Hey guys! So this was commissioned by @ajmasno ! It’s of the characters Aj and Chad from the Friday the 13th game! I myself am not really familiar with the game but it was nonetheless a lot of fun to draw! Ajmasno is also super nice, so to them again I say thank you very much! :D

If anyone else is interested in commissioning, here is the master post! 

anonymous asked:

What do you like Deborah to wear in game? I go for the pink sweater, normal jeans and black flats

I usually go with the tastefully 80′s sweater from the Thank You DLC, along with purple jeans and the purplish flats, though once I unlock the purple sweater for her I want to use that.

Can anyone tell I like purple? XD

Just the tiniest break in the Tommy and Deborah spam this time. :3 I figured I should try drawing some of the other counselors too, so I tried my hand at Adam and AJ. They’re in the middle of fixing a car (which i can’t draw for the life of me lol XD). I kinda lengthened Adam’s hair a bit, more like his concept art, but I also used the in-game model for reference.

The way I’ve been picturing Adam is that he’s very much a “cool” guy; likes working on cars, probably has a bike, tries to keep up this sort of distant and unaffected image while secretly caring really deeply about things. And AJ’s kind of distant and chill (mostly out of shyness) and has absolutely no idea that Adam’s got a bit of a crush because he won’t say anything and she’s too preoccupied with doing her job. (Also he’s super impressed that she can find her way around an engine.)

Ah, sweet, tragic unrequited love. :3