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FANART FRIDAY WOOOOO! Heres a cute lil Chili P and Sage! :D hmmmmm…. up next i think will either be Cardamom & Queen oooooorrrrr Proferror, Circuit, & Error. We’ll see how much extra time i have in the next week xD



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Umm hello if you don't mind. Do you have any AU's where two best friends like each other but are too embarrassed to tell them. Thank you.

Hi there! This seems like a safe list to get back into the groove of things. Rather than giving a list of AU’s, I’m just going to give you some ideas to feed off of - okay?

Neato - hope you like them! - Admin M

  • Some of their mutual friends always see them dancing around each other, so Characters C & D hatch a plot to let Characters A & B know that they like each other…which, ya know, basically just includes telling them separately and letting them handle it themselves when they’re locked in a closet.
  • Character A is classically brave - jumps from high places, holds fire on an all-too-regular basis, is the first to hop on the death coaster, etc. - but they can’t seem to bring themselves to just tell Character B how they feel. So, Character B needs to take the reigns.
  • The two spend an enormous amount of time together as it is, so everyone already assumes they’re together. Who better to let them in on the joke they’ve been missing out on than the local psychic?
  • “Life is…messy. I love them, but they’re…with another person. I’m basically screwed.” AU
  • Character A sacrifices themselves in a game for Character B and unknowingly confesses their love in their “final breaths.”
  • After downing truth serum by accident, Characters A & B refuse to be in the same room together and leave their friends to discuss why that could be.
  • In the apocalypse, you’re with only a few people, and those people are your family. Could they possibly confess their love for one another without tearing the group apart?
  • Character A is belligerently trying to donate their kidney to Character B and no one knows why until they finally say it.
  • They’re coworkers, yes, but they’re almost…more. They haven’t done anything because it would interfere with the job, but can’t they be happy and hunt dragon poachers at the same time?

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Some of my favorite scenes from the classic Friday movies. This is only part 1, I will have more coming.

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~What's your favorite otome games/visual novel?~

Hello, everyone! I’m actually doing A algebra 2/math project on “data analysis and statistics”. I need to collect some data. I finally decided that I’m going to do otome games/visual novel. I tried to bring popular otome games and personal experience.  you guys can comment down below.

1. Alice In The Country Of Hearts

2. Amnesia 

3. Diabolik Lovers 

4. Ozmafia

5. Re: birthday song


It’s FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Today we are discussing another very specific piece of fashion history: Lover’s Eye Jewelry. Much like hair jewelry (which I discuss here) while the concept may seem very foreign to us today, these pieces were highly valued and treasured keepsakes.

The concept of lover’s eye jewelry, known in it’s time as eye miniatures, is pretty obvious. Lover’s would commission miniature portraits of just their eyes. The portraits would be incorporated into all types of jewelry, such as brooches, necklaces, and bracelets. They were seen as much more intimate than a typical portrait. Since the portrait focused solely on that one feature, only those closest to the portrait’s subject would be able to identify to whom the eye belonged. This meant that eye portraits were rarely turned into lockets, as was common with typical miniature portraits. The anonymity of eye portraits also caused these miniatures to develop a bit of a reputation of being exchanged between forbidden loves, whether the star-crossed lovers, those in the midst of scandalous affairs, or even men and their mistresses.

Eye miniatures were also seen as especially intimate because of how personal eyes themselves are. As we have all heard, “the eyes are the window to the soul.”

Such a romantic piece of jewelry deserves an equally romantic story to accompany it. While no one is certain where eye miniatures got their start, it was the tale of a forbidden love between a prince and a commoner which sparked the trend’s popularity. In the 1780s, the future King George IV fell head over heals in love with commoner Maria Fitzherbert. She was 6 years his elder, twice widowed, and, most controversial in Britain at the time, Catholic. Both knew that the relationship would never be approved of by the King, George III, and so Maria resisted. Yet the Prince of Wales (George IV) persisted, and Maria fell for him in return. She presented the Prince with an eye miniature pin, which it was rumored he wore hidden under his lapel. The two were wed in secret, yet the marriage was never recognized as valid by the British government. Likely due to the rejection from King George III, the two separated in the 1790s. George went on to marry another (the full story is fascinating- I recommend reading up on it.) However, on George IV’s deathbed, he requested to be buried along with Maria’s eye miniature, a wish that was granted.

Eye miniatures remained popular through the early Victorian Age. Mystery shrouds most surviving examples, as it is nearly impossible to identify the eye without solid provenance. Though they fell from popularity, lover’s eye jewelry never disappeared completely, and are still created on the rare occasion today.

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