day: Thirteen | The Good In Thirteen

A Very Drarry Friday the 13th

pairing: Draco Malfoy / Harry Potter

a/n: i actually wrote this quite a while ago (17 months to be exact) but since it’s Friday the 13th again i thought i’ll post it to tumblr too just to honor this special day, and then i’ll get back to excitedly waiting netflix to drop something about asoue season 2

word count: ~1.8k

alt: ffn, ao3

Draco was never the superstitious type to believe Friday the 13th was some sort of unlucky day.  So far, his day had been good.  Potions was lovely as usual, he knew he did excellently and Snape’s compliments during class made sure everyone else knew it as well.  Weasley misread the instructions and added some wrong stuff when Granger turned to answer a question of Longbottom’s, so their potion went wrong, making Draco and Theo the fastest group to finish the potion.

Friday the thirteen is really my lucky day, Draco thought smugly.

And around noon he heard the rumor that Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley broke up after a big quarrel about a losing Quidditch match.  It was unfortunate for Potter, but it made Draco gleeful to see his archenemy facing a break-up on.  Draco supposed it wasn’t because of Friday the 13th that Potter got unlucky, but because that Potter was always unlucky.  It was Potter, after all.

Potter, who was an irritating git that had been fighting with him ever since their first year; who Draco loathed so much that when the Gryffindor appeared in his sight it made him itchy and alert and uncomfortable all the sudden; who caught his attention instantly every time.

Draco smirked evilly, thoroughly enjoying the idea that Potter and Ginny Weasley were no longer an item.  Who wouldn’t like seeing their longtime rival falling out of a relationship?

He looked around and found his friends all had the similar smirks like him.  Apparently the Slytherins quite enjoyed the Golden Boy’s misery.

“So your crush is now officially single again,” Blaise drawled in his usual lazy, amused tone, his eyes mischievous as he glanced at Draco, “and they say Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.”

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FRIDAY: Missing Piece

Late post, but also what’s new? This always happens with things I care about…. too real? 😅 This week’s winner is my Wednesday photo. But… it’s not really that simple.

When rebuilding a picture from memory, sometimes the pieces you come up with don’t exactly fit. But you make it work. And you make it fit. And it might change the picture a little bit - different from what you had in your head. But it doesn’t mean the new picture is less beautiful.

And whatever you do, it’s the picture that you have now. You can reject it because it’s not exactly how you thought it would be, or you can learn to love and accept it because it turns out to be exactly what you need.

- Standall