friday night tumblring

Sometimes Friday nights are lonely. And sometimes that´s ok. 

 “Start Again” . From the witchy series I’m working on. Expect to hear about them soooon.*:・゚✧ 

  • Homework: *exists*
  • Classes: *exist*
  • Responsibilities: *exist*
  • People: *exist*
  • Social Stress: *exists*
  • Studies: *exist*
  • Deadlines: *exist*
  • Me: ...Oh look! A 140k word fanfic with a 7 part sequel let's see how long it takes me to read this.
I would have texted you on Friday night, when I was wine drunk on an unfamiliar beach on an unfamiliar coast with people I met only days ago, but my phone was almost dead, my fingers were cold, the ocean was too beautiful to stop looking at, I had to concentrate too hard to walk on the rocky shore, the wind kept pushing my hair into my eyes, spilling secrets to strangers was too intoxicating to remember to tell you I wished you were there.
—  my excuses outnumbered the stars over the water - am I getting over you, or desperately trying to forget you?