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Word Count: 2266

Warnings: None:)

A/N: Riverdale is my newest obsession and obviously my favorite character is Jughead Jones. I’ve never read the comics but I’ve seen that there he is asexual, however, I’m pretty sure the show is changing him (AKA Bughead) and that’s how I want to write him. I’m sorry if that offends you, but come on, who doesn’t want a little fluff/smut from the mysterious closed-off hottie in the gray beanie? Also, I wrote this at 2 AM when I couldn’t sleep so if it is complete trash, let me know. I value you all comments unless it involves hate. :) 

Sidenote: Thank you to all of the people that followed me after Holy Trench Coat! I love you all so much and you are the best!

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           It was Friday, the typical day that you rejoiced all your happiness because the week was finally over. You didn’t have to go to school, and you could sleep for as long as your mother allowed you to before she decides she needs to vacuum the house and wake you up.

           Normally, on Fridays, You would have a fantastic breakfast of waffles and bacon at Pop’s with a certain raven-haired boy as he typed and you drew, before you headed out to a prison that forced learning upon you. After you would serve your eight-hour sentence, you and sometimes Juggie, if he hadn’t already walked there, headed to Pop’s. Yes, you do interact with people on the way. It is a fair few and normally short conversations as your sarcastic humor is just not appreciated as much as it should be. 

           However, today is different. Your alarm casually didn’t go off and you were rudely awakened by a loud fist slamming into your door. Ever since you realized that your door had a lock on it, you made sure to use it and last night was no different. It definitely helped when your mother decided you didn’t need to sleep anymore.You thought you had fooled her but you were wrong and that was when she began to use the vacuum as punishment and to this day you can’t stand to look at that Dyson Dirt Devil. It even has devil in the name!

           Groaning, you stuck a pillow over your head trying to drown out the banging. After what felt like an hour, but was possibly only five minutes the knocking went away. A soft sigh left your lips as you snuggled deeper into your covers waiting for sleep to overtake you once more.

           However, you were sadly mistaken. The intruder did not go away and just as you were perfectly comfortable, your blanket was snatched off your body and the cold air from the AC unit blew goosebumps on your skin. Your eyes immediately sprung open and you sat up.

           The raven-haired boy didn’t even say anything, but as soon as you stood up his smug expression changed. You watched the smirk drop from his thin light pink lips and his brows furrow.

           “What the hell Juggie? How did you even get in?” Your eyes watched as his hand lifted to show the key that you had given him at the beginning of summer.

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Your best friend is getting married and you're designing her dress, and Bucky is just fascinated with how you work and all the pictures and drawings you have around, and one day he asks you "Doll, is this something you gals do now? Are you going to be like this when I ask you to marry me?"

“Worse I’m going to lose m- wait, did you say when?”

Fluffy Friday™

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Rules: Using only songs from one artist, answer these nine questions and tag 10 people.

Artist: Panic! At the Disco

What’s your gender?: Girls/Girls/Boys
Describe yourself: Victorious
How do you feel?: Hallelujah
If you could go anywhere?: Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time
Favorite mode of transportation?: Crazy = Genius (lol idk this one was impossible)
Your best friend?: Miss Jackson
Favorite time of day?: Nine in the Afternoon
If your life was a tv show?: Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off.  
Relationship status?: Golden Days  
Your fear?: Nicotine

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It was a sunny day on the Hellmouth.

No one in their way.

It was clear she was his.

And he was hers.

Maybe not, though.

He saw someone took his place.

Buffy looked beautiful in a white ball gown with her hair up with a veil.

He saw someone else.

A minute later.

She was all bloody

‘I do,’ said his best fiend. He could hear the accent.

‘I do,’ Buffy’s soft voice says it also.

Spike didn’t have a suit on.

He was a punk.

His duster, his jeans his big black boots.

That was it his dream. He heard laughter.

He needed to stop it.

  • Wonpil: Jae-hyung, what to do we do?!
  • Jae: I don't know!
  • Dowoon: But you're the oldest!
  • Jae [frantic screaming]: NOT MENTALLY
Watch Me Babygirl [pt.4]

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Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: slight language

Jungkook was one of the only things on your mind for days. He’d kissed you… and then run off. At the end of the game he’d simply smirked at you, sending a wink your way before slinging an arm around Jimin and laughing as Jimin gloated about their victory.

You sighed, pushing your books into your locker. It was Friday and all you wanted to do was call Taehyung and have him bring snacks over to your house for a movie night.

You pushed your locker closed and jumped back at the figure that had been standing behind the door, blocked from your view.

“What the hell! Jungkook you can’t do shit like that,” you said, placing a hand over your heart as you looked at him.

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With season 2 coming out this Friday, you bet your sweet buns I’m going to be reblogging the crap out of anything people pump out. I will do my best THE FIRST WEEK OR SO to avoid anything really major (ie, character deaths, reveals, backstory, ending, etc), but after that I will make no such promises.


Candy Hearts || Bucky x Reader

Summary → A year of silently pinning over your best friend and neighbor Bucky Barnes ends happier than expected when you spend Valentine’s Day together.

Word Count → 2.9K (I’m a wordy bitch, okay?)

Warnings → Cursing, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap your willy!). Fluff? Definitely fluff.

A/N → Happy #FreakyFriday y’all! I apologize for the delay, but I had an unplanned twelve hour work shift today. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d try my hand at fluffy smut (it’s a first for me - so go easy on this fic). Other than that, enjoy!

A nervous giggle flew from your lips as you twirled on your toes to face the full-length mirror hung over the back of your bedroom door. Your usual untamed knot of hair had been brushed and curled into effortless beach waves that cascaded down your shoulders and back. You wore nothing but Bucky’s trademark, burgundy Henley, which you’d confiscated the last time you’d done laundry together. It hung loosely over your frame, hitting mid-thigh and creating an innocently sexy, ‘girl next door’ type of vibe. You undid the first few buttons of the V-neck, to show off just the right amount of cleavage. You opted for some mascara and pink chapstick, making your lips appear fuller. Thoroughly satisfied with your appearance, you exited your room and tiptoed excitedly down the hall.

Over the past eighteen months, as your friendship with Bucky had grown closer, the both of you had developed several traditions. Every Sunday you’d get together for pasta, you’d lift weights with each other three times a week, and Tuesday nights were spent on Bucky’s couch with abundant amounts of junk food while binge watching television shows. Unless there was a particularly lengthy mission for the team or some other out of the ordinary incident, neither of you ever bailed on your plans. And tonight, Valentine’s Day, was not about to be any different. You had been secretly ecstatic when Bucky double-checked you’d still be getting together for takeout and Netflix, despite the holiday.

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We talk about how much Mike must miss Eleven but we never talk about how much Nancy must miss Barb. Barb whose been Nancys best friend since elementary school and who Nancy has probably spent every Friday night with since she can remember. Barb who Nancy planned on going to college with and who exchanged secrets with her about their worries for the future. Barb who Nancy probably blames herself for her disappearance every single day. Nancy must miss Barb so much it hurts


Trump signs executive order that could make it harder to get trustworthy financial advice

  • Trump signed an executive order Friday to delay, by 180 days, the implementation of the labor department’s “fiduciary rule." 
  • The fiduciary rule, which could potentially be rescinded altogether, was originally expected to go into effect in April. 
  • It would legally require financial advisors to act in retirement savers’ "best interest,” including disclosing any conflicts of interest and being transparent about fees.
  • In other words, the rule would make advisors more like doctors, who are obligated to protect you. Read more
She’s smart, but nobody really knows that. She wears turtleneck sweaters and scrunchies and hides her glasses at the very bottom of her backpack. She twiddles her thumbs when she gets nervous and bites her nails upon impending doom. Her room is filled with polka dots and a modern day princess bed. She’s her dad’s favorite and they go out to lunch every Sunday, just the two of them. She has five beautiful best friends all willing to give her the world, yet she settles simply for Saturday brunches and Friday nights in an unknown basement. She loves the ocean more than anything. She kisses boys in the dunes and forgets their names the next morning. She goes on highway adventures with her sister every Wednesday. She studies, she drinks, she laughs, she cries, she smiles, and she writes.
—  it’s my very own love story, and for once, he’s not the subject

25:8 hi guys, just home from a long day at work, august is shaping up to be an eventful(not always good)month so sorry about the lack of posts. thankfully i’ll be done working full time on friday, straight onto a hectic bank holiday weekend followed by a few holidayzzzzz💃🏾  also shoutout to @aboysmessyblog for sending me the cutest, BEST message ever….thank you sugar💛

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day 8/100: bullet journal spread dedicated to series of unfortunate events since the netflix version of the books came out on friday! also, sorry about the drawings because they aren’t the best but i tried giving a childish feel to it, if that makes sense (๑¯◡¯๑)


It seems like a good day for some fic recs (Friday Fic Recs!!) featuring my favorite trope: young!Tony Stark/Steve Rogers. Check out:

Living in The Future by Closer (a fandom classic!)
Hard Rock Swing by copperbadge (so, so lovely)
My Waiter in Shining Armor by  Akira_of_the_Twilight (too cute for words)
Full Disclosure Not Required (but Appreciated) by Potrix (angsty but in the best way)
The Lengths That I Will Go To by Politzania (an awesome WIP)
I Said “I Love You,” What Does it Matter if I Lie to You? by me (Lelantus -shameless self-promotion)