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Magickal Uses for Jasmine

Planetary Association:  Moon
Element:  Water
Gender:  Feminine
Deity Association:  Diana, Vishnu

History and Folklore:  
Jasmine flowers exude an exotic, sensuous scent that has long been one of the most sought after fragrances among perfumers around the world. Thus, most flowers are collected for essential oil production, but in Asia the fresh and dried flowers are also commonly available and play a great role as religious offerings. in India, the flowers of J. sambac are regarded as sacred, symbolizing innocence and purity of mind. Jasmine flower garlands adorn the temples and holy effigies or are offered to the Gods. At religious festivals the Gods themselves are thought to be present within the flowers. Jasmine flowers are never amiss at wedding ceremonies and women like to entwine a string of flowers with their hair, thus engulfing themselves with this beautiful, most sensual of natural perfumes. The fragrant Jasmine tea is particularly popular in China.

Magickal Uses:  Uses include snakebite and divination; good for charging quartz crystals. Use in sachets and spells to draw spiritual love and attract a soul mate. Carry or burn the flowers to draw wealth and money.  Helps to promote new, innovative ideas.  Symbolic of the moon and of the mysteries of the night. Jasmine essential oil is useful for sexuality, DON’T use synthetics!  They will attract a spiritual (as opposed to a physical)love.

A drop of the essential oil in almond oil, massaged into the skin, is said to overcome frigidity. The flowers will also draw wealth and money if carried, burned or worn. Jasmine will also cause prophetic dreams if burned in the bedroom, and the flowers are smelled to induce sleep. To dream of jasmine is an omen of good fortune, good news for lovers, and the prophecy of an early marriage.
Known for its ability to promote mental creativity, Jasmine helps promote new ideas.

It is also used at Eostra celebrations.

It may be included in a ritual drink, used as incense or the flowers may be worn by the high priestess.

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The Convenient Accident

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You’re having a relaxing night back at home with a bubble bath, wine, candles and good music to keep you company. That changes when you decide to send a sexy picture to your asshole of ex-boyfriend and when that picture ends up in someone’s phone. More like Captain America’s phone.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
2,095 words

Notes: This was supposed to be a drabble…lmao. Imagine Person A accidentally sending a nude photo to [friend/boss/ect.] when they meant to send it to B. There goes the prompt! Hope you all enjoy! <3

Lighting on the last smelly candle around your bathtub and throwing a few relaxing salts into the water, you couldn’t help but sigh contently as you stepped into the warm water. 

After such a shitty day at work, all you wanted from a Friday night was a warm bath, a glass of wine and some good music to take you out of the edge again. 

Sometimes you’d even think of yourself as an old soul – while all your girlfriends were out partying and drinking colorful drinks, you were lying in a bathtub, almost falling asleep with the comforting scent of lavender filling the room when not drinking some expensive wine you bought especially for occasions like this. 

Even so, you didn’t bother much when they sending you several texts, your phone crazily ringing as the notifications filled your lockscreen. 

Chuckling quietly at their rowdiness, you quickly swiped off your phone and started typing out a quick reply. 

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Friday Night Baths (Marco Reus)

If you could, you’d sing to the high heavens about how happy you were that the work week was finally over. Friday’s didn’t seem to come quick enough these days. Of course, you knew that having a job and a flat to even pay bills for were privileges. But adulting was hard man. Sometimes, you caught yourself longing for the days of being a teen with no obligations again. Then you remembered how awful it was having to rely on your parents for everything, making you appreciate where you were in life. It was a painful cycle.

When you got home, you immediately made your way to the bathroom to draw a warm bath. You floated through your place as the water filled the tub, stripping off your clothes as you did so. It was a mess in here, but you’d worry about cleaning later. Right now, all you needed was to relax. You went back to the bathroom, connecting your phone to the wireless speaker to play some soft music. Before you slid into the tub, you put one of your favorite flower bath bombs in.

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Fandom Friday!! This week dear bloggers we have a treat reminiscent of, “Welcome to Night Vale”…….Or in our case, “Welcome to Lush Vale”….

For this elegant blending of golden sunshine straight from Desert Bluffs, you will need a Strex Corp approved Sunnyside bubble bar. The beautiful lustre makes an iridescent glittery effect like the sands in a desert storm. (Which is why I call it, ‘Midnight Sands’)

The Night Vale purple is caused by the sweet smelling Blackberry bath bomb. The Government agent assigned to you from the Sheriffs Secret Police Department and the Old Woman who secretly lives in your home will adore this Lush cult classic. Whether you’re sharing the bath with your perfect scientist or having some time to plan your next radio broadcast pondering over the many mysteries of life, this bathing beauty is so perfect, you will fall in love instantly!

(If you haven’t listened to Welcome to Night Vale yet, you totally need to! It’s free on podbay or itunes. For more “Welcome to Night Vale” themed awesomeness check out the way I used our products for my cosplay)

anonymous asked:

What the signs do on a Friday night?

aries: eat trash

taurus: bathe in coffee

gemini: send 500 emails to obama about baby carrots

cancer: fill cupcakes with poison to give to their enemies

leo: teleport to the 1950′s

virgo: recharge their robot batteries

libra: spread rumours online about how licking candle wax will make you live forever

scorpio: practice their scandinavian accent for when they move there to start a new life

sagittarius: make contact with aliens

capricorn: fill their basement with corn

aquarius: play kim kardashian hollywood for hours on end

pisces: give a spa day to their barbies

Justanotherdumbbandimagineblog Masterpost: Luke Hemmings

This is a masterlist of all of justanotherdumbbandimagineblog that can be reblogged for easier access.

Ashton Calum Michael

Luke Hemmings Imagines:

“And all we ever do is fight”

“Testing Grounds”


“Nerdy fighters”

“Dry mouth”

“Oh forget about that freedom”

“Like its ya birthday”

“Tell me how to get closer”

“Secret crush”

“We all have our obsessions”

“Hemmings boys”

“Dont even act like you do" 

"I’d take that”

“My bestfriend in the world”

“All we want”

“They say she wouldnt make it far" 


“You know I’d never”

“He says he loves you" 

"Its hard to hear your name.”

“You love it” (part 2 is here)

“Just sayin’, just sayin’.”

“Good times with the new family" 

"Traced the cord back to the wall”

“Knee surgery girl”

“Good kids?”

“And a happy new year”

“Heights are soaring”



“Dirty little secret”

“Library worms”

“Chillllll Hemmings" 

"To show I’m here forever”

“My friend’s brother?”

“Shy little Lukey”

“Nightmare nights”

“Merry Merry Merry" 

"It feels like you’re smothering me”

“I guess kids run the show”


"Secrets dont follow trends”

“Would you even worry about mine?”

“On angel’s hair and babies breath”

“Just say yes to me" 

"What happened to just messin’ around?”

“Look who’s all shy now”

“Badboys are good boys in disguise”

“Bust up”

“Crazy, Stupid, you and me”

“Sadness seeps in" 

"Glowstick Love”

“So much and so little" 

"Are you scared?”

“My innocent”

“Drive forever baby" 

"Ho ho holyyyy shit”

“Lets do this all the time” (smutty)

“It was a friday night”

“Bath time”

“Say my name again and again”


“Just do it”

“Best boyfriend I’ve ever had”

“I’m so awkward”

“Is this a deal-breaker?”

“Show me how it is”

“Hungry like the wolf”

“Lets go down in flames" 

"Good thing I like nerds" 

"Be a man”

“Lets create something as beautiful as this”

“American (we’re horrified) Story”

“Lovers turn to each other" 

"Let me tell you about my girl- I mean bestfriend”

“This house is not a home”


“We used to take things slow”

“Good Times being freaked out..yeeeah” 

“Oh well, uh this is one way to work it”

“Call and I’ll be here" 

"Pregnancy’s are scary”

“Wrapped up in love”

“Better late than never I think”

“Brisk nights with a cute guy ayyy”

“Its dark, its cold." 

"Not today, not with my girl, not with anyone else”

“I can get down with some quality time”

“Darling dont let me down”

“What do you expect this time?”


“Mark me, love me”

“I dont think about it anymore”

“So this is my ride

"There’s nothing like a father’s love" 

"Well Hello Mr. Hemmings" (Smut)

"My girl, my cuddles”

“This is when I break into this hollow shell” (sort of smutty)

“I’ve got a theater attitude”

“Hey there sweet little thing, what’s it like to be you?”

“Here I am asking to run away for us”

“All about this life”

“I have you and I’m not letting them win”

“I have got you right by the heart”

“Thanks geek”

“Keep on telling me what I need to hear”

“Good things hurt us sometimes”

“Sorry for any lost cause along the way

"Master of Escapes" ((Smut))

"Would you like to go to Morp- Uh shit I mean Prom!!”

“Talk about hypocrites”

“Stay away from my family”

“Egos get in the way”

“Sweets on top of sweets” ((Smut))

“Just call me angel”

“According to them”

“Our story is my favourite novella”

“Money Bags”


“Dear Diary, we fell apart”

“My Perfect Boyfriend”

“The teasing that never ends” (Smut)

“Well I’m never gonna do that to you”

“I’m not going to let you get over-whelmed.”

“Another All-Star”

“Sisters, can you blame us?" 

"Dont stray”

“Surprises let me know he cares”

“Its a small world”

“And my weakness is, is that I care too much”

“Interruptions are nice”

“Even the prettiest flowers get grey clouds over them”

“So can you blame a guy like me?” ((Slightly Smutty))

“Why’re you reblogging him and not me?”

“Nerdy little rockstar”

“Please say you still care" 

"Just another idiot lookin’ for a happy life” ((Slight Smut))

“I’m seein’ them sparks flying now!" 

"I feel much more relaxed now thanks”  (Smutty)

“I’m always here and always gone all at once" 

"I should ask for them to join us next time”

“Talk about unexpected” (Part 2 is here

“You brought this feeling all over me" 

"So you were always this cute”

“What keeps you up at night?”

“Stop this”

“My fault, its always my fault" ((Slight Smut))

"I just wanted to be a winner for once”

“How was it?” ((Sllliiiight Smut!!))

“You better lose yourself…then fall off a cliff”

“The Distance is Daring”

“This is your life and you’re free to live it, just not like this" ((Trigger Warning so dont get all butthurt, I’m warning you))

"I didnt mean it like that…but I really did”

“Sometimes we all get side-tracked”

“Get well soon’s and I love you’s”

“I’ll protect you always and forever" 

"Surprise surprise sweetheart”

“Sweetest mvp”

“I wouldn’t think any different”

“Hush Little Angel" 

"Say hello to the howling skies”

“Dont think about it" 

"I’m gonna get the hang of this” 

“Well I’m Fucked” (Light Smut)

“You are a babe” (Smut)

“I’m Not Afraid to Fight Him”

“Everywhere I go”

“Just Another 5sos Fam Member Waiting to Happen”

“If Just for Tonight”

“Small Fry and String Bean Strike Again”

“I Dont Just Want This to be a One Time Thing”

“Food and a Cute Boy Who’s about 6’2" 

"I’m Always Going to Love You”

“Living for Today”

“You’re so Cute When You’re Over-Excited”

“Not That Innocent” ((Smut))

“Social Rejection Fest” 

“I Never Felt the Need" ((Light Smut))

"I’ll help you” (Light Smut)

“Pretty Girls Make Me Nervous”

“I just love to hate you” (Smut)

“You Belong With Me”

“That’s my Little Girl Too you Know?”

“Silence” ((Smut))

“This isnt a Drill” 

“I’ll be home soon! (And by soon I mean another three months)” -Part 2’s here-

“I’ll Never Find Anyone Else I Love More than You" 

"You’re Not Going to Walk for Weeks" ((Smut))

"Good Girls are just Bloggers who Havent Been Caught”

“We’ll Be Alright" ((Smut))

"How are we Going to Explain?” (Light Smut)

“Just Another Ugly Nerd" ((Smut))

"Scars Dont Define You” (Trigger Warning!!!!)

“Strict Parents Create Sneaky Kids”

“Same Old Games” 

“I Still Think You’re Beautiful”

“Mixed Emotions" 

"Why Shouldnt I be Jealous?” 

“Showers are better with Two People” ((Smut))

“Birthday Disaster" 

"The Valley of Death” ((Based off song ‘Gangsta’s Paradise))