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While the Whispers in the Distance (Pt.1)

These feelings mean not a thing
She knows it
Gives up
Caves in
Lets the world have its way
While the whispers in the distance
Call her name

Come to
Come to me

Come to me and bathe in your sins

In your lies
Breathless cries
Screaming why
Darkened skies

Fall down

You show none
Deserve less
Still take the time
To undress
Bare skin
Hate more
Love less
Give in
Give up

Nobody gives a damn any way…

-H. Murcia 10:37PM 7/7/2017

I went out…

I drank, ate food, walked, danced.

Me. Dancing? Insane. But I did it. And it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Old friends and new, music I’ve never heard, drinks I may regret in the morning.

I went out for myself.

I felt happy.



  • Homework: *exists*
  • Classes: *exist*
  • Responsibilities: *exist*
  • People: *exist*
  • Social Stress: *exists*
  • Studies: *exist*
  • Deadlines: *exist*
  • Me: ...Oh look! A 140k word fanfic with a 7 part sequel let's see how long it takes me to read this.

Thinking of starting a WordPress Blog to review tv shows!

Would you read it? I’d watch the pilot or maybe a few episodes and give a summary and what I think of the show! I think I’d be so fun!

What do y'all think? Would you read it? What are so tv shows or Netflix series that I should watch??

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Of trying.
Of failing.
Of giving up.

Of coping.
Of accepting.
Of being reminded.

Of settling.
Of advice to never settle.
Of complying.

Of being unappreciated,
       and uncared for.

Of tearless fights.
Of sinless nights.
Of emotions not right.

Of sharing my soul.
Of affections returned cold.
Of repeating the same role.

Of criticized lilt.
Of my bed not filled.
Of my innocence; Killed.

Of living in shame.
Of not meeting my morals.
Of not honoring my name.

Of pouring out words.
Of trying to prove her wrong.
Of just wanting:

To be heard.

© C.J. Lightbourn 2014