friday night and bored

Archie Andrews Imagine

“I Hate Parties”

Summary: Betty and Veronica were always dragging you out to parties, the only thing that makes this one any better is the arrival of the one and only Archie Andrews.

Word count: 3030

a/n: It’s way longer than I thought it was gonna be but what the heck. Sorry if it sucks but I suck so it’s appropriate.

Parties had never really been your thing. Like you liked going out sometimes, and every once in a while you would be in the mood to dance, but after a while it just felt boring. Every time you got ready on Friday nights with Betty and Veronica you would be excited; ‘This time will be different,’ you’d think to yourself. But time after time it would end up the same way with the same house of people dancing to the same music and playing the same game of beer pong. Tonight was no exception.

“Can we leave yet?” you yelled over the booming bass to B and V, trailing behind them.

Veronica turned her head to answer you, “Okay, we literally, and I mean literally, just walked in. You haven’t even had time to get bored yet!” She pushed through the crowd and led the trio to the bar in the corner of the room. “So,” she turned to you and Betty with 3 shot glasses, “shots anyone?”

You rolled your eyes and looked to Betty for a go/no-go. “I’m convinced that you have some sort of radar or sonar or something when it comes to finding alcohol” Betty joked back.

“It’s residual from my days in New York,” she said handing each of you a shot glass. “Gentlemen, to our wives and girlfriends,” she started the usual toast looking at the two of you expectantly. You turned you Betty and completed it simultaneously laughing, “May they never meet” and downed the shot, feeling the vodka burn all the way down your throat. You weren’t a huge fan of alcohol, yet another reason parties weren’t your favorite place, but being drunk was fun sometimes. Since it was the getting drunk that was the annoying part, you generally stuck to vodka. You preferred its nail polish remover taste that could get the job done faster to the slow-working, carbonated urine formally known as beer.

Just then, the music changed to “Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE, a song that was notoriously Betty’s jam. Her eyes widened and she jumped up in down in excitement. “We have to dance!” she squealed pulling your and Veronica’s wrists toward the dance floor.

“I think I’m gonna sit this one out guys,” you explained trying to get out of this inevitable public display of embarrassment.

“What, you don’t dance Chad Danforth?” Veronica teased in a very Veronica-esque way. Betty chimed in, “Because we all know how that ends, Chad dances with Ryan like the whole time”.

“It’s not that I’m too good to dance, it’s just I’m not drunk yet enough to dance”

That must have been an acceptable answer because Betty simply pointed at you and began to back away with Veronica in tow with a “Hey batter batter, hey batter batter, swang,” to which you yelled back over the growing crowd with your hands cupped around your mouth, “I’ve got to just do my thang!”

B and V faded behind an ocean of people and you were alone. Just you and the vodka. Speaking of the vodka…

You turned to the bar and poured yourself another shot and stuck your tongue out at the offensive taste. You poured some coke into a red solo cup and started to walk away then thought better. You turned around and poured some more vodka in with the coke. What? It was gonna be a long night.

You made your way through the room, deliberately avoiding the table with the jungle juice and found a dimly lit corner to lean in.

I wonder where Archie is right now? It’s not like he normally hangs out with us at parties anyway. Since they always happen after football games he usually hangs out with the rest of the team, but you were curious. You would never admit it to anyone, not even Betty or Veronica and especially not to Archie, but you’d had feelings for him for quite some time. There were times when you wanted to tell him about it, he was one of your friends after all, but you truly felt that he didn’t feel the same way. It wasn’t worth the risk.

“You like hanging out in dark corners, loner?”

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. You could identify that voice anywhere: the one and only Archie Andrews.

“You like staring into dark corners, creeper?” you shot back.

Archie chuckled and approached with open arms for a friendly hug. “Hey y/n,”

“Hey Tom Brady, great game.” You pulled out from the hug but stayed standing close to him to be able to hear each other over the loud music.

He smiled, “It wasn’t exactly the Super Bowl, but thank you. So, what are you drinking?” He plucked the plastic cup out of your hand. “This isn’t the jungle juice, is it?” he questioned with a slightly alarmed but mostly joking tone. Reggie’s jungle juice was pretty famous, or more accurately infamous.

“God no,” you shook your head, “It’s just coke.”

“Good. Stay away from the jungle juice.” He took a sip and did a bit of a spit take into a nearby plant overdramatically. He looked at you with a faux-shocked expression. “Just coke, huh y/n?”

“Just coke as in mostly coke. As in there’s slightly more coke than vodka.”

“Alcohol’s illegal for people our age you know,” he warned just before he drank half of the cup’s contents.

You narrowed your eyes and leaned toward him as if trying to get a better look, “Why, you a cop?”

He glanced around, checking that the imaginary coast was clear before he leaned in. “You ever seen 21 Jump Street?”

“Ah,” you nodded.

“Yeah.” He said with a laugh, straightening his back and returned the cup to your hand. You thought his hand had lingered for a second touching yours; you were probably just imagining it. You had to be imagining it, but the moment was over before you could really be sure.

“Uh,” you tried to regain your composure. “Betty and Veronica were in the other room dancing the last time I saw them,” You offered figuring this had to be his destination. You were friends/friendly with him but they were all really close. The only reason you even knew Archie in the first place is because you had become good friends with the girls.

He shrugged his shoulders, “Okay.” He blinked at you and didn’t move. You tried to suppress the smile that was threatening to show itself. Maybe he was here for you. The electronic music blared on and you scanned the room, looking for nothing in particular in an attempt to make yourself busy, or at least make yourself look busy. The house was filled to the brim with a mix of people, some you knew, some you didn’t. People were singing and dancing and yelling and drinking and smoking and—okay, you couldn’t ignore it anymore. Archie was still looking at you! You could feel his eyes on you from the side.

You glanced at him and couldn’t help but let out a nervous laugh. He was just smiling down at you like a fool. “Is… is there something I can do for you Mr. Andrews?”

He smirked, keeping a laugh to himself, “No, it’s just,” he shook his head looking down at his feet. “Nah, never mind.”

“Oh, come on! What? Do I have something on my face? Is my hair messed up?” You ran your fingers through your hair trying to fix any possible issues.

“No, you look great. I was uh,” he looked back up at you. “It was just that you looked really cute.” He shrugged his shoulders and looked off to the rest of the party, the flashing lights washing his face with a blue and red light, hitting his cheekbones in just the right way to leave a shadow in the hollows of his cheeks. It wasn’t until that moment that you really noticed how close he was standing to you. He was at max 6 inches from you; he could lean forward the tiniest bit and kiss you (if he were so inclined). It all felt too good to be true. He had to be drunk or something.

“How many drinks have you had?”

“Just the sip of your ‘mostly coke’. Why?”

For some reason this answer bothered you more than if he had been drunk. The fact that he called you ‘cute’ while being almost completely sober was, as far as you could tell, reason for alarm. “Let’s go find some drinks.” Frankly, you needed another one.

You grabbed him by the wrist so you wouldn’t lose him in the crowd and began to push through the mess of sweaty bodies toward the familiar bar. You would have made it too, if it weren’t for the jungle juice. You were walking past the table with the punch bowl of the “juice” on it, the bar was in sight, when some random drunk guy with a cup full of, you guessed it, Reggie’s famous jungle juice rammed into you, spilling the entire contents of the cup all over your shirt. Your mouth hung open and the people around you all gasped.

Archie pushed between you and the guy, “Hey man, why don’t you watch where you’re going?” There was some real anger in his voice, and you weren’t going to lie, it was pretty hot.

“Well why don’t you mind your own business?” the guy said getting right in Archie’s face. He opened his mouth to respond but before he could get anything out you put your hand on his shoulder from behind him.


He looked down at you, clenching his jaw. “C’mon Arch, it’s not worth it.”

He looked back up at the guy for a moment then back down at you. The crowd that had gathered around you all waiting in anticipation for Archie’s response.

He nodded his head, “I know where the bathroom is,” the crowd of people returned to their former activities with sounds of general dismay that there hadn’t been a fight. “Let’s go see what the damage is.” He grabbed your hand in his and led you in the opposite direction as the bar, down a hallway, and into a bathroom.

It was pretty dark in the house so you couldn’t really see how badly it had spilled on your shirt yet. Archie closed the door behind you while you felt around on the wall for a light switch. You flipped on the switch and he immediately gasped sharply.

“Is it that bad?” you asked. You couldn’t being yourself to look in the mirror yet.

“No… I mean it’s…” He tried to think of some consolation to give, unsuccessfully. “Yeah, it is that bad.”

You hesitantly turned to face the mirror, squinting enough to delay the inevitable. Your eyes sprung open and you found that yes, it truly was that bad.

“Oh my god.”

“I told you.”

“This shirt ruined! How am I supposed to wear this for the rest of the night?”

“Well, you did say you wanted to find another drink. I guess it found you first,” You looked at him in the mirror and rolled your eyes. “And I did warn you to stay away from the jungle juice” he laughed getting a closer look at the stain.

You turned to him and sighed, “I have to go home. There’s no way I can walk around like this.” You still didn’t like parties, and this was no exception, but you were actually getting to hang out with Archie alone. This was just your luck.

“Take my shirt,” He blurted out, rather loudly.

“Take your shirt? Like the one you’re wearing right now? Arch as much as I’m sure that every girl at this party would love to see you walking around shirtless, neither of us are at that point of drunkenness yet.”

“It’s fine. Even if you’re got my jersey, I’ve still got my letterman,” he countered, already peeling off his jacket and throwing it on the floor. “It’s not like I’ll be completely shirtless.” You thought about this for a moment before hesitantly nodding your head in agreement. You really didn’t want this night to end just yet. Plus, shirtless Archie.

You took off your stained t-shirt and threw it in the trash, no stain remover was powerful enough to work on that jungle juice. You stood awkwardly in just your plain black bra. You definitely had cuter, but you hadn’t planned on anyone, especially not Archie, seeing you shirtless tonight. Archie pulled off his jersey leaving both of you half naked. And let me tell you he was built with a capital B. Just as he was handing you the jersey, the bathroom door flings open. It seems neither of you had remembered to lock it in the chaos of the dark.

Kevin Keller stumbled into the room, clearly at least a little bit intoxicated. It took him a second but when he finally realized what he had walked into, at least what it looked like he had walked into, his eyes widened dramatically taking in the scene. It was understandable. You were sure this looked a lot worse than it really was.

“Oops!” he exclaimed.

“Kevin, it’s really not what it looks like,” you tried to explain to him with your hands out in front of you as if trying to calm a wild animal.

“Don’t even worry about it you guys. Your secret’s safe with me,” he tried to wink at you but the alcohol in his system just turned it into a sloppy blink. This sentiment did nothing to ease your concern. Kevin was not the person people told secrets to. Kevin was the person people told when they wanted the whole town to know something.

Archie tried to stop him too, “No, Kevin man, it’s not like that. Her shirt just-“

“Hey, you don’t have to explain yourselves to me. I always knew Archie - Y/n would happen. Don’t you worry about a thing. My lips are sealed.” He stumbled out of the bathroom and Archie quickly shut the door behind him, locking it this time.

You both stood in an awkward silence for a few seconds, neither of you knowing exactly what to say.

After about 30 seconds you asked already knowing the answer, “He’s definitely going to go tell Betty and Veronica about this, right?”

“I’m sure they already know.”

You nodded your head and took the jersey from his hand. He slung on the jacket and waited for you. You pulled his jersey over your head. It was big on you but not too big. It smelled like Archie. It felt right. He opened the door and you followed him out of the room, only for him to stop abruptly. You ran into him and then peered over his shoulder at what had stopped him. Who else but Cheryl Blossom joined by Josie at her side.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” she said in her Cheryl way, her eyes scanning up and down. “The quarterback and the rando hooking up at a party together. How cliché. Doesn’t this feel like a bad 80’s rom-com?”

Josie joined in, “Who’s Molly Ringwald in this situation?”

“I’m like Breakfast Club Molly Ringwald and Y/n’s like Sixteen Candles Molly Ringwald. That makes Archie Jake Ryan!”

Neither of you had the patience to try and explain the situation to her. Archie grabbed your hand pulling you in the other direction down the hallway. “It’s been a pleasure as usual Cheryl,” he yelled behind him.

Over the blaring music, you could just make out her say “Or maybe she’s more Pretty in Pink Molly Ringwald…”

He pulled you through a different part if the house to a patio where a few random couples were making out. They were taking up all the seating and he scratched his head not knowing where to go.

“Why don’t we just sit in the grass?” you suggested. You walked over to a far part of the lawn that was dark but still lit by the moon. The music was muffled and distant, present enough that would could have private conversation, but still muted. He sat down crisscross applesauce style and you followed suit, chuckling to yourself. You both sat with your forearms resting on your knees, leaving only a couple of inches between each other.

“We’re finally alone.” He stated quietly, sounding satisfied. The moon lit up half of his face and his fiery locks glinted as he tilted his head.

“Yeah, that’s why I come to parties. To be alone. Just me and two-hundred of my closest friends.” You breathed sarcastically.

He grinned at your reply. He looked at you for a moment. Just really looked at you. He was really seeing you.

He looked away timidly, “You look good in my jersey you know.”

You raised an eyebrow, “Yeah?” He nodded his head. You considered how to reply. “Well I guess I’m just gonna have to try out for the football team then.”

“Or,” He leaned in even closer, “alternatively,” his lips just centimeters from yours, “you could just…” He pressed his lips to yours, lightly but passionately, like it was something he’d been wanting to do for a long time. His lips were soft and it felt right, he felt right. It only lasted a couple of seconds but it felt like forever, in a good way. He pulled back and all you could both do was grin at each other.

All of a sudden, a mess of loud yelling coming from the house caught both of your attention. “Woo!!!” “Oh yeah!!!” “Get it!!!” “Hashtag Archie-Y/n!!!” Veronica and Betty were hanging out of a window calling out to the two of you. You looked up at the sky in embarrassment and Archie just shook his head at them, laughing. They pumped their fists and chanted “OTP, OTP, OTP…”

Archie stood up and put his hand out to pull you up, “Do you wanna go to Pop’s? Or anywhere that isn’t right here?” “Gladly,” you agreed, “I hate parties.”

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sanvers + kisscam au

alex danvers is bored. which on a date on a friday night? nothing new to her. she continuously tried and tried before and it never felt right, but with kara in the happiest relationship she’s ever been in with james, alex feels this need to try one more time. to maybe hope to excel at this one last time.

it’s going about as well as it did the last time she had tried this. horribly.

so far internet dating has resulted int four of terrible dates. two she left before they could even hit the first hour, this one she promised she would at least try and stop to enjoy it. 

yet, it hasn’t been working. alex feels like she would rather her drown herself, physically in the beer in her hand than continue to sit here and drink it and pretend that she’s enjoying the guy’s arm around her shoulder, or his stupid scruffy face or god, the way he keeps shushing her when she goes to say something. 

this baseball game would be much more enjoyable if she were allowed to have an opinion, but this guy hasn’t once asked if she even knew the teams, or anything about the game, he just assumed she hadn’t. assumed she was oblivious and stupid, and so inherently female that she didn’t understand a simple game.

a game she played as a kid herself, when she wasn’t surfing. a game she gets to play sometimes with kara on a larger scale when they hit up the desert and they see how far she can hit it. 

( not how hard, kara! how far. )

and boy is this grinding on her nerds. she goes to speak once more but the just a second babe. gives her enough response to decide that within the next inning she was going to excuse herself, and leave. she was just waiting for an acceptable moment. 

there’s a lull in the game, and alex thinks this might be her moment. josh, the idiot she decided to go out with tonight, has turned to some guy next to her, and has spent three minutes ( she knows she’s counted on her watch - deo grade and all. ) talking to him about the third baseman. 

her eyes dart up to the large screen, she thinks it was more out of a small habit of trying to find somewhere to look, that wasn’t leaning closer to his horrible breath, but when she does she gasps.

a large intake of breath happens, and she’s not even sure that that she’s seeing correctly until people are cheering and she can feel the pit of dread in her stomach. it settles like a bad night with too much alcohol. 

national city’s kisscam! in bright big letters that alex danvers thinks about smashing into little itty bitty pieces.

she turns to josh because she expects - even though the screen shows differently - that he’d be waiting for her to well, kiss him. but he’s not, he’s still engaged in whatever stupid conversation he was having, his arm wasn’t even around her anymore she was completely disentangled form him. and though she should be grateful right now she’s mostly mortified and annoyed.

for fucks sake.


one achingly long beat.


another beat.


a sharp intake of breath.


“babe, listen, give me like five fucking minutes and we’ll go get something to eat alright? chill out.”

he didn’t even turn around, or stop talking to the other oblivious and clearly there by himself idiot.

she’s about to handle this alex danvers style. with finesse. with anger. with god damn pride, and stride off camera. 

she blindly reaches for her jacket behind her when she feels a tap next to her.

she goes to snap. she goes to say what the hell do you want? she goes to say anything but instead, she lays eyes on the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. with the softest eyes, and a large and nervous grin. and alex swears that her stomach both swooped and got butterflies at the same time.

no way.

she doesn’t even realize that the other woman is talking, until she realizes that she’s waiting for a response.


instead of an explanation she gets a laugh and the other woman must have made an executive decision. one because she would guess later, the camera was going to move very soon if she didn’t.

it takes literally three whole seconds for her to realize the woman is kissing her.

before she can even realize what’s happening her hand is reaching out to fit along the jaw of the other woman. the mystery woman. trying to pull her closer.

she mentally makes a list of the first three things that can come to her mind clearly. 

one. she’s kissing a woman, a woman!! 

two. said woman’s kiss has to be the best kiss she’s ever gotten in like forever. possibly in the entirety of her whole dating life. possibly in the next forever as well. she may never get kissed this well again.

 three. the crowd is cheering, the world is moving on, somewhere behind her she hears josh’s loud what the fuck! but none of that matters because three, oh three. this woman has the softest lips alex has ever kissed and she doesn’t want to stop.

she unfortunately does though. only when said woman pulls away, dimple worthy grin on her face, glancing behind alex with a flush.

alex is dazed, and confused, and so, so, so wanting to kissing her again, which is confusing, but very much an impulse she’d give into. 

but she’s enough put together that she knows to glance behind where ever the other woman’s gaze is. it turns out its on josh, who’s stomping his way through the aisle. throwing things as he goes. screaming still. and alex can’t help but laugh loudly.


“yeah, oh. you were pretty into that for a straight girl.”

“um -” alex feels her face heating up and she doesnt know what to say, how to move, to say she’s not gay. because she’s not right?

“i see. how about this…” the brunette raises an eyebrow and alex feels herself listening even closer.

“i’m maggie. maggie sawyer. i’m ncpd outside of this bad atmosphere.”

alex tries not to look so disappointed as to where that sentence went.

“i’m alex danvers. alex. i work - um, well, i’m a bio-engineer.” 

real smooth, she thinks to herself. she’s never stuttered so easily over that.

“well miss bioengineer who is clearly straight, and in no way gay, whatsoever. how about since my very, very gay date stood me up, and yours seems to be a massive prick, we get out of here and grab something to eat? i know this great place that has veggie burgers and -”

“oh my god, gross.”

“if you had let me finish, and normal ones if you’re going to need that in your system. and we can ignore all of everything else and maybe just get to know each other? on our very, very, very not gay date. hm?”

alex feels her face heat up again, and she can’t help but nod.

“you’re buying.”

“i just saved your ass from city wide humiliation on screen and i have to buy dinner! preposterous.” 

“you said your date stood you up, i think you’ll be okay.”

alex is feeling brave, and bold, and butterflies floating in her stomach, and suddenly somewhere it hits her that this is what she wanted out of this date. and maybe, she’ll panic about that later. right now she could really use some food.

“fine then. come on you sneaky little punk who probably makes more than on her what i’m assuming is a scientist salary. let’s get you some food.”

( alex does have a gay panic. she has a panic so hard that she panics in front of maggie, because that’s where she accidentally slept over watching bad netflix.  it takes alex a whole three days to come to terms with it. it takes alex and maggie three weeks to admit their dating. )

( it only took them two years to get engaged. at that same baseball stadium, and maggie was nothing if not thorough, and she made sure, that the proposal ended up on the big screen. as a reminder of how they met. )

( alex decides maybe she wont smash the words national city’s kisscam! after all. )

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fuckboy!dan based on shape of you?

- strutting into a random bar, exuding confidence was definitely what you didn’t expect yourself to be to doing on a boring friday night but alas, you found yourself with elaborate hair and makeup in a tight dress you pulled from your closet

- when you entered the front two doors, it felt like all eyes were on you, which was a surprisingly new sensation but you sure as hell weren’t complaining

- thirty minutes were spent at the bar, strange men coming to you, buying you a drink and attempting to hit on you but being proven useless as you had your eyes on one in particular

- he was sitting across the room doing shots with his friends clad in a black button down, a few buttons undone, and tight black jeans, his messy dark hair swept to the side and his chocolate eyes locked on you

- after a half hour of waiting for him to make a move, you decide to pursue him, bringing your drink and setting it on the table, liquid courage pulsing through your veins

- grabbing his hand, he stands, mere inches from your lips as he pushes the stray hairs from your face and leaning down even closer

- “what’s your name baby?” “y/n” “nice to meet you, y/n. name’s dan.”

- dragging him to the dance floor, his hands find your waist and your bodies intermingle

- “im in love with the shape of you,” he chuckles as you press your bum against his front side and grind, giggling to yourself and wrapping your arms around
his neck

- leaving the club with his arm around you waist, teasing you in the back of the cab before pinning you to his bed, letting the sheets swallow your scent

Obsession - jb {part 1}

A/N: So someone asked for me to do a romance type of imagine for them but, based off of what they want, I couldn’t possibly just write it in one part so, there’s going to be multiple parts to this. Just so y'all know, Justin isn’t famous in this. :)

Warnings: language and whatnot. not much is going to happen until the next part.

Justin Bieber POV

It was a boring, Friday night. The boys and I were kicking it at my place because we had nothing else better to do. Being a regular guy with good looks had its perks in LA—sometimes. I could get into whatever party I wanted to and, I could get with any girl I wanted too. But, not tonight of course. I was on my phone scrolling through my Instagram feed when something caught my attention.

Since when was I following this girl, I thought to myself. Regardless, I wasn’t complaining. She was a stunning individual. Still made me wonder when I ever met her, that’s if I did.

“Who’s she?” Ryan questioned from behind me, catching me off guard.

“Don’t know.” I replied blandly, “Why are you behind me exactly? Don’t you have better things to be doing than watching me?”

“Wasn’t watching you. I happened to walk by and caught a glance of her. No need to be so agitated.” Ryan said, walking away from me. Finally, I could have some alone time.

I scrolled through the rest of this female’s Instagram. I wasn’t stalking her but, I just wanted to look through her pictures. There was no harm in doing it, right?

I heard the boys making a whole bunch of noise in the kitchen so, I got up from where I was to see what they were blabbering about. “Why are you guys going making all this noise?” I inquired, clearly annoyed.

“We’re thinking about going to this party. You should come with us.” Steven suggested. “You look like you could use some time outside.”

“I don’t need shit. I’m perfectly fine where I am.” I scoffed.

“You’re clearly not if you were drooling over that girl on Instagram.” Ryan chuckled, “Bro, it’s totally obvious you want her and she’s probably going to be there so, put two and two together.”

I rolled my eyes, shaking my head. “Tell me why you guys are my friends again.”


“Don’t answer it!” I barked, “It was a rhetorical question.”

“Jesus Justin, chill out.” Ryan continued, “Going out will be good for the soul, well, your soul.”

“So funny,” I wryly chuckled, “Maybe I could use some fresh air but, I’m not going to see that girl.”

“Stop lying to yourself! You know you want her.” Ryan nudged me in the arm, “It’ll be our little secret, huh?”

“Get off of me man. I said I’m not going just because she’s there.” I walked away from the group of them, heading upstairs to change into something more decent. Who was I kidding, of course I wanted to see her! I had to meet her in person, get to know her, and whatever else I had to do.

Someone as beautiful as her should be kicking with a guy like me; as cocky as it sounds.

After rummaging through my closet, I finally picked something that looked good. Always gotta look good because you never know who you might run into. I wore a black tank top with a black leather jacket because it go cold at night and, dark colored ripped jeans. To top it off, I put on my black Supra hat. 

I looked like a million bucks, I thought to myself. 

Ryan walked into the room inspecting me. “And you said you weren’t going to see that girl.” He laughed, rolling his eyes. “Anyways, we’re leaving so hurry up.“ 

"I’m coming!” I growled. Ryan soon left my room and I inspected myself once more. Ryan really was a trip, made me wonder why I was best friends with him. I walked out of my room and jogged down the stairs to the main area. 

The boys were standing around waiting for me. Well, hate to break it to them but, they’re going to be standing around a little longer.

“Any day now Bieber.” Ryan tapped on his wrist, indicating that time was going. I was honestly in no rush, I didn’t even want to go to this party in the first place but, I wanted to do something tonight rather than sit around and think about this girl.

I put my shoes on my feet and grabbed my car keys from the key holder on the wall. I had to bring out my special baby tonight and it was the BMW i8 Base Coupe, with a custom job. The guys grabbed their keys as well and followed me out to the garage. I opened the door and there sat everyone’s car. Everyone hopped into theirs leaving just me standing around.

Now or never Bieber.

I got into my car, starting the engine. I waited for the boys to pull out before bringing my car out. Maybe tonight would be a good night.


A/N: so what do you guys think? does this deserve a part 2?? let me know any thoughts or opinions here!

Good enough - G-EAZY IMAGINE

I’m like hey what’s up hello people! Here I am again, with another imagine based on this vine and a situation that happened to me not a long time ago. So, enjoy, fellas and remember, the requests are always open! Dedicated to one of my best buddy Domenica, love you!  M xxx


Summary: You are with your boyfriend Gerald and you are watching vines and you watch one in particular that catches your eye.

Warnings: Cursing (duh), fluff and pure sexiness


It was a late Friday night and you were bored. Gerald, your boyfriend of a few months, was in your shared room, playing Black Ops 3 when you were in the kitchen, cooking dinner for you two. Mac and cheese was simmering in a pot and you were on a chair near the counter, watching vines on your computer. You couldn’t help it; you looked up G-Eazy edit, because yes, you were a proud fangirl. As a matter of fact, you met G at a concert, you were in the VIP section and you had a meet and greet after. He told you that you were the prettiest girl he ever saw and he fell in love with you. 

Scrolling vine after vine, you didn’t pay attention, till you heard something that interested you. You lifted your head and saw an edit of Gerald, showing his jawline. The song was smooth and sexy and you liked it immediately. You watched  the edit multiple times until you could recite the lyrics by heart. Yes, G had a very sharp jawline, but it was a part of him and you didn’t specifically pay attention to it. Till now.

You needed advice. If you were good enough for your very handsome boyfriend. You called your best friend, Domenica, because she was wise (or not) and she would know the truth. 

“Hey Y/N! What’s up?”

“okay Domen, I have a problem. I just saw a vine that was like really good and I need your advice.”

“damn it looks important”

“do you think I’m good enough for G? Like, you know, he’s so handsome, talented and popular and I just don’t know what he thinks about me. I’m just a normal fangirl, you know, nothing special. I don’t have a talent or an ability. Thousands of girls are better than me, why did he choose me? He could have Beyonce, for all I know.”

“Are you kidding me? Cheer the fuck up! You’re super pretty, intelligent and you are very clever. Why the heck do you think you’re in one of the best university of the world with HONORS, for Christ’s sake. Also, why did he choose you if you think he can have any other girl? Because you’re the best. That’s why, bae.”

“If I wasn’t straight, I would date you. Like let’s be lesbians for a day and I can kiss you,” you said laughing.

“yeah yeah, one day. Hey I gotta go, I have an ice skating competition, I’ll text you, okay?”

“Sure, good luck and I love you!” you happily said.

“M’kay bye!” she hung up.

Honestly, she helped you get over so many bad stuff that happened and you were so grateful for her. She was like a sister to you. One more time, she convinced you that really, you were good enough fo anybody and you were a boss ass bitch. No, you had to check something with G.

“Baby! Can you come here for two seconds?” you screamed at your boyfriend.

You heard shuffling and muffled “yeah, I’ll come back later Marty”, then you spotted him going down the stairs, wearing a black tee-shirt and grey sweatpants. You were so lucky to have him. 

“What’s going on babe? Did you burn something? Did you *laughs* burn the mac and cheese?” he asked laughing and looking around the kitchen.

“no, you little fucker, I’m a pro.” you answered, punching his arm.

“hey, I’m just askin’ ”

Cutting him off, you turned around the counter, sitting on it and guiding him to you, to stand between your legs. You took his chin in your hand, turning his head to the side and examining his jawline. You let your fingers glide on the smooth skin, going up in his jet-black hair.

“What’s going on? Who were you talking to?” he softly asked, humming at your actions.

“Domenica. I had a very important question to ask her. She is awesome, you know. I fucking love her.”

He looked fake hurt, putting a hand on his chest like you attacked him.

“I’m hurt, baby. You love her more than me, don’t you?”

“no, I don’t. Now, I saw a vine and woo, my ovaries took a hit,” you mumbled, lightly kissing his lips and brushing his hair with your fingers. 

You tugged lightly, knowing it drove him crazy. 

“Don’t start something you can’t finish, Y/N” he growled.

“Shut up and kiss me.”

“I fucking love you, you know that? I heard what you said on the phone. I wouldn’t be with anyone else baby. Just you.” he said murmured, making your heart swell with love.

You kissed him hard. You fucking loved him too.


Now little A/N: girl or boy, if you are reading this, you are worth it and you deserve the world, the moon and all the stars in the sky. You may not feel it, but there is a crown on your head, cause you are a fucking queen/king. YOU GOOOO. 

Asking For Trouble - Kol Mikaelson X Reader

Imagine trying to seduce Kol for fun, but you find yourself in real trouble

 Words: 3223

Warnings: aggression, protective friends, flirting, possible language, mild smut


Another boring Friday night in Mystic Falls stuck at The Grill with Jeremy and Tyler, waiting for Matt to finish work so you could all hang out. Being One of the boys was so much more natural, plus with a body like yours, what guy wouldn’t want to watch you laze around all over them like you did, especially seeing as you hadn’t physically aged in the last 500 years or so. Still looking like the 19year old you were when you were murdered, seemed to have it’s advantages, and with all that time on your hands, you had all the time in the world to learn about anything and everything including getting what you wanted when you wanted even without compulsion. Leaning on the edge of the pool table you watched Tyler try to take the shot, and miss… again. But his appalling shot had left an even worse one open for you. Being 5ft7 had it’s advantages, but when it came to playing pool it was a pain in the ass. Leaning across the pool table and being careful not to touch anything other than what was required you lined up a perfect 3 ball shot and sunk it. With a groan Tyler took the cue from you and looked for a way to salvage his game and possibly his ever shrinking pride.

After ordering another round of drinks from Matt, Jeremy picked up the cue while I set the game back up. “You break Gilbert” I giggled. “See if you do a better job than the puppy over there”.

“I will bite you, Y/N/N” he growled at me.

“Oh that’s a great idea, lets give the Original family a reason to come back to town now that all of them are alive again, dumbass!” Jeremy groaned.

“Oh come on now mate! We had some great times when you were oblivious” exclaimed a british accent from behind me.

“So it’s true, you made it through to portal before the other side collapsed Kol?” Jeremy questioned.

“yeah I did mate, thanks for the concern and all, seeing as you and your miserable sister.. No wait cousin… whatever murdered me.”

“I will admit it was for no good reason, and you were right about Silas” Jeremy replied.

“well isn’t that great, you idiots had to learnt the hard way and get me killed in the process” he said as he looked around the bar. “Well, well, well who do we have here?” He exclaimed as his eyes rested on me.

“Y/N Y/L/N” I smiled.

“Pleasure darling” he drawled as he took my free hand and kissed it.

“Are you for real Mikaelson? I might be 500 years old but that doesn’t mean that old school flattery works on me” I challenged.

“Oh I like pretty little things with sharp tongues” he claimed falling into step with me as I walked around the table.

“Then how about I show you just how sharp my tongue is Mikaelson?” I bit back.

“Oh darling” he whispered over my shoulder, “I would love to know how sharp that tongue is”

“Let me make this clear, Mikaelson, you are not my type darling” I mocked.

“Whatever you say Y/N Y/L/N/” he winked as he walked past me brushing his hand against mine. As he left the boys all looked at me worriedly for a moment. Once we knew he was gone, we went back to our game of pool with a fresh round of drinks and an elephant in the room until Matt finished work. Then we headed back to Tyler’s mansion to sit up drinking and playing x-box all night.

Waking up the next morning I rolled over hearing a knock on the door. Who the bloody hell would be here at this time of the morning. As I reached the front door I peered through the glass, not able to see a silloutte. As I opened the door, I discovered an envelope on the door mat with my name elegantly handwritten on it. As I picked up the envelope I could smell a familiar intoxicating scent that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I took one final look around to see if there was anyone else around before closing the door and heading to the kitchen. By this time the boys were also up and starting on breakfast for themselves. I walked to the fridge and pulled open the drawer looking for a blood bag to start the day, seeing as being a vampire has it’s downsides one of them being the need to use blood as sustenance.

“Who is that from?” Matt questioned, noticing the envelope on the bench.

“No idea, haven’t opened it yet. You wanna do it for me seeing as ive got my hands full?”

“Sure” he smiled. Suddenly his face dropped. “Y/N/N/, it’s from a certain Original you may have met last night…”

“Hahahahaha” Tyler screamed. “Bet you can’t talk yourself out of this stalker”.

“What does he want with Y/N/N/, Matt..?” Jeremy questioned.

“To make a better first impression. He wants a do over” Matt looked up worried about my reaction.

“Are you kidding me? Hahahaha that is brilliant! I’d heard the Mikaelson’s were a demanding bunch but requesting a do over on a first impression is needy.” I giggled.

“What are you going to do?” Jeremy asked.

“Go to visit an old friend, it seems I require to discuss this with Elijah” I replied.

“You know Elijah?” the three boys exclaimed.

“Of course!” I giggled. “I met him in the 1920’s. Great style and I’m pretty sure was hiding from Niklaus.”

“Okay…” Tyler said hesitantly. “Be careful”.

“Never Ty, I laugh in the face of danger Ha Ha Ha” I exclaimed sarcastically.

“Seriously Lion King references now?” Tyler groaned.

“Yeap!” I smiled. ‘Im going to get dressed and head off. Ill see you guys later.“ I grinned.

An hour later I was walking to the front door of what had been the abandoned Mikaelson Mansion. As I got closer I could hear heated voices inside.

"Kol! You did what!?” a familiar voice exclaimed.

“It’s not like I compelled her or anything, I just had to touch her skin and see if it was as soft as your journals said it was” he whined.

At this point I felt it necessary to knock on the door.

“Y/N/N!?” Elijah exclaimed as he opened the door.

“Lijah!” I grinned back.

“Wow, Y/N/N didn’t think you would look so different”

“Hahaha what the hair?” I giggled having recently dyed it bright purple.

“Yeahh, please come in” He smiled.

As I entered I heard a familiar british accent.

“Brother, aren’t you going to introduce me?”

“Kol you have already had the pleasure of meeting Y/N/N” Elijah growled.

“Y/N/N..? I thought you said your name was Y/N/N?” He questioned.

“It is. My friends call me Y/N/N. I picked up the nickname as a kid and its kind of stuck with me” I smiled.

“Oh.. okay… care to elaborate on how you got the nickname darling?” He purred.

“Nup” I smiled. “You have to earn that privilege Mikaelson”.  

“Oh, playing hard to get, are we? Don’t you know that it is dangerous to deny me what I want darling?” He growled.

“Oh I wasn’t playing hard to get. I’m just not interested in a pretentious little boy with a big ego and a British accent”, you giggle.

“Come now Y/N/N, we have about a century worth of catching up to do I believe? And from your hair I can tell there is a lot to tell?” He grinned walking away from Kol towards an open set of doors.

“Why I do believe you are partially correct, Lijah! But the hair was for shock value, seeing as I went back to school and all..”, I replied catching up to his brisk pace.

“You were always one for shock value, weren’t you my dear?” He smiled.

“Well, when you put it like that you make it sound like a bad thing, Lijah!” I fake whined. “Anyway, wasn’t that what got your attention in the 1920’s? Wearing a pair of shorts? God I think Beka and I even caused a car accident that day if I recall?”

“Well what did you expect sweet-art? With a set of legs like that, in full view. How else was the male population to respond. I think even you brother, couldn’t help but spit out your drink?”, came another familiar male voice.

“Nik!” I jumped up.

“I had forgotten how affectionate you are for somebody who came from London” he grinned. “And I hear you met out infamous little brother last night… how did that go down with the little Gilbert hunter?”

“About as well as you would expect, Nik. Especially when he hit on me infront of the boys… went down about as well as a fart in a space suit” I giggled back.

“And well does that go down Darling…?”, came a drawling voice from behind me.

“Well considering you had Tyler, Matt and Jer considering ways to jump you once you left.. Yeah I’d say you caused a stir, especially when you touched me..” I got up and turned to him. “Ty is a good guard dog when he wants to be.. A little over protective though, seeing as I can take care of myself” I winked at Kol as I brushed past him.

All of a sudden I felt his hand at my wrist and my body was slammed up against a wall.

“Kol!” Screamed Nik and Lijah.

“Leave it guys, I’m a big girl. I can handle a cheeky brat.” I grinned at Kol.

All of a sudden he let go of you with an evil smirk on his face.

“How do you plan on handling me, Darling?”

“Oh darling!” you mocked. “I plan on tormenting you in public so that you can’t touch me without drawing attention. So I think that you should be at the Grill at 7:30 tonight. Only if you are game though.”

And with that you walked to Elijah and Nik hugged and kissed them goodbye and promised to come back and catch up.

As you left through the front door, Elijah grabbed you quickly.

“Y/N/N, just be careful with Kol. You know his past, so just be careful how far you push him. I know you and him both like your games, but he wears his heart on his sleeve unknowingly.”

“Elijah, my dear friend, I’m not planning in pushing him too far. I just want some not so serious company, like you used to be occasionally in the 20’s.” you smiled.


At 7:00pm you walked into The Grill in a little tight black dress, my long purple hair in ringlets. As you walked up to the bar you felt Ty and Jer’s eyes on you. you sat down infront of Matt at the bar and smiled.

“Your usual gentleman tonight miss Y/N/N?” He smiled.

“Yeah please Matt and keep them coming. It’s going to be an interesting evening.”

After your third Jack Daniels and Coke, you got up realising it was just before 7:30, and you figured you should stand up before you drink yourself stupid. As you stood up you tripped over the edge of the chair and as quick as you vampire reflexes were, they weren’t going to be enough. But then suddenly you stopped falling.

“Easy there Darling. I don’t want tonight to be too easy” he winked.

“Kol!” you smiled. “You came!”

“Darling, I have to admit, you look delicious” he smiled.

“Thank you, Kol” you purr.

“Now now darling, that is a dangerous look to be giving me” he grinned. “Would you like to eat or play some pool?”

“It depends on what you were planning on eating” you wink.

“Well I’d love to eat you right about now, but let’s leave that till later.”

“Let’s play some pool and we can find something to eat later” you giggle.

You played pool for a while, and Matt supplied us more and more alcohol. Jer and Ty kept their eyes on us the whole time, watching for any move of Kol’s that they deemed threatening. After winning, every game, Kol pretended to beg for once last game. You obliged seeing as you both hadn’t quite drunk the Grill out of alcohol, yet. As you started the next game you noticed that everyone had started to leave, making the room quieter. As you leant over to take a shot that would win you the games, you felt his hand on your hip. You try to refocus on the shot and as you breathe out to slide the cue through your fingers he squeezes your hip throwing you off balance. you stand up and spin round at full speed, only to collide with Kol, who pressed himself up against your body.

“Going somewhere, Darling?” Kol smirked into your ear.

“Yeah, I’m going to freshen up and then I’m going to find something to eat. Will you join me?” you pur.

“Sounds good, Darling.  Do you need a hand in there?” He grinned.

“I’m pretty sure I can handle myself” you winked as you walked away towards the bathrooms.

As you stood in front of the mirror you realised how flushed you looked. And that he deserved some payback. You quickly took your underwear off and shoved them in your purse. As you stepped out into the bar, you looked across to where he stood at the bar his back stiffened, knowing he could smell the scent of your excitement that was practically dripping down your legs.

“Ready to go, Kol” you smiled sweetly as you touched his arm.

“Of course, Darling” he smirked slipping his arm around your waist and pulling you against him, and walking me out of the grill into the street. All of a sudden he had you pinned up against the wall fangs out and all, growling at you as if you were a threat.

“wow, you really know how to convince a girl to come home with you” you giggled, to hide your arousal from his vampire face.

“Seriously, Y/N/ you are beyond tempting!” he growled, his lips brushing your ear.

“Then take what you want, and convince me that it’s what I need, darling” you winked mockingly.

He pushed you up against the wall further, pushing you into the bricks, which were crumbling to the ground under your feet which were now dangling off the ground.

Without time for a breath his lips crashed up against mine, his hands keeping me pressed against the wall as I felt him press himself up against me. Feeling his bulge pressed on me I let slip a giggle.

“Something funny Darling?” He asked against your lips.

“Yeah just didn’t know you were so easy to control.  I’d heard you were the demanding one who couldn’t be controlled but it looks like I’ve got you wrapped around my finger” you winked as you lifted your hand in front of his face.

“Be careful what you start Y/N/N. You might not be able to finish it.” He growled as his lips moved along your jawline to your neck just under your ear. The hitch in your breath was all he needed and in a blur you both had made it to the front door of his house, your hands and lips touching his skin where you could while he attempted to get inside. In sheer frustration he turned around and pinned you up against the door.

“I’d ask you to stop for just a moment so we can get inside” he panted, his lips brushing up against your ear. His hands grabbing at my clothes, torn between waiting to get inside and wanting to finish what we had started. You quickly spun around with my back to him and kicked the doors open.
“Happy now?” you purred as his hands reached your waist and started to squeeze.
“What you didn’t want to cause a spectacle and do it on the front stairs, Y/N?” he whispered kissing along my neck.

“Nope. I want you all to myself Master Kol” you mock.

Well, then I guess you shall have what you want" he smirked and without warning picked you up and appeared at the door of what you could only assume was his room.

Within moments his hands were back on your body and his lips on your skin. You weren’t going to fight him anymore. You wanted it just as bad as he did. But all of a sudden he stopped and looked at youe.

“What’s wrong, Kol?” you questioned worriedly.

“I’m just deciding what would be the best way to torture you as pay back for your behaviour in the bar” he smirked.

And without a moments warning you found myself pinned down on his bed, his hands roaming your body but never touching the exact spots you are craving.

His hands traveled down your body to your legs, then as they traveled back up his lips made contact with the bare skin of your legs. As he worked his way up your body his hands slid up underneath the skirt of your dress. His fingers brushed along the wet lips between your legs making you moan out in pleasure.

“Oh, is that what you want? You want me to touch you there?” he growled as his fingers brushed over them again. Your uncontrollable moan was enough to encourage him to start kissing your upper thighs as he moved the tight material to reveal your bare core. His lips almost touching your core, but his hot breath was enough to nearly send you over the end. Then he moved his way back up your body, placing kisses from your hips over your stomach between your breasts and up along your neck where his hands cupped your face. His lips gently brushed yours and then you felt his hands tighten on your face. Suddenly, you felt the short sharp crack of your neck snap.


As you woke you felt the ache in your neck, you were going to kill him for that nasty little trick. As you went to move your hands to your neck you realised you couldn’t. In your unconscious state he had tied you to the bed and placed your underwear back on you, so you were wearing nothing but bra and panties.

“You’re awake Darling” he smirked from the doorway.

“Are you freaking kidding me Kol!?” You yell at him.

“Nope. This is for that nice little trick you pulled at the bar. It’s going to be a very long night for you darling. But feel free to scream, nobody else is home”

And with that he was beside the bed beginning to slowly caress your bare skin, with occasional kisses. His touch being so torturously slow you whined as he avoided the parts of you that were craving him.

“Oh my Darling, this is only the beginning, we have all night. You will be sorry for torturing me. It’s going to be a long night.” He smirked as he climbed on top of you.

It was definitely going to be one hell of a long night…

It’s Friday night, I’m bored, and I want to give you all some of my favorite (in no particular order) Stucky Big Bang 2016 fics. Because good fic should never go unread. (And really, if you haven’t checked these out yet, you should.)


nectar of the gods (and witches too) by witchbarnes / @brickhousebuck (E | 26329 | 1/1)
Summary: the one where Steve owns a coffee shop, Bucky’s a greenwitch, and neither of them are okay, but they’re trying to be.

you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all by biblionerd07 / @biblionerd07 (T | 15225 | 1/1)
Summary: Steve and Bucky aren’t really much of a Steve and Bucky anymore these days. Steve’s sure it’s because Bucky doesn’t see himself as the same guy who used to love Steve. In a desperate attempt to prove him wrong, Steve begs Bucky to go on a road trip together, the way they used to dream about, and does his best to remind Bucky of who he is.

Never Talk to Strangers by mambo / @whtaft (T | 40440 | 1/1)
Summary: Never Talk to Strangers: or; How a Forgotten Childhood Lesson Led Bucky Barnes to Appreciate Charlie Chaplin, Befriend an A.I., Slip on Soap Bubbles, Be Mistaken for a Succubus, and Try to Woo a Superhero.

Yours ‘Til the End of the Line by Hobbit69 (E | 44961 | 15/15)
Summary: Bucky and Steve were best friends who fell out of touch after high school (Steve went on to medical school and Bucky went into the Army) and reconnect. When Bucky is hit by a drunk driver on his motorcycle, he is rushed to the nearest medical facility, where Steve is the surgeon on call.

Captain Fantastic and the Pineapple King by buckyfuckybarnes / @bucky-fucky-barnes (T | 30624 | 1/1)
Summary: In which Steve is saved from his ex in a grocery store, Bucky Barnes is Way Too Chill about absolutely everything, and Sam has had enough of all of these goddamn pineapples in his fucking house. Or: The five times Steve received a pineapple (and one Piña Colada) and the one time he didn’t.

Lucky Seven by BetteNoire (WeAreWolves) (E | 94364 | 13/13)
Summary: Captain America trashes his motorcycle a lot. Tony says he’ll fix it, then never gets around to it and just buys him a new one. Steve, the Depression-era kid, can’t stand the waste and goes looking for somewhere near him in Brooklyn where he can get his bike fixed. That’s how he finds Red Star Bike Repair, and the hot Russian-immigrant bike racer who runs it: all long hair and muscles and tattoos. And for the first time since he woke from the ice, Steve feels a connection to someone; a comfort in the other man’s silences and his space, an attraction in his sheer skill at racing. But James Barnes isn’t exactly who he seems…


Civilians, GDI by relenafanel / @relenafanel (E | 2001 | 1/?) 
Summary: Special Agent Bucky Barnes doesn’t think of himself as a hero. He’s dedicated to his career, and if that keeps him far away from home, all the better. His parents think that he should get a less dangerous job and meet a nice Brooklyn girl (or boy) to settle down with. In Brooklyn.That sounds like Bucky’s definition of a living hell. He’s been running from it for years.Enter Steve Rogers. Brooklyn boy. Not always nice. Hot as hell. And a temptation Bucky can’t resist, even after their initial failure of a meeting.

A Contest of Stories by alby_mangroveshansbekhart, & Scappodaqui / @albymangroves (fantastic art), @hansbekhart, @samtalksfunny (NR | 21245 | 4/?)
Summary: All actions in war take place in an atmosphere of uncertainty, or the “fog of war.” Uncertainty pervades battle in the form of unknowns about the enemy, about the environment, and even about the friendly situation. While we try to reduce these unknowns by gathering information, we must realize that we cannot eliminate them—or even come close. The very nature of war makes certainty impossible; all actions in war will be based on incomplete, inaccurate, or even contradictory information. 

Having said this, we realize that it is precisely those actions that seem improbable that often have the greatest impact on the outcome of war. (Warfighting, Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 1)



Last Friday night.
A bunch of LARPers in a park.
We went fighting in the dark.
Discussing our character arcs.

Last Friday night.
Yeah I dodged so many shots.
Ran around and got too hot.
Think we won but I forgot.

Last Friday night.
Got to stab orks with my sword.
Had to run fast from the hoard.
At Swordcraft you’re never bored.

Next Friday night.
Do it all again!

–sorry for being lame, but this song is stuck in my head–

spin the bottle

Request: Can you do a fanfic about the pack playing spin the bottle? Where there is a lot of jealousy between all ships? 

the pack x reader

It was a Friday night and the pack was at the McCall household bored out of their minds.

“I have an idea” Stiles finally said. “We can watch Star…”

“NO” The rest of the pack yelled.

“Fine” Stiles seemed somewhat upset. 

“Aw babe, it’s okay” You put your arm around your boyfriend and pulled him in.

“I know a game,” Kira giggled from the other side of the room. “It can only be played amongst the best of friends.”

“And that is?” Malia asked.

“Spin the bottle” Kira said with a little grin.

“What? No, that game is so middle school” Theo retorted.

“No it’s not. We can replace questions with kisses.” Kira suggested.

“Oh c’mon don’t be wussies. Lets just do it.” You say trying to convince Theo, Malia, Lydia, Scott, Stiles and Liam.

“I’m in” Liam says.

“Same” Lydia adds.

“Alright, well I’ll go get a bottle.” You say getting up and heading to the kitchen.

Not long after you hear footsteps behind you and feel two arms snaking around your hips.

“You think this is a good idea?” Stiles put his chin on you shoulder.

“It’s just a game” You find the bottle and turn around to face those eyes that you’ve come to love.

“I love you and only you” You kiss him cheek lightly.

“I love you too Y/N”

“Alright, let’s get started” You say setting the bottle in front of you.

“I’m not getting up, so if you guys wanna play, bring your bottle here,” Scott says, earning an eye roll from Malia and a groan from you.

“So who wants to start?” You ask. “Me” Liam jumped at the opportunity.

“Okay then” You chuckled.

Liam spins the bottle and it lands on Lydia.

She looked so awkward kissing the young beta but Liam on the other hand, well he was kissing an older girl so he was pretty content with himself.

Next Kira spun the bottle and it landed on Liam.

Liam start to laugh. “I am so loving this”

The kiss was once again awkward.

“Here let me go.” Stiles offered.

He looked at you and then spun the bottle. It landed on Malia.

This made you a little upset since Malia and Stiles had a long history but she was with Theo so you tried to not think of it as much.

When they leaned, you tried to distract yourself by picking at your nails.

It was your turn and it landed on Scott. This as kind of awkward since Scott is Stiles best friend.

Scott smiled and leaned in and so did you. His lips were soft and he was a surprisingly good kisser.

As you two separated you can see Kira with jealousy smeared all over face and so did Stiles.

Scott spun and it landed on me for the second time.

“Really?” Kira said kinda pissed.

“Wow 2 for 2” Stiles said sarcastically.

You looked at Scott not wanting to kiss him in front of his best friend and his girlfriend.

You locked lips one again and but this one was quick.

He pulled away and faced Kira and said “This was your idea, wasn’t it? besides it’s just a game lighten up” Scott pulled her into a hug and squeezed.

Theo looked at me and said “Wow Y/N you really got into the kiss the first time are you sure your in love with the right friend?”

“Shut the hell up, Theo” You are starting to get annoyed.

“It’s not like Stiles was jealous or anything” You say confidently.

“Um… I…uh” Stiles stuttered. “Seriously?” You look at him amazed.

“You actually look hot when you’re jealous” You say giving him a sexy look and tracing figure 8s on his chest.

“Really?” He asks with a smirk. “Mmhmm” You bite your lip leaning for a kiss.

Stiles kiss was passionate and loving and it reminded of your first kiss with him.

“Get a room” Malia says grossed out.

“Oh, we’ll do just that” You say standing up and leading Stiles upstairs.

“MY ROOM IS OFF LIMITS!” Scott yells after us.

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Bored of Me (REQUEST)

Sitting on the couch, I channel surfed as I struggled to keep my eyes open. Another boring Friday night by myself whilst Justin was occupied by other things.

Clicking on Catfish, my screen showed Nev and Max sat infront of their computer.

I yawned and pulled my blanket closer to me, I felt somewhat jealous of whoever hung around with Justin. It’s not that we didn’t do stuff together, because we did, but at times I feel like he has more fun with everyone else.

As if on cue, the front door opened and closed. “I’m home!” He called, I heard him set his keys down on the countertop and I turned my attention to the doorway, waiting for him to enter.

“Hey, why are you sat in the dark?” He asked, chuckling lightly before switching on a lamp.

“I’m a vampire, duh.” I joked, sitting up.

Leaning down to kiss me, I gladly embraced him before Justin pulled away and sat beside me, pulling my body towards him.

“Did you have fun tonight?” I asked.

“Yeah, it was cool. It was good to catch up with Hails and Jayde.” Justin replied.

Feeling myself grow slightly jealous, I released myself from his hold and sat up, “That’s nice.”

My voice came of harsh and cold, it wasn’t really intentional, but at the same time I had to tell him how I felt eventually.

“O-kay? Did I say something?” He asked, puzzled. Picking at my chipped nail varnish, I didn’t respond.

“(Y/N), what did I do?”

“It’s not what you did…”

He stayed quiet for a moment, trying to piece things together. “Are you talking about Hailey and Jayde? What did they do?”

“It’s not anybody’s doing, Justin!” I exclaimed, “I-i just… I just feel like when you’re with them you have so much fun and then you come back to me – I feel like you’re gonna get bored of me and leave me for one of them.”

I hated being petty, but it had been building for so long that I had to express how I felt. Honesty is the best policy, right?

“I mean, they’re both gorgeous and fu–”

“(Y/N), shut up.” He laughed, “I’ll never get bored of you.”

“Are you sure? I mea–”

“Listen to me. I think that you are more beautiful than both of them, you make me the happiest guy on earth and I don’t like you comparing yourself to them, because in my eyes you’re perfect.”

Running out of words to say, I pulled him into a hug, “I love you.”