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If I hug the Yveltal, will they drain my life?! Well regardless that's a risk I have to take!

You’ll have to catch them to find out~

More like Chase the Yveltal!

And Solgaleo can accept all the hugs ^^

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((Mod Suffers 2))

Mod: *half ded*

M: uh… Uh uhm w-what Mod wants to say is that. They just received a surprise last minute test and they went hiking just now s-so… Mod-san are you okey?

Mod: Love me Izubun \(QAQ)/!! Ple–

M: What was that? You want another dose of soap bar? Coming right up OvO!


SONAMOO has released the dance practice MV for their digital single “Friday Night,” the 1st part of their “Happy Box” release project.

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goodbye at 5 am.
but i’ll drift to sleep again,
and wake forgetting you had left.
the morning is slow,
the coffee is lonely,
and it’s only the beginning of the week.

my first memory is midnight.
dreading slumber without you,
my tired eyes stare aimlessly.
i may as well be watching static.
it’s so hard to enjoy myself,
when my heart breaks at your absence.

it’s noon before i’m awake.
half the day is gone,
not that i would’ve done much.
i will waste away the rest.
i’m too exhausted,
from the anxiety of being alone.

out of bed before the sun,
i watch it rise from the porch.
hours invested into passions,
push the day away before my eyes.
my misery is short lived.
i’m so ready for it to die.

my day starts in your arms,
and it ends in them too.
rushes by.
most likely drunken,
and carries on into
and you’re packing.
tears try to escape,
but i hold them inside.
at least until