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How would Michael and Jason handle a very sensitive s/o who can be made to cry very easily and mistakes his emotionless demeanor as the cold shoulder? When they're not crying, they're very attentive and doting like a mother, giving him a clean house, clean clothes, and home cooked meals everyday. They'd be old fashioned like his mother, proper and domestic, hard to come by and easy to lose if mishandled.


•He isn’t gonna want to put up with someone who’s crying all the time, you fell for him the way he is, what’s the problem?

•Its not his fault you’re crying, that’s really just the way he is, he doesn’t hate you, if he hated you then you would be dead, he kills people

•Seriously, if you cry too much there’s only so much he can take, he loves you when you aren’t crying over nothing but this is really too much pointless negativity for him, he wonders why you can’t understand, and why you fell for him when he hardly speaks if you’re gonna act this way

•He really does appreciate all you do for him but please just stop crying! he has told you he doesn’t hate you and tried explaining that that’s just how he is but now his patience is wearing thin, if you don’t stop, he will start resenting you and that isn’t going to go well

•He loves the food you make for him, its definitely way better than the shit he was eating before and he finds himself sometimes eating too much

•He really appreciates that you clean up after him, when you came along the house was starting to stink from all the blood he was tracking in, not to mention the mold and rotting wood of the house

•He really does love you, maybe he will bring something for you, and that will make you understand? That’s what normal people do right? Bring gifts for people to prove a point? Candy is good, and teddy bears are soft that will probably make up for the lack of hugs, he’s making an effort, maybe that’s what you wanted to begin with?

•Michael eventually realizes that while he wants you to understand him, he should also try to understand you a bit more too, after all, you do a lot to make sure he’s comfortable

•really, a long calm talk is what you two need, every time he sits you down about your crying you are in tears, and that is definitely not the best approach


•No, no please don’t cry, he just doesn’t have much to say! He gives you attention, why are you crying?

•Jason goes full mommy mode like his mother did when he’d cry, he really doesn’t want you to hate him, he loves you and appreciates all you do for him

•Jason will honestly try harder to made you happy, this poor sweetheart will bend over backwards trying to make you happy

•He loves how you take care of him, and keep the cabin looking nice, he also really appreciates your cooking

•Any time you cook for him he inhales as deeply as he can to take in as much of that aroma as possible

•He finds himself sighing in contentment from how comfortable you make him

•Jason really hopes you can be understanding, he can talk but he’s not the best at it so he prefers not to, please try to be accepting of this, his words might be rare but you can be sure they are meaningful!

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I see alot of HCs of slashers like michael and jason with smaller s/o but I was wondering if we could get some HCS of the slasher boys with fairly larger s/o (tallish or chubbier built) really enjoy your writings btw!

That sounds lovely anon, I shall do my best for you!

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When first seeing you face to face, Michael was taken back a bit by your height. He was always used to seeing others that dwarfed him in comparison, always intimidated by his height.

He wasn’t intimidated by you in the slightest, but he was pretty impressed with your height that was just an inch different from his own. He could look you in the eyes as he stood erect, which was somewhat comforting to him, and he also felt that he wouldn’t have to worry about you as much, though that wouldn’t happen. He would always worry.

You didn’t have to struggle on your tiptoes to plant a kiss on his cheek, which was often. He would try to tease you when he was in a playful mood, trying to see if he could place something just out of your reach. It worked about 2% of the time.

When he hugged you, you felt his hands slide around your waist and feel your curves, which he adored. Whenever you nonchalantly commented that you were ashamed of your weight, he’d glare because he loved everything about you and there was nothing he would ever change.

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When our big camper boy here saw you poking around Crystal Lake, he didn’t see your height from so far away, so when he approached you, he had to pause for a moment upon seeing just how tall you had been. He was only a few inches taller than you and he was in awe of you.

The fact that you were not just tall, but also a little thick was something else Jason admired you for. You were built similar to him, and even though he had shoved any thoughts to the back of his mind, he couldn’t help but think you looked gorgeous.

He liked how he could wrap his arms around you and there was just so much of you to love, you were his pride. He beamed happily whenever you would help him around the camp, you could hold your own, and he was always watching you with a warm smile hidden underneath his mask.

Jason never thought he’d be such a softie for anyone, but to see you be able to keep up with him was something to be proud of. But no matter what you looked like, it was your kind heart that pulled him to you in the end.

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I don’t even care if i get sued this time like, i actually love him. Like, he make my heart scared, and warm.

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I will happily go to jail now @channydraws

it was totally worth.

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the only cannon i will say is that he is taller than all the goats. Except maybe Hades.

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Hello again, could you do H/C of the slashers having a s/o who is a badass Exorcist Sorry if this don't make since considering some slashers are demons but i just really like the idea and your one of my favorite blogs ๐Ÿ˜Š

Howdy! I’ll do my best :3 and thank you so much that makes me so happy and you are so sweet!!♥♥♥


•When Freddy first met you he was both intrigued and scared absolutely shitless, not that he’d admit to that

•luckily you took a liking to this particular demon, the fight would have been epic, but you both know who would have won

•Freddy is very interested in the process of exorcisms, mainly so he could figure out a way to fight back against any future exorcists


•He just wants you to be safe and maybe make sure his mama’s head doesn’t get possessed k thanks

•Feels good knowing you can keep Freddy away


•He is very intrigued, his parents were very anti paranormal, so this is a good opportunity to learn

•he may try to fool you into attempting an exorcism on the house by messing with the wiring to make the lights flicker, really, its all a game to him


•Truthfully he’d be scared now that he knows demons and spirits exist, what if there’s some in the house that want to hurt him? Or you? Oh no!

•He’d get really jumpy when he hears weird sounds, you’d tell him if there were any spooks in the house, right?

•He wants you to stay safe, but truthfully he doesn’t want to be alone, or away from you, what if there’s a ghost?


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Freddy vs. Jason circa 2003, aka. Freddy gets what he deserves 🔥🔪🔥

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