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Rough-draft-ish timeline for book 1! BTW if you are visual like me, the closest we get to a calendar year for All For the Game is 2006/2007. It’s not 100% accurate, because not all of the dates match up perfectly throughout the whole series, but this is the closest one, with only a few dates off. It diverges in June, so I kept to the book for the rest of June because dates were easy to track; it meets back up with the calendar year in August and so far as I’ve checked sticks pretty close to it for the rest of the series?? The games do at least??

In the days that were too eventful (or I just typed too much for them), I underline the important parts tumblr removed my underlines?? i’ll think of something sorry!!, and for all of it I italicize direct quotes

The Foxhole Court Timeline - Rough Draft Edition

~Friday, April 7 (approx date): Wymack, Kevin, and Andrew come to Arizona to recruit Neil

Thursday, May 11: “Neil Josten” graduates HS

Friday, May 12: Andrew picks Neil up from the airport, he meets Nicky, Aaron, and Abby, sees the court for the first time, moves in with Wymack

Saturday, May 13: Andrew nearly stabs Nicky, Neil exhausts himself trying to score on Andrew

-it gets approximate again here bc it says 5 weeks should pass but only 4 do, so I’m using context to close out the gaps-

~Tuesday, May 30: Neil goes to the court at night for the first time & finds Andrew and Kevin there; Andrew shows Neil the knives hidden in his armbands, beautiful lines such as “exy is just slightly less boring than living is” and “I’m not a math problem” “I’ll still solve you” and “this was a dream he’d have to wake up from eventually” occur

~Wednesday, May 31: Wymack tells Kevin about the district transfer, tells Neil about the Moriyamas, Neil considers running but decides to stay until the match against the Ravens

Thursday, June 1: Raven’s district transfer effective

*Sunday, June 9: foxes move into Fox Tower, Matt offers to kick Kevin’s ass for Neil (and actually does until Andrew stops him), Dan and Renee give Neil tea and cookies like the princesses they are, Andrew goes through Neil’s stuff, Andrew admits for murder w/ no chill instance #1, Neil has a lot of panic attacks and fits of dissociation and decides again to stay because “one of us has to make it” and he’s decided to pick Kevin’s life over his

*Wednesday, June 12: Seth punches Kevin as soon as Andrew leaves for his meeting with Bee

*Friday, June 14: Columbia & all that that disaster entails

*Saturday, June 15: Neil hops out the window, calls Matt to ask him to watch his stuff, hitchhikes/walks home, tells Andrew half (most) of the truth, ends on “Hope was a dangerous and disquieting thing, but he thought perhaps he liked it.”

*Monday, June 17: Kevin comes to take Neil to night practice, but Matt and Seth send him away

*Tuesday, June 18: first night practice!!, “the master?” “Coach Moriyama”; Matt waits up for Neil like the precious and pure human he is

*Wednesday, June 19: Nicky asks Aaron (in German) if he thinks Neil will ever forgive them (it’s literally been 4 days, he needs to chill), and Neil realizes that Andrew didn’t tell the others he can speak German and wonders why

*Friday, June 21: ERC makes the official announcement about Edgar Allen’s district transfer; Seth says my person favorite of his lines: “Tell me, when’s the last time anyone cried for you?”

Wednesday, August 23: Team psych evals w Bee

Thursday, August 24: First day of classes, Matt wakes Neil up for practice and the following killer exchange happens: “I’m fine.” “You say that an awful lot.”

Friday, August 25: Game day, all of the upperclassmen take turns walking Neil to/from classes, Seth and Allison sit with him at lunch and tell him about the Renee/Andrew betting pool, Neil finds out Andrew goes sober on game nights, Nicky apologises for the Columbia thing 

GAME V BRECKENRIDGE JACKALS: Seth and Kevin fight on court 13 minutes into the game (no one took Nicky’s bet so he doesn’t win anything), Neil goes in at 20 minutes for Seth (”Hey Pinnocchio, time to run. This one’s for you.”), Matt punches Gorilla for Kevin and then runs and hides behind Andrew for safety (these nerds are such children I love them), Neil begins to feel a burning hatred for the jackals: “Gorilla had been trying to hurt Kevin’s hand his first day back on the court, which was unbelievably cruel. Neil hoped Matt had bruised some ribs with that punch.”; Neil scores his first goal!!; final score 7-9 loss (not bad tbh), and then the upperclassmen/Neil stay up all night partying like the nerds they are, I love these kids

Saturday, August 26: Kathy’s show, Neil’s 1st time on the bus, “Kevin’s smile was a brittle and bitter thing”; Kevin threatens to cut Neil off from night practices to force him to go on Kathy’s show (and Andrew laughs and calls Neil an idiot); “As complicated as Neil’s obsession with Kevin was, one truth was undeniable: he didn’t want Kevin to hate him.”; “I think of you as one half of a whole.” “At least I have room to stretch out now.” that is a SAVAGE BURN coming from Kevin wow; but then fuckface Riko appears, fuck him 5ever; “Renee was sitting sideways in Andrew’s lap, one foot braced against the ground to keep him from shoving her off”; Neil insults Riko on national television because “his temper couldn’t stomach any more of Riko’s cruelty”; Neil is actually afraid of Riko a little/lot because “Riko had the same stare that his father did: he looked at Neil and saw only flesh that knew how to bleed”; Andrew puts himself between Riko and Neil <3; back at home Andrew punches through his window; “Oh Neil, as unpredictable as he is unreal” wow Andrew you’re falling in love already aren’t you??; “running was only an option when no one was looking” & “You gave your game to Kevin. Give your back to me.”; Columbia: “Let Andrew buy you things if he wants to. He’s not usually the gift-giving type.” & “You’re one of us, which means we’ll never push you farther than you’re willing to go.” ; Andrew disappears for 30 minutes (so he goes and does the do with Roland in the back room!!!); Wymack calls with the news about Seth’s overdose (Andrew, Kevin, and Neil have too much chill about this news “keep up with the conversation” “what about the lineup” “that apathy doesn’t bode well for your sanity”); Andrew gives Neil the key

-end of book 1-

Book 1 covers 18 specific days days and spans ~5months

so @coldsaturn @glenflower and @unidentified-flying-outrage here’s the first draft!

Monterey Pop Festival

Sam Silver, East Village Other, 15 July 1967

The Pop Festival at Monterey popped from Friday night, June 14, until Sunday night, June 16. In terms of music presentation, it was superb. The sound quality was the best I’ve heard in any theatre, indoor or outdoor.

But the music was not the entire festival. The music acts as spokesman for the hip culture of the West Coast. The pop festival embodied the fusion of the two major hip life-styles prevalent here. The Los Angeles people set up the festival, advertised it, and all that. The San Francisco people provided the festival with meaning, direction, and excitement.

The larger thing that happened here, is that the participants were, to an individual, members of the turned-on culture, while a good part of the audience was either innocent or straight. After all, the festival was advertised on every rock radio station, up and down the west coast. Plus, it happened in a straight town.

It is to the festival’s enduring credit, that it came off without one pot bust, or any other unpleasantness.

The one unifying feature of the U.S. groups, was that, with few exceptions, they, and their music, were politically potent, and anti-war in intent. Note the lyrics to “Fixin’ to Die Rag,” by Country Joe and the Fish:

“one two three, what are we fighting for?
don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn,
next stop is Vietnam.
five six seven, open up the pearly gates
don’t ask me to tell you why
whoopee, we’re all gonna die.”

Joe’s troops also sang a one-liner that they lifted from Charlie Mingus, which goes, “PLEASE DON’T DROP YOUR H-BOMB ON ME, YOU CAN DROP IT RIGHT ON YOURSELF.” The Grateful Dead sang their VIOLA LEE BLUES, which has a chorus line which goes,

“Some got six months, some got one solid/ Some got one solid year, and beat it.”

Dave Crosby, of the Byrds, spoke for many, when he said that he agreed with Paul McCartney, in that “if the world leaders took LSD, it might put an end to war.” Crosby, with a large STP sticker on his guitar, also made reference to President Kennedy’s assassination, when he said, “We all know that President Kennedy was killed by a group of men,” refuting the Warren report. The Byrds then sang, “HE WAS A FRIEND OF MINE.” By the way, Crosby started his speech by saying, “I know they are going to censor this, but I want you to know…”

The music is spokesman for the culture, and the culture is definitely in favor of love, and opposed to war.

The most highly-developed Hip culture in the U.S., is that of the San Francisco Bay area. There were eight groups from S. F. in the festival. They did more than just play for the paying customers. The amphitheater held about 10,000 people, but there were at least 50,000 people available at all times. It is an integral part of the S. F. tradition, to reinvest in the community, so, while the paying customers held their ticket stubs about a mile away, on the football field of Monterey Peninsula College the S. F. groups and Eric Burton’s Animals played for nothing, from dusk till dawn..

The festival existed in a kind of never-never land. There was a meditation room, where people could sit and trip. Many people were turning on, and the heat said not a word, and there was not one bust.

Derek Taylor acted as publicity director for the festival, and held a press conference at seven P.M., on Saturday and Sunday. At Saturday’s conference, he quoted, from some local press clippings, about the fact that people were smoking LSD at the festival. He said, and I’ll quote, “We’ll soon put a stop to that.”

The environment of the pop festival was a very changeable thing. If you came there with a lot of money, you would have had no trouble spending it at high speed. If you came there with no money, you would have had minimal trouble getting yourself fed, stoned, and entertained. On the first night, at least, people were being let into the amphitheater sans tickets; after that, it tightened up, but not very much.

A great many people came with only a sleeping bag. They were accommodated at the Football field, and in almost any of the buildings on the grounds of the festival; The festival occupied the Monterey County Fair Grounds.

At the Sunday night press conference, Derek Taylor produced Police Chief Marinello. The police chief commented on how peaceful the “Hippies” were, and announced that he had sent half of the police home on the previous night, and that he was sending even more home that night. He also said that he was going to tour the Haight-Ashbury, personally guided by people at the festival. At this point, Taylor graced him with a \ pendant necklace, Marinello saying that he wouldn’t be dressed without it, in the Haight.

The Heat was remarkably invisible throughout the festival. The fact that there were no busts, is probably because the boys in blue were in sympathy with the festival. I heard of many cases of a policeman leaving the area where people were smoking grass, to avoid temptation, I guess.

The booths on the grounds sold everything a bourgeois Hippie type could want. There was a booth for the Underground Press Syndicate, run by the L. A. Oracle, and a Good Karma Turn-On Health Food Stand, with groovy carrot juice, and something purple, called Festival Punch. There was an art gallery, which had paintings and photographs, and a building which was ostensibly an exhibit for some equipment manufacturer, which really merely played the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album over and over again, at high volume.

There was a persistent rumor, that one, two, or all of the Beatles were at the festival, but this could not be verified. In the words of Derek Taylor, “If they were here, they’d be dressed like Hippies, and you wouldn’t be able to tell who they were, so you’ll never know, will you?”

The sound system, as 1 have already said, was remarkable. The music contained many surprises. Despite some obvious lacks, e.g.. Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, the thing was programmed excellently. On Friday night, a group was premiered at the festival, called The Paupers. You are sure to hear from them in the future. They were remarkable, especially the bass player. Also, on Friday night, Eric Burton and the gang played, probably, the finest rendition of GIN HOUSE BLUES I have ever heard.

Saturday was the day of the San Francisco Sound. In the afternoon, many of the S.F. groups played, including Country Joe, Canned Heat, The Quicksilver Messenger Service, the first appearance of Big Brother and the Holding Company; Janis Joplin and the crew sang so well that they brought them back again that night; and a new group, called the Electric Flag, which was built around Mike Bloomfield, former lead guitarist with Paul Butterfield. By the time they were through, I was calling the Electric Flag, “The Best Possible Blues Band.”

Saturday night was a hard rock time, featuring Moby Grape and Otis Redding. Redding has so much soul, that I hardly understand it.

The entire texture of the festival changed, on Sunday afternoon, when Ravi Shankar played. The place was the same, but the vibrations were entirely different. Ravi held the attention of ten thousand people, for four hours or more. Throughout one entire raga, he asked that no one smoke, and that photographers cease taking pictures. The horde of photographers stopped their labor, and the only smoke was that of incense.

I thought I saw a Beatle, when Ravi was playing, but he was dressed like a hippie, and you can never be sure.

That evening, the Blues Project played so elegantly that they seemed like a modern string and percussion quintet. Later in the evening, an aggregation called THE WHO played. It was after PICTURES OF LILY, that, as Brian Jones predicted, they broke everyone up, in more ways than one. I hear they go through three guitars on a slow week.

They were followed by the Grateful Dead, who were beautiful, and who were followed by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Jimi did a beautiful Spade routine, and he finished by chewing, burning, and balling his guitar.

Jimi socked it to them and they went home, but the Festival was not yet over. Everybody that played there, played for expenses, and the proceeds are slated for charity.

The Board of Directors asked the San Francisco Diggers if they wanted any of the money. They got a rather sharp refusal and retort, which went something like, “If you want to help Diggers out, you’d let people in the concerts for nothing.” As of right now, the money has not yet found a home. They have plenty of it, and I hope Donovan, Paul, Smokey, and the others on the Board of Directors find a good place for it.

The Pop Festival was a well-coordinated fusion of many diverse forces. That it went off smoothly, says a lot for all involved, especially the Hippies, who have a habit of taking care of their own.

A lot of straight people were turned on to what is happening in music right now, and they liked it. There was a lot of quality in the performances here, and a lot of Good Karma everywhere.

Vatican: Willing to help mediate in Venezuela crisis

Associated Press: The Vatican says it is willing to help intervene diplomatically in Venezuela’s crisis but says it must study expectations and options about what role it could play.

On Thursday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accepted the idea of a good-faith facilitator after weeks of deadly unrest in the country. 

Clashes between protesters and loyalists have left more than 30 people dead.

Follow updates on Breaking News.

Photo: In this Friday, June 14, 2013 file photo, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, right, meets with Venezuela’s Archbishop Diego Rafael Padron Sanchez, left and Italian Pietro Parolin, Holy See’s representative in Venezuela, at Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas, Venezuela. (Ariana Cubillos, File / AP Photo)