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Mutant Abilities

Pairing: Charles Xavier x fem!Reader

Summary: Charles uses his powers to talk to you while you’re dancing, but this isn’t any basic conversation.

Warning: nsfw!!! dirty talk, car sex, dom!charles, smut basically

Word Count: 1,023

A/N: Legit have no idea which movie this is set during, but Charles isn’t in his wheelchair.

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im in the process of writing a tree bros fanfiction which may or may not have gotten wildly out of hand. i hope its worthy of this incredible fandom
THIS IS NOT A TEST: Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states
The raids mark the first largescale immigration action since President Trump’s Jan. 26 order to crack down on the estimated 11 million immigrants living here illegally.

U.S. immigration authorities arrested hundreds of undocumented immigrants in at least a half-dozen states this week in a series of raids that marked the first large-scale enforcement of President Trump’s Jan. 26 order to crack down on the estimated 11 million immigrants living here illegally.

The raids, which officials said targeted known criminals, also netted some immigrants who did not have criminal records, an apparent departure from similar enforcement waves during the Obama administration that aimed to just corral and deport those who had committed crimes.

Trump has pledged to deport up to 3 million undocumented immigrants with criminal records. Last month he also made a change to the Obama administration’s policy of prioritizing deportation for convicted criminals, substantially broadening the scope of who the Department of Homeland Security can target to include those with minor offenses or no convictions at all.

Immigration officials confirmed that agents this week raided homes and workplaces in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, the Los Angeles area, North Carolina and South Carolina, netting hundreds of people. But Gillian Christensen, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), said they were part of “routine” immigration enforcement actions. ICE dislikes the term “raids,” and prefers to say authorities are conducting “targeted enforcement actions.”

Immigration activists said the crackdown went beyond the six states DHS identified, and said they had also documented ICE raids of unusual intensity during the past two days in Florida, Kansas, Texas and Northern Virginia.

That undocumented immigrants with no criminal records were arrested and could potentially be deported sent a shock through immigrant communities nationwide amid concerns that the U.S. government could start going after law-abiding people.

“This is clearly the first wave of attacks under the Trump administration, and we know this isn’t going to be the only one,” Cristina Jimenez, executive director of United We Dream, an immigrant youth organization, said Friday during a conference call with immigration advocates.

ICE agents in the Los Angeles area Thursday swept a number of individuals into custody over the course of an hour, seizing them from their homes and on their way to work in daytime operations, activists said.

David Marin, ICE’s field director in the Los Angeles area, said in a conference call with reporters Friday that 75 percent of the approximately 160 people detained in the operation this week had felony convictions; the rest had misdemeanors or were in the United States illegally. Officials said Friday night that 37 of those detained in Los Angeles has been deported to Mexico.

“Dangerous criminals who should be deported are being released into our communities,” Marin said.

A video that circulated on social media Friday appeared to show ICE agents detaining people in an Austin shopping center parking lot. Immigration advocates also reported roadway checkpoints, where ICE appeared to be targeting immigrants for random ID checks, in North Carolina and in Austin. ICE officials denied that authorities used checkpoints during the operations.

[The ‘sanctuary city’ on the front line of the fight over Trump’s immigration policy]

“I’m getting lots of reports from my constituents about seeing ICE on the streets. Teachers in my district have contacted me — certain students didn’t come to school today because they’re afraid,” said Greg Casar, an Austin city council member. “I talked to a constituent, a single mother, who had her door knocked on this morning by ICE.”

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Tex.) said he confirmed with ICE’s San Antonio office that the agency “has launched a targeted operation in South and Central Texas as part of Operation Cross Check.”

“I am asking ICE to clarify whether these individuals are in fact dangerous, violent threats to our communities, and not people who are here peacefully raising families and contributing to our state,” Castro said in a statement Friday night.

Hiba Ghalib, an immigration lawyer in Atlanta, said the ICE detentions were causing “mass confusion” in the immigrant community. She said she had heard reports of ICE agents going door-to-door in one largely Hispanic neighborhood, asking people to present their papers.

“People are panicking,” Ghalib said. “People are really, really scared.”

Immigration officials acknowledged that authorities had cast a wider net than they would have last year, as the result of Trump’s executive order.

The Trump administration is facing a series of legal challenges to that order, and on Thursday lost a court battle over a separate executive order to temporarily ban entry into the United States by citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries, as well as by refugees. The administration said Friday that it is considering raising the case to the Supreme Court.

Some activists in Austin and Los Angeles suggested that the raids might be retaliation for those cities’ “sanctuary city” policies. A government aide familiar with the raids said it is possible that the predominantly daytime operations — a departure from the Obama administration’s night raids — meant to “send a message to the community that the Trump deportation force is in effect.”

Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a pro-immigrant advocacy group, said that the wave of detentions harks back to the George W. Bush administration, when workplace raids to sweep up all undocumented workers were common.

The Obama administration conducted a spate of raids and also pursued a more aggressive deportation policy than any previous president, sending more than 400,000 people back to their birth countries at the height of his deportations in 2012. The public outcry over the lengthy detentions and deportations of women, children and people with minor offenses led Obama in his second term to prioritize convicted criminals for deportation.

A DHS official confirmed that while immigration agents were targeting criminals, given the broader range defined by Trump’s executive order they also were sweeping up non-criminals in the vicinity who were found to be lacking documentation. It was unclear how many of the people detained would have been excluded under Obama’s policy.

Federal immigration officials, as well as activists, said that the majority of those detained were adult men, and that no children were taken into custody.

“Big cities tend to have a lot of illegal immigrants,” said one immigration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to speak publicly due to the sensitive nature of the operation. “They’re going to a target-rich environment.”

Immigrant rights groups said that they were planning protests in response to the raids, including one Friday evening in Federal Plaza in New York City and a vigil in Los Angeles.

“We cannot understate the level of panic and terror that is running through many immigrant communities,” said Walter Barrientos of Make the Road New York in New York City, who spoke on a conference call with immigration advocates.

“We’re trying to make sure that families who have been impacted are getting legal services as quickly as possible. We’re trying to do some legal triage,” said Bob Libal, the executive director of Grassroots Leadership, which provides assistance and advocacy work to immigrants in Austin. “It’s chaotic,” he said. The organization’s hotline, he said, had been overwhelmed with calls.

Jeanette Vizguerra, 35, a Mexican house cleaner whose permit to stay in the country expired this week, said Friday during the conference call that she was newly apprehensive about her scheduled meeting with ICE next week.

Fearing deportation, Vizguerra, a Denver mother of four — including three who are U.S. citizens — said through an interpreter that she had called on activists and supporters to accompany her to the meeting.

“I know I need to mobilize my community, but I know my freedom is at risk here,” Vizguerra said.

Word Count: 591

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“Eliot, this is a really bad idea, the weather said it’s going to rain at 2; we won’t get back before then!”

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Friday plans include a cold beverage? Meet the beer fridge of 1899.

It’s from a catalog of by L. H. Mace & Co. of New York, now in our @smithsonianlibraries. Early refrigerators used insulation (with an inch between two sets of walls) and circulation to move cool air from the ice chamber throughout the space.

Inside this refrigerator, there were places for kegs to rest and shelves in the lower part of the refrigerator could be removed, making it possible to chill two more kegs.

do you have a pair of

Fluff Friday: January 27, 2017— Gas Station

The smol!Kakashi master post is here.

This is definitely not as fluffy as it should be if it’s for Fluff Friday, but *shrugs*. My angsty ninja babies usurped this month’s prompt. Which, admittedly, I’d already taken sideways because they don’t own cars. (Think “gas station” as a liminal space, a transient space, a space that does not exist when you do not occupy it, space from which you are either coming or going. Think also: a place to purchase a bad magazine and a bag of chips for the long highway that stretches out before you. Think: pause. Think: refuel. Think: this will not last forever.)

Hey~ @vesperlionheart and @thefreckledone. Thanks for running Fluff Fridays! (And thanks so much to @beyondthemoor for taking over for a while.) The work you do makes fandom a better place.

Summary: What do you do with peace when you’ve never actually had it? Sakura and Kakashi travel criss-crossing roads, searching for an answer to the ache in their bones, the emptiness in their lungs. (What do you do with peace? Dare to reach out with two hands and take it for your own, for as long as it lasts.)

Sakura salutes the nin watching her from the trees and trudges the last mile to the border-guard station. All she wants is a shower and a drink with an obscene alcohol percentage to wipe the memory of the past days from her mind.

Unfortunately, she can’t afford to forget what she has seen as she’s going to need to report on it.

The Great Elemental Nations are at peace, however uneasily, but that does not mean that there are enemies Konoha can afford to let slip back into the shadows to lick their wounds. Always, the Village must be watchful of the shadows.

They have learned that, if nothing else, from their many sins come home to roost.

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Hello!  My name is Daniel Preciado but some call me Looney.  I’m 26 years young and I just wanted to thank you for even taking the time to read this.  
As of right now I’m currently residing at Clallam Bay Corrections Center.  I’m looking for a friend or two to help me through some of the tough times.  Prison can get very stressful, lonely, & dark when a person is left to do this time alone or has few connections to the outside.
I have a huge warm heart & I love to have fun.  I would hate to see this heart grow cold over time.  I was born & raised in Yakima WA.  I been through hell & back, & I thank God I’m still alive.  I’m not afraid to stand up for myself or my friends, & as a result they label me a gangster.
There are many things in this life I don’t like but nothing more than being lied to.  I keep it real at all costs & expect the same from those around me.  So please don’t hesitate to speak the truth or express whatever you have on your mind.  I am a big boy & I can handle the truth :) lol.
I like to stay both mentally & physically fit.  I also love music…it proves an escape & for a quick second I feel free.  I enjoy anything that catches my ear from 70s, 80s, oldies, rap, rock, etc.  My favorite author is James Rollins.  I am also into cinema and my favorite movies include Friday, Good Fellas, Thrillers, & Action/Adventure.
Well, I just wanted to thank you for hearing me out.  Prison tries to break you & it’s people like you who hep lift us up out of this environment & keep us stronger.  Sometimes in life you got to take chances & I hope you take a chance on me like wishing on a star.  I hope this finds you in good health & hope to hear from you soon.



Daniel Preciado #382958
Golf B-16
Clallam Bay Corrections Center
1830 Eagle Crest Way
Clallam Bay, WA 98326

PS: You can also e-mail me on  Just make an account, search by state (WASHINGTON) and enter my DOC # (382958) and it will add me to your list and we can email back and forth.


astro & 10 favorite lyrics (insp.)


HAPPY BELLARKE FAM SELFIE NIGHT!!!!! Somehow this hiatus felt longer than the actual nearly 8 month one. 

I’M OFFICALLY 20 - I survived teenagehood and I celebrated entering my twenties by hanging out with my twin brother, seeing a panel of wonderful authors, eating a fantastic dinner, crying over the scripts I read on Friday including a cut scene from Empire Strikes Back, having a surprise party thrown for me by my friends and grinning over the wonderful gifts I received. Special shout out to @marauders-groupie, @blyedeeks and @ginalou16 for actually making me sob for several minutes with what they gave me. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend nor better friends. 

I also finally started writing again and it feels so good to be getting back in the groove. 


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This is more of a fuck managers story. I started my job back in July and the very first day I gave them my availability, which didn’t include Saturday’s as I have long standing all day commitments. This was fine for months, and then the manager that did the schedule got promoted, so a new manager started doing it. Since he started literally everything has been fucked up. I’ve been scheduled for Saturdays (which the availability sheet still says I can’t work, I checked). In addition to that, my fridays recently became unavailable, and when I told him this (with enough notice) he got mad and yelled at me in front of customers. After that whole thing he STILL continued to schedule me for Fridays. Finally I got so pissed off that I wrote out a whole paper that had every single day I can’t work from now until the summer, including Fridays. This has been working, for the most part, but he still hasn’t really been paying attention to times. ON TOP of all that, they took away 2 of the days I usually work per week for absolutely no reason (I’m still available), which leaves me with basically no hours. Then today I go in and look at the schedule to find? I’ve been scheduled for nothing this week except Friday and Saturday. Fuck my life.

I’m baaaaaaaaack!

Included webseries:

Nothing Like The Sun
The Adventures of Serena Berg
Hamlet the Dame
The Glad Game
The Roedell Project
Rome & Juliet
The Better Strangers
Away From It All
The Uncanny Upshurs
Project Green Gables
Love, July
All Or Nothing
See Blue Run

Other shows to keep your eyes peeled for include Friday Night Bites, Muggled, and Hermione and the Quarter Life Crisis. Also Brains has been putting out some extended universe content.

Let me know what I’m missing, I’ll include it next month.


Hey guys! Anyone interested in a Bendy plush? He’s made of Minky (with a bit of felt for his mouth and eyes), stands 18″. I’ll be de-furring him tonight (I live in a house with dogs, my apologies) and I’ll be able to send him out possibly tomorrow at the earliest (depends on my mom), but no later than next Friday!

Prince includes shipping cost. USA addresses only, please!

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Didn't LG or Starz hire some bright shiny new fella that's supposed to be a whiz bang at PR? Maybe he only does movie stuff or maybe he's on vacation?

Yes.  You are thinking of Jamie French.  Read more about him and his appointment etc here.  

“Starz has named Jamie French as vice president of programming publicity, the network announced Thursday. He will report to Theano Apostolou, executive vice president of communications for the network.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jamie to our team at such an exciting time for the company,” said Apostolou. “Jamie brings an impressive mix of corporate messaging and media outreach experience for consumer, trade and business strategies that will be instrumental in our future original programming publicity efforts.”

French most recently served as vice president of communications and talent relations at Esquire Network and vice president of communications for Style Network. He began his career at NBCUniversal as an NBC page. As a senior director of publicity at NBC,  French led the media campaign for “The Voice.”

Other series he worked on included “Friday Night Lights,” “Parenthood,” “The Event,” “Will & Grace,” “Chuck,” “Lipstick Jungle,” and “Kings.””


On this day in music history: March 9, 1975 - “Katy Lied”, the fourth studio album by Steely Dan is released. Produced by Gary Katz, it is recorded at ABC Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA from November 1974 - January 1975. The album’s title is a play on the word “katydid”, the species of grasshopper that appears on the LP’s cover (taken by Fagen’s then girlfriend Dorothy White). Several of the songs are piano based, with the duo utilizing keyboardist Michael Omartian to play on many of the tracks. For the sessions, Becker and Fagen use a seven foot long Bosendorfer grand piano (at the time costing over $13,000), which they talk their label ABC Records into paying for. The album features numerous top flight musicians including Crusaders member Wilton Felder (bass), Chuck Rainey (bass), Victor Feldman (percussion), Rick Derringer, Hugh McCracken, Larry Carlton, Dean Parks, Elliott Randall (guitar), Hal Blaine (drums), Michael McDonald (background vocals) and future Toto members David Paich (keyboards) and Jeff Porcaro (drums). Only twenty one years old at the time, Porcaro plays drums on nine of the albums’ ten tracks. Becker and Fagen experience major technical difficulties when the dbx noise reduction system malfunctions, rather than using the industry standard Dolby A noise reduction while mixing the album. In spite of efforts to correct the problem, they are unable to fix it entirely. Nearly deciding to scrap the album altogether, Becker and Fagen release it as is but have refused to listen to it since. It spins off two singles including “Black Friday” (#37 Pop) and “Bad Sneakers” (#103 Pop). In 1978, the audiophile label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab issues a half speed mastered pressing of the album. It sells poorly upon its release, and is deleted not long after. Though it ends up becoming a sought after collector’s item after it goes out of print, commanding as much as $300 - 400 for a sealed copy. The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 1999. “Katy Lied” peaks at number thirteen on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Update post

Sorry I’ve been so busy lately, it’s been hard to post things not already drafted as I lacked the energy required. I had finals week, started a new job that I love even though it destroyed my hands, and my ex is stalking me. So ya…I’ve been better. But anyways! Now that I’ve gotten a semblance of control back in my life, I’ve decided to try and keep a consistent flow of work/posts.

I work my job Saturday through Tuesdays, so those days will be pretty empty content-wise unless news comes out or I answer some easy questions in my inbox. My list of projects to work on Wednesday through Fridays includes but is not limited to:

  • My main focus of staying up to date on news and spoilers.
  • Answering asks. (Which involves a lot of information posting as well)
  • Translating the ONS quiz for people to participate in.
  • Translating the ONS musical. (Only when I have the right mindset…)
  • Translating/posting an ONS section from one of my magazines.
  • Translating the more interesting Japanese RWBY content I own.
  • A small Pandora Hearts project~
  • Maybe in my spare time working on scanlating some of my favorite lesser known mangas I own. Maybe.

So, if there’s anything else I forgot or you’d like me to look into, feel free to add onto this post. However, I won’t work on things for fandoms I’m not a part of. Fandoms I’ve posted for already are safe bets. You can ask me if I’m involved in a fandom, however I make no guarantees.