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SKAM S04E09 Clip 2 - Your turn

[EVA: No, I still haven’t heard anything…. And you?

SANA: No, have you made Chris call William?

EVA: William isn’t answering either….

EVA: But think about it, they’ve been apart for a very long time, they’re probably just chilling, and don’t give a fuck about anyone else]


YOUSEF: Elias, try it.

MUTASIM: I’m so bad at this.

SANA: Hey.

ADAM: What’s up, Sana? Yoy doing well?

MUTASIM: Join us!

ELIAS: Join? We’re in the middle of a tournament. She can join later.

MUTASIM: Mikael, your turn.

MIKAEL: Easily.

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25.08.17 // Friday // 18:34
✨2/14 days of productivity✨ 

 Hi Guys 🌹
I want to show you my funny but cute study area 👌🏻 
I’m a little bit tired 😴

Are you studying now? 📖☕️📝


really not looking forward to work tomorrow so trying to keep the anxiety away with happy doodles of my mains

“Oh, that umbreon. Her name is Lucine, and well…you could say that we were friends once.”

“After the team and I relocated to Alola, we had bumped into each other a few times. She and her trainer spent a lot of time at the Paniola Ranch, something about her trainer IV breeding for a new teammate. I’ll never understand Ace trainers.”

“I’ll admit that I fell pretty hard and fast. I’ve had my share of flings in the past, but nothing ever like this. Her laughter was so infectious and her smile could light up the darkest of hearts.”

“Much to my delight, my feelings were returned and over the course of a few months we shared many moments together.”

"I could listen to her talk for eons. She’d tell me about her amazing accomplishments with her and her trainer-of all the places she’s seen and obstacles she’d overcome. I never thought I could love her more than I already did.”

"Of course, I couldn’t hold off forever about my end of things. I knew that if anything was to work, I’d have to be honest with her. She didn’t quite take it as well as I had hoped.”

"I mean, it’s not like I could completely blame her. A star like her associating with a criminal such myself? I wouldn’t want to drag her down…”

"Besides, it’s not like I’d abandon Amber…she needs me more than anyone else.”

“…and who knows, maybe she left the egg with me because if it hatched without 6 IVs, her trainer would abandon it…haha…”


you know I thought I knew all the “classic” Halloween and horror films but the most popular suggestion so far I had never even heard of


Hello and welcome to Murphamy Week 2017!

In the aftermath of season 4, and the time leading up until season 5, murphamy week brings you the opportunity to dive head first into the murphamy fandom without feeling alone. Many prompts are similar to years before, so there is plenty of inspiration already within the fandom for you! This years week will be in late October.

23rd October: Unconventional Relationships*
24th October: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamic
25th October: Pain & Mental Health
26th October: Education
27th October: Space 
28th October: Grounder Verse
29th October: Soulmates

31st October
: Halloween

* Unconventional relationships cover dynamics such as student/teacher, boss/employee, royalty/servant, etc. Feel free to run away with it.

Please use the ‘murphamy week’ tag on both AO3 and tumblr!
Whilst some of these prompts leave room for almost everything, please don’t include anything sexual that is non-consensual. Torture, for day 3 and day 6, will be accepted. 

If none of these days interest you, but you still want to write some murphamy (or you want to make a prompt that covers none of these days), then head over to the Murphamy Week Prompt Meme, and start getting involved! 

I look forward to seeing everyone’s creations!

BLACK Girls Rant

I had an idea to start a “black girls rant” day. It would be on Fridays and you guys could send in rants about what annoys you, makes you feel insecure or just bothers you as a black woman. It could be about colorism, lack of confidence, self worth or just anything you want it to be about. It will start tomorrow (July 14th) so if you see this send in a rant and I’ll post it. *I changed the name so all black girls would feel free to join.p>