friday list of awesome

Friday List of Awesomeness
  • John Mayer concert tonight!!!! I <3 him and I don’t care what anybody else says.
  • I worked out the last 4 days in a row.
  • I’m down 5 lbs. Still.
  • It’s Shark Week on Discovery Channel.
  • I got my hair did yesterday.
  • My mom made me this for lunch and I’m making this for dinner.
  • I also bought ingredients to make this and this on Sunday.
  • That’s all I got.


Friday List of Awesome

Stealing Leighton’s thing for today because it was a pretty awesome day.

  • Drove 206 miles this morning for work, which equals $109.18 in mileage.
  • Came home to flowers from Tony and his amazing enchiladas for lunch.  He’s still trying to suck up after last weekend.
  • Took a glorious nap this afternoon.
  • Got to watch a summer lighting storm and smell the amazing rain.
  • Washed another load of baby’s clothes.
  • Am currently watching last week’s True Blood while consuming Tillamook Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream.  

Does life get any better?

Monday? List of Awesome

I just realized I never did a Friday List of Awesome last week… so I’m going to do the much harder “Monday List of Awesome” instead. I’ve been pretty stressed with my job, weight loss, etc etc so this list is needed, provided I can think of a few things to put on here.

  • I finally got to have a “lazy” day with Craig yesterday. Lazy is in quotations because the first things we did yesterday was workout and go for a 50 minute bike ride. It felt really good to get out there though and finally use my new bike!
  • Shark Week started last night, which means we’ll be watching every night this week and one of these days I’m going to make shark cookies!
  • I made fantastic jalapeño poppers on Friday… this recipe + wrapped in bacon before I breaded them.
  • I’m getting my nails and hair done on Thursday. I need it.
  • My BFF Stephanie just got engaged!! Obviously I’m jealous… but also incredibly happy for her :)
  • My mom made possibly one of the best recipes yet on Friday- Roasted Salmon Sandwiches. The chipotle mayo was to die for, seriously.
  • Craig bought me beautiful flowers after I had a very terrible day at work on Wednesday <3
  • I painted this Bears mug for Craig last week- I have the Bulls mug done, too so now I just need to paint a Blackhawks, Cubs, and Sox one!

Happy Monday!


Fic Rec Friday #5

This week’s list of some awesome fics I’ve read.

Suspended by @nikkibeckettcsm >> Oliver and Felicity’s son is suspended from school for shooting an imaginary bow and arrow.

With Just A Little Spice by @ourwritinginvein >> Felicity welcomes Oliver to the neighbourhood by baking him a cake, even though she’s not much of a baker.

Strangers On The Bus by @oneofakindxx >> Oliver’s daughter won’t stop crying on the bus. That is, until she meets Felicity.

The Right Moment by @yespleasehawkeye >> Oliver proposes at his victory celebration after he is elected mayor, though some slight drama ensues.

On One Knee by @smoakingtheaqueen >> Oliver proposes to Felicity during a campaign fundraiser.

Won’t You Smile A While For Me by @theshipsfirstmate >> Sara Lance meets Sara Diggle.

Good Morning! by @dust2dust34 >> Donna arrives at Oliver and Felicity’s loft at a rather inopportune time.

Morning Chatter by @akahazzap >>  Donna, Oliver and Felicity enjoy some breakfast in the morning after Felicity kicked Donna out.

Pillow Talk by @dettiot >> Oliver and Felicity talk about their feelings and have some sexy times.

Written Lessons by @vigilantexarcher >> Entries in Oliver Queen’s journal.

Mine by @a-windsor >> First part of a fix-it fic dealing with the lack of Nyssa/Sara interaction after her resurrection.

Five Times Felicity Finds The Ring: Barry’s Blunder by @anthfan​ >> Final installment in the series. Barry ends up finding the engagement ring in front of Team Flarrow.

Blissful - I Can Handle It by @arrowthroughmyheartlove >> Continuation of the fic “Blissful”. Oliver and Felicity share their big news with their friends.

Friday List of Awesomeness

I know I need to do a Friday list of awesome even though I’m not feeling the awesomeness at the moment. Craig has been in Colorado all week for a conference and I’m missing him like crazy. Not to mention that he’s been very hard to reach… but he’s coming home tomorrow night so I only have to wait 27 more hours!

  • I’ve worked out every day this week so far and I have plans to workout still today, tomorrow, and Sunday.
    Monday- 30 min. on the AMT, 1 hour cardio kickboxing class
    Tuesday- 5 min. on the elliptical, 1 hour strictly strength class
    Wednesday- 30 min. spin class
    Thursday- 30 min. interval workout on the AMT
    Friday (today after work)- 30 min. on the bike, 1 hour strictly strength class
    Saturday- 1 hour cardio kickboxing class
    Sunday- 9 holes of golf with my dad

  • And I lost 3 lbs. this week! Hopefully I can keep it off this weekend. I think I’ll be ok.

  • My dad came over for dinner last night and we had a really good time- much needed father-daughter time. I cooked honey-chipotle turkey meatballs and black beans and corn salsa stuffed sweet potatoes :)

  • I had lunch at my mom’s today and she made a (way too) delicious spinach artichoke sandwich + cantaloupe for lunch. YUM… sourdough bread is my weakness.

  • My friend Heather is coming over after my workout tonight for some girl time/wine drinking. I’ll also be painting a couple beer mugs for my friend’s wedding- they’re both HUGE Bulls fans, so I’ll be painting the logo onto the mugs. I’ll post a pic when I’m done! Blues Bros. mug for my dad and TMNT shot glass for Craig were the last couple things I painted. 

  • I have a pool time appointment with the girl who I’m painting the mugs for on Saturday after cardio kickboxing. Water + sun + tan = perfect summer afternoon. I’m finally tan enough to wear white again, in case you didn’t see my Instagram post.

  • I know I already mentioned this, but… Craig comes home tomorrow night!!! It’s been an incredibly hard week without him. I’ll be cooking dinner to be ready when he gets home, obviously. 

  • Kelsey and I are going to the One Direction concert on Sunday!! I’m going to pretend I’m 15 years old and go nuts. I bought these tickets for her almost 2 years ago, so I’m excited the concert is finally here! Next week is Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z on her 21st birthday :D

Happy Friday!