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Well, I haven’t yet finalized the design (not really sold on her stockings yet) and I haven’t got anyone else drawn yet, but here’s a Magical Girl Deborah for all of you. :3 I wanted to stick close to her character design in the game with some tweaks, like the skirt and turning the wide bottom of her sweater into a sash. (I also looked up some of the 80′s Studio Pierrot Magical Girls for design refs. :3) Similar to Precure, I wanted to have the transformation item attach onto the girls’ belts, so I figured why not use the Walkie Talkies? Also, I like to think the flashlights become the girls’ weapons too. :3

I’m tentatively going with possibly elemental powers, with each girl also representing some character value as well. I decided to go with Light and Wisdom for Deborah, since we have five girls and four classic elements, which meant someone needed something new. Also if someone’s smart, people often say they’re “bright,” so I guess Light works for her powers. X3

spent like 2 hours in a meeting with my favs this morning where everyone had the giggles. then later my boss was looking over my work for something else like, “this is good prep for one day when you’re gonna be running your own organization” and i almost cried. what a day.