friday night lights: season one

I’m re-watching Friday Night Lights as comfort TV so here’s my thoughts on season one, episode two:

- Julie is annoying and constantly makes terrible decisions (this is more an opinion based on the whole show and not just this ep)
- I fucking love Tami Taylor.
- I just want to give Matt Saracen a hug.

On words and winging it.

No, honestly, here’s the thing about Tami Taylor: I want to be her when I grow up. It’s her moments that add up to an enviable whole, the brief interactions she has with students, and how she listens and hears and imparts small pieces of wisdom with no judgement, without any way of knowing if it does any good.

She says as much to her husband at one point, albeit about parenting, but the spirit of it is the same: “The truth is we don’t have any control. You know, for the most part we’re just winging it. And you know, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do in this situation.” I know I’ve felt that way so many times; it resonates.

At one point, she tells Street that there’s no weakness in forgiveness. Weeks later, many episodes later, Street repeats those same exact words back to Lyla. And damned if that doesn’t resonate for me too–because so many times we, as educators, impart the wisdom we’ve learned through our own experiences and have zero clue if those words will mean as much to someone else.

Because isn’t that just truth: we never know when the words we share will mean something. Sometimes you’ll hear back that they did. But many times (most times?) you’ll never know and the knowing really doesn’t matter. But words? They will always matter. They will always have the power to stick to hearts and minds, even without your knowledge. So remember that, and keep trying, keep sharing.

[Something about a tree falling in the forest…]

the crowd chanting Zayn’s name has me so fucked up I feel like I just watched all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights in one sitting.